Monday, 26 February 2018

Finally, I have my first video up on my Youtube channel:

Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I am stopping by to let you guys know that I have finally uploaded my very first “official” video to my Youtube channel. Okay, it is a bit late (since I uploaded the video on Thursday the last week), but in all seriousness, it's better late then never right? This is a video that has been in the “works” for a while now., truth be told every time I have had a finished “product” I have scrapped it. At one point a finished video was uploaded to my channel just to be taken down again a few days later. The reason for this? Well, it had a wrong frame size. The size of the video was a lot smaller then what I had expected, so it had to be taken down.

The name of the video is Magdalena del Mar #1 and it got recorded during one afternoon while I was out enjoying some really nice weather that we had. Started by filming in the local park here in Magdalena, then went to the “market” and continued while I was walking the streets and just enjoying the busy big city life. In Lima everybody is in a hurry to really not get anywhere, I guess that its part of living in a big city. As mentioned, I moved to Lima just a few weeks ago and I am still trying to get used to the changes. Moved from Huaral (with only 150.000 inhabitants) to Lima (with about 10 million inhabitants), so its a lot to get used to. Especially when it comes to the level of noise that is here, even at night.

Okay, I am not going to stay or live in Lima for the rest of my life. As most of you know, the relationship between my fiance and my kinda crashed back in late December. Because of the breakup, I have changed the plans that I had for my future. So instead of settling down in Peru, I am looking for new adventures and most likely I will be leaving in June this year. Well truth be told, it can happen later or sooner. Anyway, as long ass I am living here in Lima and Peru, I will use some of my time to show you guys how it is to live here. Show you bits and pieces from my daily life both on my blog, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. I am even considering to invite you into the gaming part of my life, but that might be a project for the future.

This is also something that falls into the vision I have with my blog and Youtube channel. I want to use these platforms to show my experience as I go on adventures, like the one I am on now and the one I will be setting out on in a few months time. Until then I will be exploring, filming and take photographs that will go up on my blog, Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel as the adventure proceed. Where it is heading I am not sure about at the moment. I might stay longer than planned and I might leave sooner than expected. So until my departure date is set I will continue to take my camera out on walks and share it with you guys on all the platforms that I am active on.

Back to the video Magdalena del Mar #1, this video has no commentary, but that is something I have planned to change for future videos. For this video, I did not have the option of including any voice commentary for many reasons, so instead, i chose to put music on top of the recording instead. Lighthearted and smoothing summer music has been the choice for this video and as long as the topic of summer is at hand it will continue in the upcoming ones too, even in those who have commentary in them. To be completely honest, I am really excited about this project, for many reasons. One of them is that it gives me other challenges to work with. So I hope you guys will check it out (Beyond the Horizon, Magdalena del Mar).

Anyway, my reasons for writing and publishing this post to my blog is because I wanted to update you guys on the Youtube project. I had earlier mentioned that was working on a video in a previous post and felt like giving you guys an update on the matter. So I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoy its current content. It is meant as a supplement to my blog or an extension of my blog. Because sometimes a video will be able to show a lot more then what a photo and a few paragraphs in a post will do. I hope you guys will enjoy this part of my project. So it is time for me to end this post. If you are new to my blog, I hope you find my content entertaining and that I will see you back for my next update.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What was the reason for me moving to Peru:

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web, today it is Monday and I feel like it is about time I got around to get started on some good old fashion storytelling. Well I do love to entertain people with telling stories from my life and through the last couple of decades I have been so fortunate to be able to build up quite a sizable archive through my many adventures both nationally (Norway) and internationally. As mentioned earlier I have lived in multiple countries and visited an even bigger number of countries. From the Philippines to the tiny European paradise the Azores. Anyway, today's story is why I decided to pack up everything in Norway and move to Peru.

Well, this is an adventure that has been in the making for a very long time, even way before I “met” my now ex-fiance. The reason for this is because I have as long as I can remember having a fascination for this part of the world. A fascination for their history, their culture and not to forget their wildlife. At the same time, I have had a weakness for their females as well, but this is a story for another time. Ever since childhood I have always enjoyed losing my self in documentaries about South America and this has in the later years lead to many exciting adventures. My fascination would go from a dream to a reality back in 2009, mainly because I went through a life-changing event that made me start planning a “single” trip.

In the middle of the planning phase, I came in touch with a super cute Peruvian girl that made me change my adventure plans. The plans transformed from traveling all over South America to focusing on Lima and Peru, at least for the first trip. The start of the adventure was set at 15th of December and return 15th of January. I was set for an amazing first South American adventure and during Christmas as well. To be honest, this trip would be the last nail in my coffin and through these four weeks, I completely fell in love. Not only with the girl I met, but also the country as well. It would lead to many more trips and a son that got born back in 2010. I became a dad for the second time in 2010 to a perfect boy.

