Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Lofoten, my very first travel and adventure crush:

Greetings all you amazing ladies and gentlemen here on the world wide web. Wow, so its Wednesday and mid-week again already? Time seems to fly like never before these days. Then again they do say that time flies when you are in good company and to be honest, it does fit the profile for me. Both in private and on social media. Anyway, how has the week been treating you so far? Good, I hope. When it comes to me, then the truth is that I have nothing to complain about. Maybe the only thing is that I have been kind of failing in my diet and things like this. Living like a “pig” seems like a habit that is hard to break, but I have just gotten started on it so.
Well, today I feel like doing something different or mixing things up a bit if you like. Usually, my content is related to expat and my experience living like one here in Peru. Not today my friend, because the other day I managed to get my hands on some very special photos from a very special friend of mine. So I want to show them to you guys and at the same time tell you guys about my first crush as travel fanatic. The one place that leads to where I am right now. No, I am not talking about a distant exotic or a tropical paradise, but something much closer to home. I am not sure how familiar you are with Norway and the geography, but I am talking about the magical Lofoten.
To be honest, if you have never been to this part of Norway before you really need to make some plans for a trip there. Because if you ask me, I have a really hard time thinking about a place or area that has more pure beauty than this Norwegian island. In some areas I will even rate Lofoten higher than my own hometown Kristiansund, this is just how special it is to me and at the same time its where my dad is from too. I can't answer how many times I have visited, but it started while I was just a few years old. Every time I have gone up north the usual activity has been hiking, fishing and such. My first memory from my childhood is about fishing actually.
The funny part is when I think about Lofoten, the first thing that comes to mind is fishing. Actually, the truth is that has been the main attraction on all my trips up north. Anyway, I have many and warm memories from my adventures in Lofoten, both summer and winter. Off course most of them are from summers spent there. That is the time of the year when the area is at its most magical. If you are planning a trip up north in Norway, summer is the best part of the year to visit. That's when the days are long (the sun is up close to 24 hours a day), the weather is good and the best chance to actually have some half decent temperatures. In the winter season its usually the opposite.
Anyway, my friends, I didn't intend for this post to get like super long, but I wanted to show you guys some amazing photos that a very close friend of mine sent to me a couple of days ago. Some are old and some are kinda newish, from what I understand. I wanted to show you guys some photos from an amazing place or since these are from all over the area places. Most likely what triggered my fascination for travel and may need to explore the world, since I have crisscrossed the world since my first to Lofoten as an adult. One thing is sure, one of the first things I am going to do when we return to Norway is to go back up north. I have family up there that is nagging me for a visit in the near future.

P.s: you can actually check out my friend's blog. She has been blogging for years and have loads of exciting photos and focuses on a broad spectre of topics. So check out her blog (Mookies life) and say I sent you. Thank you for the photos Mookie. I do appreciate them greatly.