Friday, 19 April 2019

I am feeling some of that expat blues these days:

Greetings to all you ladies and gentlemen of this great world wide web. Today we have arrived at the amazing day of Friday and for the most of you guys out there it means that the weekend is just around the corner. I have to say, wow this week has really flown away. This is borderline scary to be honest. Anyway, I hope your week has been good to you and that you are ready to tackle two days off from the every day routines and enjoy the good side of life. If I am not mistaken, many of you are already on Easter break by now. So I hope its treating you good and when it comes to myself, its business as usual. You know there is no rest for the wicked, as they say.
Okay, this is something that I am pretty sure that most expats around the world goes through from time to time. They might not be speaking loudly about it, but its a normal reaction to being far away from home for long periods of time. It can be the smallest things that triggers it and it can really put you in a blue mood or the expat blues as I like to call it. What I am talking is the feeling of being homesick. The easiest way to describe it is that it feels like a light depression that lasts for shorter periods of time. For me it usually sticks around for a week or two before it blows over and things returns to normal. Usually its not so strong that you want to pack up and leave, just the feeling that you are missing someting.
I am for sure in one of these periods right now and it has been haunting me the entire week. At the same time I am pretty sure about what has triggered it. This time it has been my dads aniversary last Sunday and the fact that I am closing up to my 3 year aniversary on my exodus from Norway. Yes I havent been back in Norway since May of 2016. At the same time I have been struggeling with some other emotions as well. Just to mention it, I have a PTSD diagnose. That is a condition that has a tendensy to amplifie any negative changes in my mood or emotions. Good thing at the moment is that it hasnt taken away my sleep yet. No I am not whining about my condition, just mentioning it.
I am not sure what kind of experiences you have with feeling homesick, but I can promise you its not a good feeling. What I have been doing these days to work my way through it is to focus on my blog and my day job. Simply keeping myself as busy as I can and just wait for it to pass. It usually do after a week or two as mentioned. The good think in all of this is that we are talking about a trip to Norway next year. I want to spend Christmas this year back home, but not sure how realistic that is at this moment in time. So, this question is for all you expats out there. Have you ever had this expat blues that I am talking about? If you have had it, what did you do to make it pass?