Saturday, 29 February 2020

Looking back on a busy and exciting month for me

Before I get started on today's “article”, I do kinda feel the need to apologize for my absence lately. The truth is that there has been going on so much in my life that it has been really hard to sit down and focus on something like a blog post. This has been things like work, us moving a few floors up to all the negative background noise I have had for a while now. I know, its somewhat a bad excuse, but to be honest it has been “crazy” around me, to such a degree that it has been much easier to sit down to watch a random YouTube video or get lost in a videogame. Let's say that such activities have been easier to digest after 14 hours or so in the office. It's hard to be an adult with responsibilities.

It's not like I haven't been trying or anything, but I just managed the masterpiece to get stuck on one single post and that can be frustrating when it happens. Anyway, even though I haven't been able to be as productive as I had hoped to be this month, I would say all in all when looking back on February things looks good. The first thing is that I have learned a lesson on how important it is to have a structure or a well-made schedule for my different projects. The biggest single moment has to be when I got the keys for my office and study handed over to me. Not that I have been able to use it yet, because of a slow working internet provider. I haven't gotten internet there yet and that is something I need.

If I do look back on the blog posts that I have been able to publish this month, I can't be anything than happy with the result when it comes to comments and visits/clicks. There has been 1000 to 1500 clicks and that is for me great because I haven't put that much effort into sharing my links on social media, usually on the day of publishing. The post with the most views has been the one about the convid-19 outbreak (An expats thoughts on theCoronavirus) and it seems like it still attracts some attention and I am planning on doing a follow up later in March. For me, all of this is so new and exciting. I still jump in my chair of pure joy for every single click, visit and comment.

So, now that the month of February is at its end I have started to look forward and make plans for March. It's not like I am having these major plans or anything, just a few ideas for content on the blog and what I might do next in other areas. Especially since I now have a dedicated space to retreat to when I need to get something done. If there is one thing I hope to get done is expanding into the YouTube space with a channel. Or the channel is already there, but there isn't any content to brag about, but I do want to invest in a semi-good camera and a drone. Anyway, this is just an idea at this point and who knows when I can expand into this, but it will be a vlog type.

I know that this type of blog post isn't exciting for you guys, but it is a way for me to close or end a month and that way gets a fresh start in the next. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy reading it and if you did, why not check me out on social media and subscribe to my newsletter? You can find me on Facebook through Jack Bowler Sr (private) or Beyond the Horizon (official page). On Instagram, Beyond our Horizon. On Twitter, Jack Bowler Sr. On YouTube, Beyond the Horizon 2.0. If you wish to support my blog financially you can do that through my Ko-fi account, Jack Bowler Sr or just help me spread the good word about my blog. So, thank you for the visit and stay prepared in these corona days!

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