Friday, 31 May 2019

I am now celebrating my 3rd year as an active expat:

Greetings to all you lovely ladies and gentlemen out there on this world wide web. I have to say, wow its already Friday with a brand new weekend full of amazing adventures around the corner. So tell me, my friend, what plans have you made for the upcoming two days long break from the daily routine and hard work? Maybe out on the town to paint it read or just stay at home relaxing with your loved ones? I am pretty sure that you have aimed yourself in for something. When it comes to myself, it going to be the same old same old. You know all work and no play or that is how my plan looks like at the moment. At the same time, I have loads of things that need to be focused on when it comes to my blog.
Before I continue or get to the point, I have to say that it's scary and close to borderline insane how fast time seem to fly right now. Because it does feel like yesterday that my flight touched down on the runway at Manila International airport, back in 2016. it is actually three years ago on this day and this is what seems scary to me. One thing that I didn't know back then was the fact that my stay in the Philippines was just one leg on my journey to live as an expat here in Peru. Back then the plan was to at least try to settle down and build somewhat a life in the Philippines, but these plans got changed as time passed. A few months later I started on the long journey from Manila to Lima.
What happened that made us change these plans of ours is something to this day has stayed as a mystery to me. I have my theories, but that's not the important part. I know that I haven't talked much about my stay in the Philippines, but the truth is that I haven't had the need to talk about it. For me, the focus has been on my current situation and trust me when I say that it has been more than enough to cope with. Because the truth is that living here in Peru has been a handful at times. I guess life, in general, has the ability to become a handful or two at times. Guess that I should get back to the topic at hand. When I look back on the past three years I can't say anything else than it has been one amazing experience.
Yes, it has been a journey filled with both ups and downs. Some downs have been bigger than others, but these play the role as a footnote in the long run and in the grand picture of things. At the same time, these negative events have at the same time played an important role in how my life here has been shaped. I am not going to dwell more on these, they are part of my past and that's where they belong and at the same time, the positive events wouldn't have been the same without the more negative ones. My philosophy is as this, if you have no experience with the bad, you won't enjoy the good ones the way you should. That's me anyway.
Sorry, but I have to repeat myself because the journey so far has been an amazing experience, despite the bad things that have happened along the way. These things are impossible to avoid long term. Life has its ups and its downs, just the fact of life. When I look back at this journey, what comes to mind is our stay in Pasamayo, our family adventure to Tumbes, our weekend trips to Lima or Chancay, our year living in Lima and who can forget Huaral. Not to forget all the small everyday events like going to the movies, eating at our favourite restaurants, visiting relatives of my girlfriend or just attending a random party. Or you have my “private” walks around the town. In my eyes, life can't get any better than this.
I am super excited about looking back on the past three years of my adventure as an expat and I get even more excited when I look forward to the next three years. I am super excited to see how our plans for the next three years will play out. One of the big things that will happen in the near future is that my girlfriend will go back to school, now this August. We are talking about investing in property, buying our first car together and I have even been looking at some motorcycles. I guess that the property and car are some into the distance, but anyway it's part of our plans for the future. These are things to get excited about and something to work towards, don't you agree?
Anyway, my friends, I guess its about time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. All I really wanted to do with this one was to highlight the fact that I have now lived for three years as an expat and for the most part had an amazing experience. One thing that I want to apologize for is the photos that I am using in this post, they have been used a few times in the past. The honest truth is that I have actually run out of fresh photos to use on my blog. So I really need to get out and let the camera do its job, basically. At the same time I do hope you enjoyed my post and if you did, why not check me out on social media? The links are in the sidebar. Wish you an amazing weekend.