Wednesday, 1 May 2019

I am now looking back at an amazing month of April:

Greetings all you amazing ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web. Today we are writing Wednesday, that means we are halfway through the work week and that its time for me to update my blog with a brand new post for you guys. So tell me, how has the week been treating you guys so far? I hope it has been good so far. When it comes to me, I don't have much to complain about. If I ignore the fact that the flue seems to be stubborn and doesn't want to get things over and done with. The frustrating part is that it's just not “blooming” properly, but just enough to reduce my working capacity if you know what I mean? Anyway, this post is not meant to be about rambling.
Well, my friends, today I felt like doing a recap on the month of April and to be honest, it has been by far the best month. At least when it comes to my life online. You know my blog, Twitter, Facebook and things like this. This is especially true when it comes to my blog, actually, during the month of April the traffic has more than tripled and that is really good in my book. For me, it has meant more traffic, more interaction and a massive increase of inspiration to work on content for it. You can see the result, record high number of posts published in one month. Okay, I am aware of the fact that quality is better than quantity, but I do hope that I manage to balance it somewhat.
So when it comes to the statistics for the month of April, I have to say it looks really good. 10 posts, 3000 visits, 1 new follower and a bunch of comments. On Twitter, I have grown from 20 to 280 followers. For me this is massive and when it comes to the other sites, it's just minor positive changes. On Youtube I have gained a few new subscribers, on Facebook I have gained a few new followers and Instagram has no real change to talk about. The truth is that I have had my full focus on the blog and Twitter for the most part, but for this month this is going to change. I wanted to see the result if I really focused on my blog and I am super happy with what I see right now.
The sad thing in all of this is that while I have had my focus on the blog and Twitter, everything else has been suffering. I have not uploaded any videos to Youtube, not even close enough reached my planned number of postings on Facebook and Instagram. Well now in May this should be a thing in the past. As mentioned, April was a test month and I got the answers that I was looking for. So now I want to try to do the same for the other platforms that I am active on and see if I can duplicate the result and I know what to do if this is going to be achievable. I have to spend more time outdoors to record videos and take more photos. I have to become much better at turning off my computer and take more breaks.
Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up. I am very sorry for the length of this post, never intended to. Sometimes I do have problems with sticking to my original plan and things get out of hand like it did this time around. There is one small thing I want to ask of you. Why don't you check out my Youtube channel and subscribe if you like the content that I upload, I would for sure appreciate it and there are plans for more videos in the very near future. Hopefully, the first one out will be ready by Saturday. Not that you should feel pressured to subscribe if you really don't want to. The thing is that it would be awesome to have you as a subscriber. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my rambling.