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Hello all you lovely blog readers and welcome into my very own personal blog corner here on the world wide web. I feel so honored by having you here on my site/blog, thank you so very much. First of all I want to say that my name is really not Mr Bowler or Bowler, this is an alias I have chosen to use. Mainly becaue I love hats and that I at this point want to keep my real name for my self. Enough about this. It is time for a short introduction. I am a 43 year old (born in 1975) Norwegian male, currently living in south America together with my fiance and my son. I moved from Norway and to Peru during the summer of 2016. You can say that I am here living the life I have always dreamt of. I am the type of guy who loves to entertain and that is also why I started my own blog, hope you enjoy the content.

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Monday, 8 October 2018

The Bowler family has now gotten some new members:

A peruvian cat with her kittens
Okay this is the first time I am including a video like this, so I hope it works.
Hello, my friends here on the world wide web, today is Monday and for most of us, it means the beginning of a brand new week with brand new opportunities. For me, it also means it is time to publish a new post on Beyond the Horizon and today I feel like it is time to do an update on the life of the Bowlers here in Peru. This time I feel like I have some big news and changes to update you guys on. Let's say that our tiny Peruvian family is not that tiny anymore. This growth is not all that new, because in the past couple of months our family has grown from 4 members (including Princess Gompina) to now 11. No my girlfriend and I have not had a new baby, but our baby girl has and on top of that she has kinda gotten a new brother as well.

Just to do a quick recap, back in March this year I published a post (Let me introduce a new member of the family, PrincessGompina) and since then she has become an important part of the family, in many ways I would say she has become the centre of attention. So around mid-July, she started to walk around in the front of the house and it would not take her long to get a “friend”. After a while, it seemed like she wanted to introduce her new friend to the family and he has been sticking around ever since, neither have I been able to find out who actually owns him so it feels kinda wrong to kick him out. The funny part here is that Gompen is more or less identical to Gompina,
Peruvian cat mother with her baby kittens
Here is Gompina with her babies, sorry for the blurryness, it is not my photo.
Actually, the only visible differences between them are that he has darker and more fluffy fur. Like Gompina he is a real beauty of a cat, but he is impossible to get to pose for a photo, much more so than our baby girl. Anyway, the end result is of course that she gets pregnant and last week she gave birth to six super cute and perfect kittens. The best part is that I got to witness it and be a part of the birth process. Because I was actually wrapping up my workday (at 5 in the morning) when I all of a sudden heard something that sounded like a tiny kitten. So I rushed to where the sounds came from and right among my girlfriend shoes she was cleaning a tiny kitten.

If I am going to be completely honest here, then I have said that the entire process of giving birth is the most amazing thing to be part of, do not matter if it is a human baby or an animal baby. I was like super proud and excited when I saw the first kitten, to such a degree that I woke up the entire family so they could be a part of it. It was all over within maybe 90 minutes and there we had six perfect kittens and a very proud mom. The sad part of this is that we can not keep them, we have to find new homes for all six, with time. It will be especially hard on our son, that has already connected with them, I and my girlfriend have done our best to keep a healthy distance.
Peruvian kitten on the floor
Here she is as a baby her self, just relaxing on the floor.
Anyway, they will stick around for the next 2 or 3 months, until they are ready to go to their new families around Lima. Until that happens, I am sure that the situation has changed and I want to keep them. I had the same problem while I was acting like a temporary dad for animal rescue cats and dogs in Huaral as well. I usually managed to keep a distance for a couple of days and then I got emotionally attached to them. Especially the two pit bulls, that started with me being scared of them and ending with me crying when they left for their new family. They were two amazing dogs. Well, guys its time for me to wrap this post up and get it published on my blog. Hope you enjoyed today's update from us in Peru.

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