In the years that followed I traveled a lot between Norway and Peru, usually, I stayed for longer periods of time. Always either 2 or 3 months at the time, but no matter how much I wanted it we did not have any plans for me to move down here the first few years. Yes, we talked about it from time to time, but the goal was for us to move to Asia and the Philippines. I know some of you are wondering, why the Philippines. The answer to that one is simple, I have family there and that means a safe network of people around us and that is kind of important when you are this early in the establishment phase of a real relationship and in the beginning of a new future.

In the years between 2009 and 2016, we (both me and my then fiance) went into high gear in planning and getting things ready for us to move in together, in a completely strange country. As I see it a lot of things has to fall into place when you are considering moving in with a person who lives on the other side of the world. In May 2016 we set our plans into life by me going to the Philippines first to set things up. Sadly for me, we changed the plan almost two months later and I left the Philippines for Peru at the end of my second visa period. I arrived in Lima at the end of June, after a really long travel from the Philippines through Taiwan, US (California and Texas). The rest is really history now.

So what was it that attracted me to Peru and building a Peruvian life for my self? Well to be completely honest, Peru is a very strange country and it's far from only negative. Because the strange differences are actually what attracted me to the country from the beginning. To understand what I am talking about you have to experience this amazing country first hand. The one single thing that made me relocate would be my family, my son, and ex-fiance. It is also these two amazing persons that have made me stay in the country. Because it's not only a dance on roses to live far away from your own family, like your mom, brother, and their family. To have supportive people around you makes it a lot easier.

No matter what has happened during my stay here these soon to be two years, I love Peru almost as much as I love my native country and when I finally leave later this year I can promise one thing and that is that it won't be the last time I put my feet on Peruvian soil. I will always be drawn to return here, but at the same time, I do want to explore more of South America. Check out more countries and more culture. Personally learn more about the differences between the many countries that make up this part of the world. At the same time, I do want to visit Ica and Machu Picchu. I want to visit the Amazon rainforest and much more. These are things that are inside Peruvian borders. So much to do and so much to see.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I am now working on my very first Youtube video:

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I have actually started to work on a new and exciting project. I guess that you already know what this project is all about by reading the headline for the blog post, but yea I am actually working on my very first “official” Youtube video. This is actually something that I am excited about and as a side-project, this is something I am looking forward to working on. Okay, this is not the first time I am working on videos on Youtube, but it is the first time I am working on it for this blog. Because the channel will be a side-project and function as a compliment to the main focus that is the blog.

The Youtube channel (Beyond the Horizon) has at the moment 150 subscribers and one uploaded video. This is a welcome or trailer video where I am trying to introduce it to future viewers and subscribers. This is a channel that I have had for some time now, but it has been mostly used to watch other creators videos. Yes, I am a big consumer of videos, especially when I am working on my own project. By having videos running in the background and this way it at least feels like I am more productive. Anyway, for me, it makes it easier to keep up my focus on what I am doing. Anyway now it is time to give the channel the life it deserves and I hope that the future content will be good enough to make the subscriber number to grow.

As mention, I am currently working on the first proper video for the channel. This video is as it looks like right now an introduction the district that I am currently living in that is Magdalena del Mar. A district that I have had a “connection” to ever since my very first trip to Peru. The district of Magdalena covers about 3,6 kilometers and has about 51.000 people living within its “borders”, it is one out of 43 districts that make up the city of Lima. It has a beautiful beachfront and a nightlife that is both exciting and lively. From what I understand it is one of the popular districts for the younger population of the city, I guess that the lively markets and party life plays an important role here.

So what kind of plans do I have for my channel? Well, this is simple, I want my channel to be a place where I upload videos that tell my adventure stories in video format. I want the channel to complement the content that I publish on my blog, that way you can get a better insight and understanding for the adventures that I through my self out in. This is kind of perfect, especially when you think about that my written English is not as good as it should be. Usually, I express my self in a spoken form and not a written one. Anyway, it will be a travel and adventure channel. The first few videos will be without commentary, but that will come when the situation and my equipment allows it.

