Monday, 17 June 2019

5 things that I really love about living here in Huaral:

Greetings all you amazing ladies and gentlemen out here on this world wide web. So its Monday again guys and that means a brand new week filled with all kind of promises and opportunities. I have to ask you a question, how has your weekend been like? Did it meet your hopes and expectations? Did you get to do all the plans you had made during the week? I hope you had one amazing weekend filled with many adventures and happy moments with your loved ones. When it comes to me and my weekend, all I can say is that it met all my expectation and I more or less got all the things done that had to be finished by Sunday evening. So I have no real reasons to complain at all.

Anyway, today I wish to focus on a topic that I have been wanting to do for some time now, actually ever since I opened my blog back in January 2017, but by then I had already moved back into Lima. The topic of the day is 5 reasons why I love living here in the city of Huaral. To be honest with you, I could include many more reasons than the 5 that has found its place in the post, but I feel that it would get way too long if I so did. Yes, I do love living here and the truth is that when all comes to all its the only place that I really want to live, here in Peru anyway. Then again, I do have plans to do 5 things I don't like about living in Huaral with time as well, just to balance things out a bit. Guess its time to get started.

Cost of living: I have to be honest and say that the cost of living might be the biggest reason for us moving back to Huaral earlier this year. One cant ignores it, what things did cost in Lima were killing our finances. Just the part of renting an apartment was a drain on the economy, but then again Lima is a multi-million metropolis. We have cut our costs by half just on the renting part. When it comes to food and such things, its at least 25 to 50 per cent cheaper. So you can easily say that we are saving a fortune by relocating back to Huaral, at least we are able to live a lot better. Yes, its much cheaper to live here, compared to the capital of Peru, but there are a few things that I miss by not living there.

The local people: If the cost of living is the main reason for us to move back to Huaral, the local people living here has to be the reason that we continue to live here and enjoy living here. Because they are what I would call amazing. They are open, welcoming and very friendly. Not to forget the fact that I feel very safe walking around as the only white guy in town. Never have anything negative happened to me or never have I at any point felt unsafe. Not that I usually felt unsafe walking around in Lima either, remember I spent most part of Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas walking around without a place to crash. Anyway, the people here are just amazing and easy to get close to, talk with and such.

The local food: This is another part of living here in Huaral that I really do appreciate and that's the food. The quality, freshness and the cost of it. For the most part, I prefer to eat chicken and its almost impossible to get it any fresher than we get it here. The trucks filled with chicken comes in at night (they actually pass my house) and get delivered alive at the market and slaughtered right before the stores open in the early hours of the morning. I know it more or less the same with beef, pig and fish as well. The only negative side about food here is that there is a very limited collection of the type of restaurants. Its usually either local food, Chinese or a type of burger joints. No Italian or Indian food as I know of.

The distance to Lima: This is another positive side about living here in Huaral. If you wake up one morning and feel like doing a day trip into Lima, its no problem as long as you avoid the usual rush hour. If you take one of the many taxis that drive between Lima and Huaral you will be there within an hour, more or less. Maybe two and a half if you get to end up in the middle of rush traffic. Yes, the traffic can be that bad and at times much worse. I have actually spent something like four hours in the rush traffic just trying to get into the city. I would say the distance is a positive thing. You live just far enough away to not have to deal with the pollution, noise and the millions of people living there, at the same time able to enjoy all it has to offer.

The shopping opportunities: Okay, Huaral isn't a huge city by any means (have about 100.000 inhabitants in total), but if there is something that there is a lot of it has to be shops, shopping malls and markets. As I know, there are at least 2 larger shopping malls, a shop on every corner and the entire centre is one long row of markets with a huge variety of what they sell. In these indoors markets you can easily do a bargain of purchase, just be careful of what you buy, because a lot of it can be the more typical fake brands. You know Abibas instead of Adidas. This would be extra important if you come here as a tourist and are planning on going home to the US or Europe at some point in time. Just keep that in mind.

Well this is my list of five things that I love about living here in Huaral, but as mentioned, I could have easily made it into a 10 or 15 type of list, but better not over-stretch I guess. It's simple, I do love living here and I find the city just perfect in so many ways. Okay, the architecture could have been better, but with everything else in mind, you can't always get what you want right? I would say that, if you are thinking about making Peru your home and want to live close by Lima, I would by far recommend Huaral as your base of operation. It's safe, convenient and you don't have to deal with the stress of living in a big city like Lima. This is how I feel the best solution is and my best tip for a successful expat experience.

Anyway, I hope you guys and girls enjoyed my post about five things that I enjoy about living here in Huaral and are ready for the five things that I don't enjoy about it, that will be coming very soon. A the same time, I do hope that you will check me out on social media as well. You will find me on Facebook through (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack Bowler Sr), on Twitter (Beyondthe Horizon) and Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). I do my very best to update at least Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. Even Twitter is all over the place when it comes to content. You can also support the blog through Ko-fi by donating a coffee (Jack Bowler Sr). I hope to see you guys and girls around in the future.