Wednesday, 10 July 2019

I am now in the middle of an extremely hectic period:

Greetings to all you lovely people out there, today I do feel like the need to start this post with an apology for my absence and lack of updates the past few weeks (last 2,5 weeks or so). There has been plenty of factors playing a part here, but the main one has been work and how things have more or less blown up in my face with an increased workload. An unexpected increase as well, but I shouldn't really complain. With more work comes more of that lovely silver as well. So it hasn't been all that doom and gloom, just that I have ended up in squeeze time-wise. I have really tried to work on a few posts, but I haven't really had the energy or been in the mood, has that simple really.
From what I have heard, it's not a very healthy strategy to apologize or even admit the fact that you have had a dry period, its like admitting a minor defeat. For me its all about being honest. At the same time, it's a way for me to get back on the saddle. There was also one episode that really took the wind out of my sail, and this was my very first negative comment or feedback. It manages to get me to doubt myself for a few days but at the same time its important to trust the people that read your blog and leave nice comments. At the moment I choose to ignore it and continue working on future posts, especially since I am not doing it for fame or acknowledgement, but for pure fun and entertainment.
The weird or strange part of this dry period is that I have had more than enough time and energy to get into verbal fights on Twitter and even been served with a few timeouts as well, but things have stopped for me when it came to my blog. The good thing in all of this is that it has been brought on by an unexpected increase in work-load. For the past two or three weeks, I have had at least 60% or more increase and that in itself is a good thing, at least for the family as a whole. More work means more of that shiny silver. I have also had time to ponder on what to do next, both here on my blog and out in the real world. There is one thing that is closer to become a reality and that is our family trip to Arequipa.
We have actually been talking about visiting Arequipa this month since our son is having a week off from school and all. Peru is celebrating their independence and with that follows a whole week off school for the kids, great tradition right? I bet that most kids around the world would love a copy of this for themselves. For me, I see this as an opportunity to get some new material for my blog and maybe even get my Youtube channel off the ground. To actually start producing new content for the channel, it has been “dead” for about two months or so now. We are also back on track talking about having a week on the road in California, but this has to wait until summer break comes around. Yes, I do miss travelling, a lot.
When it comes to my blog, there will also be a few changes coming. One of the changes is the schedule that I have been following. Truth be told it has to go. There are many reasons for this, but the one that is the most important is the fact that it has played a huge role in my absence the past 2,5 weeks. It's counterproductive in many ways. From now on I am going to publish when a post is ready, that's it. Another thing that has to go is the way I open a post or introduce it. Because more or less every single post that I have published since the beginning has the same introduction, with very minor variations. I guess it gets old and very boring after a while, something I haven't taken that seriously in the past.
There is a third and much bigger change that is coming in a short while. This has to do with the look of or the layout of the blog. I have up to now been using a standard Blogger template, but it doesn't look good and I am kinda bored of it. So I am in dialogue with a friend of the family about it. Yes, she does web designs and such. This is actually one change that I am really excited about, to make the blog look more personal. Having a look that fits more to the topic of hand and to my own personality. This is anyway a change that is going to be a part of a much bigger plan, but this won't be revealed just yet. Anyway, I am super excited about this, I do feel re-energized and boiling over with ideas for future posts.
Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up. All I really wanted to do was to give a sign of life and tell you guys that everything is great, just extremely busy at the moment. To update you guys on what's going on and near future plans. At the same time, I would recommend that you follow me on Twitter (Beyond the Horizon), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack Bowler Sr). This way you will be updated on a daily bases, especially when it comes to Twitter and my personal Facebook page. I am also working my way back to post daily on Instagram. Had a really long break, a natural break since I have been taking a few photos lately. So have a great day guys.

P.S: I am sorry for the photos, I know that they are bad, even for my standards. At the same time, all I want to do with my included photos is to show the uncensored version of my life or at least that's what I am aiming to do if you get my point?