Okay guys and girls, I just wanted to update you on what I am currently working on and tell you guys to check it out. I hope that the existing and future content is good enough so I can see you as a subscriber, not to forget to share it with your family and friends. Because I am really excited about it, both my “new” channel and blog. Just remember that I am a beginner when it comes to video editing and such. The plan is that the first proper video will be out by Thursday and my next post on Friday. My promise to you is that the blog always will be my main project and that most of my future focus will be on it. So until my next blog post, remember to stay safe and I hope to see you back for my next update.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Top five things you can do while visiting Lima, Peru:

Photo credit: Yogoma (
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I felt like it was about time for me to get started on the type of content that I initially had planned for my blog prior to the big life-changing happening last year. A change that made me get a different focus for a while and for good reasons too. Anyway, what could be better suited for this then a personal top five things to do in Lima type of list. This is a big city (with plus/minus 10 million people) and it has quite a few activities to offer those who decide to make the capital o Peru has their vacation destination. This is everything from food to museums to music happenings. In this list, you will find the things that I prefer to spend my time or time off on.

1. Food, Peru has the past few years gotten the deserved recognition as the food capital of South America. Here you can feast on everything from Ceviche that is an amazing fish dish to simple barbequed chicken. In between these dishes you have all kind of mouth-watering and/or scary dishes. If I were to pick out a couple of my favorite meals it has to be the mentioned Ceviche and barbequed chicken. When it comes to the chicken, I have to say that this is a version of it that is by far the best one I have tasted. It's not only because of how it tastes but also for the tasty sauces and creams that comes with it. After moving here in 2016 I have gone from being a beef guy to a chicken guy.

2. Beach life, okay here is maybe one thing that Peru is not very well known for and there is a reason for this. The truth is that Lima does not have many attractive beaches to offer its visitors, but what makes them fun to use is the popularity these enjoy by the locals and the “service” you receive while using them. As the average guy from the cold and wet Norway, this became kind of a shock to me. I am used to more or less empty beaches where you have to plan out your beach trip down to the last detail. Even things like food, ice cream, and drinks. Here that is not really the issue since whatever you might need can be bought at down by the waterline, more or less. On top of the service, the beaches are filled with happy sun-loving people.

3. Museums and historical sites. If you are like me and get excited about history or historical sites, then a trip to Lima is absolutely worth the ticket price. Because in the most larger city you have to visit museums to enjoy the past ages, but not here. If museums are not a thing for you, all you have to do is walk the streets of the city to get glims of the past. Either it is old living Spanish architecture or thousands of years old “ruins”. Even in the street where I live you have one of these old ruins and this is a site that I walk past as often as I possibly can. If this isn't enough for you, then you always take the trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. A trip that will occupy most of your stay here in Peru since it is a good distance from the city.

4. Culture and music events. Most of us have a tendency to enjoy some type of music, either it is through your sound system or lives at some stadium. As most larger cities around the world also Lima get visits from the international superstars and this usually happens during local summer time (that is between late December to late March). In this period you can have the pleasure of enjoying the music from the largest of the largest. This year we have visits from bands and artists like Depeche Mode and Radio head, but at the same time, you do also have lots of happenings with both local and regional artists/bands. So especially during summer time, you will always have a music event to go to and enjoy with the local people.

5. Drinks and alcohol. Sorry guys and girls, but I had to include this one on the list because I have a huge fascination with Peruvian alcohol traditions and if there is one particular drink I want to put forward it has to be the famous Pisco sour. This drink is so important to the Peruvian people that it has even its own national holiday. This day is celebrated on the first Saturday of February and is called National Pisco sour day. There is also another drink that has caught my attention and that is chicha de jora. This is a beer like drink based on Jora corn. This beer is very similar to the non-alcoholic drink chicha a beverage that everyone drinks on a daily basis.

This is my own personal top five lists of things to do here in Lima. As you can see, a big part of it spins around the eatable and drinkable topics., the reason for this is basically because I am a foodie. Usually, when I arrive in a new country or city the first thing I do is checking out the food and drink culture. This is a “fascination” that I will return to in a later post here on my blog because this is a part of Peruvian culture that really deserve the spotlight. Based on my own experience here in Peru, the local food traditions are really exciting. Especially when it comes to fish and chicken, to be honest, I have not eaten much beef or pork the past two years.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I do hope that you found this post interesting or informative. Because I found this topic interesting to take a dive into and I can promise you that more of these will be published in the near future. If you want to learn more about these parts of the Peruvian culture I have included some links to other blogs or news sites that focus more on these topics that I lightly touched on. Huffington post (Unique Peruvian drinks), Serious Eats (Essential Peru) and Frommers (The best museums in Peru). So this is really it from me for now and I do hope you enjoyed the reading. So until my next post, remember to stay safe and see you next time.