Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Has to say that November has been one crazy month:

San Miguel, Lima, Peru
The view from my new apartment here in San Miguel, Lima.
Hello my friends on the interweb, it does seem like it has been a while since my last update here on Beyond the horizon. Just let me put it like this, that I feel like I have a few legit reasons for this. The truth is that November has been in so many ways a crazy, stressful and hectic month for me and this has been the leading factor to my absence from more or less everything related to my usual online activities. It's not that I haven't tried to write and publish blog posts, but I have been unable to complete them for numerous reasons. I have tons of ideas for future posts and I have been stuck on one single one throughout most of the month. Loaded it up every single day just to run out of steam a couple of hours later, but I will complete the post.

As mentioned, this month has been crazy in so many ways and I have done my very best to balance everything. Take care of my job, updating my blog, give my cats enough attention, spend time with my family and prepare everything to move to our new apartment. Yes, we have moved out of our old apartment in Magdalena del Mar, we did that 3 days ago. Not just moving out of our apartment, but we moved to a whole different district here in Lima. We are now living in a district called San Miguel, that is about 20 minutes away from our old place. There is one thing that has shocked me and that is how difficult it is to actually find an apartment. The problem didn't lay with finding one to take a look at, but one that could meet a set of minimum standard.
San Miguel, Lima, Peru
I just had to show the other direction of the view. I just love it here.
Do not think I am mistaken if I say that we went looking at around 20 different places in Magdalena and nearby districts. They were either too small, too high up or too expensive. Believe me apartments in Lima can get very expensive, especially in districts like Magdalena or Miraflores. They do not even need to be that big either, just being in the right part of the district. Anyway, we found a place, not something that will be permanent, but more like until our son is done for the year. Because we have another place waiting for us if we feel the need for it when the school year is over in December. A much bigger one for the same price, more or less. Its really up to us if we want to go through this ordeal again so soon.

In all of this, I do have some good news for you guys. Do you remember all the kittens that we had? If not, maybe you should read the post (TheBowler family has now gotten some new members) and then come back to this one. The good news is that every single one of them has now gotten a brand new home and family. The last kitten left us just days before we had to give back the keys to our landlord, so you can say that it had a happy ending since we couldn't take any of them with us. On top of everything, we have also found a home for the male cat (Gompen). This is actually a funny story, cause it was actually the cat of the previous tenant, that lived in our apartment before us. So we did a good deed by taking care of him.
Cute kitten
Sorry for the dark photo, just wanted to show how my reality was for a while.
So our beloved Gompen got reunited with his original food mom and that kind of made my day when I heard it. I will miss him a lot, but it would be wrong of me to keep him when I know that he has a home that really missed him. We took good care of him and gave him a home when he was lost and when we found out where he belonged we returned him to the rightful “family”. It's not like he is gone forever, cause we can always go and visit him if we feel the need for it. Since he still lives in the same building as we did. The lady moved back in as we moved out, to tell the whole story. So now we are back to being a family of 4, instead of 11. It is kind of crazy that we have managed to find a new home to nothing less than 7 cats in just a few days.

Well, my friends, I just wanted to update you guys on what was going on in my expat life and explain why I have been quiet lately, I also believe that you now agree with me on my reasons? Now things are about to start to fall into place and return to normal. The exciting part is that I have a brand new part of Lima that I can show you through photos and videos. This is something that I am really looking forward to, so maybe it is time for me to brush the dust of my Youtube channel for you guys? Take my camera out with me while I am going out on my exploration of the area? Well, I better wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, a personal post like this shouldn't be too long, but I do hope you enjoyed reading it.