Saturday, 15 February 2020

Welcome to my new office and my new expat study

For the very few of you who are following me on Twitter (Jack H White) knows about this already, since I have been dropping hints both big and small for the past couple of weeks. Just to throw it out there, I am at last getting my own office for all the projects that I am working on these days. The thing is that this has been something that has been in the works since late December last year, but I have kept it close to my chest for a few reasons. The biggest reason of them all has been that it hasn't been sure if it would materialize. That's why I have only been hinting about it on Twitter for the last couple of weeks, but on Monday I finally signed the contract and got my keys at last.

Yes, you read correctly, I am moving all my “business” related activities out of our apartment and into its own dedicated space in an apartment on the roof in the same apartment building that we live in. To be able to do this has been a “dream” of mine ever since I started my company back in August 2018 and now it's happening at last. The thing here is that for the longest time I have been eyeballing the area on the roof where its two apartments, one that's a full-blown family style one and one single room and bath. My luck had it that the smaller one got available back in December, where I immediately started talks with the landlord about taking it over to have my office space there.

Well, the landlords weren't hard to convince, but my partner in crime on the other hand? Just to get you up to speed when it comes to being in a relationship with a Peruvian, its the female that runs everything that has to do with the household and she was understandably worried about the financial aspects of it. This has been the real reason why it has taken so long to get things ready for my office or as I call it my loft study, but it gets even better. Because while we were inspecting the office space the landlords wanted to show us the other apartment that got available the week before and the result is that we decided to take that one as well. Or swap our current one for the roof apartment, that is.

By doing this we triple the size of our actual living space because the roof is split up in 3 areas, one main apartment, one outdoor area and one secondary apartment. So as I see it we have gotten ourself a penthouse, a large one at that. So at the end of next week, everything gets moved three floors up and I am finally getting my dedicated office space. You have no idea how excited I am about this and that it's finally happening. Just to have it mentioned, I have been dreaming about this ever since I signed the contracts for the work that I am currently doing and that pays for my good life here in South America. With this in place, it will be easier to make my other plans become a reality as well. 
The thing is that I am a very private person (believe it or not) and when I am working I hate being interrupted, something that happens more often than not as the situation is at the moment, with a shared living space and office in one apartment. This will now change come end of next week. I have already gotten my office keys as you can see on the main photo for this blog post. By Friday afternoon, everything will be in place and I will have what I need to focus and expand what I am working on. I have many ideas, both when it's business-related and when it comes to my online projects. The office isn't big by any measure, I would guess that its between 40 and 50 square meters in total. More than enough for me.

Have also made plans on the layout of the office or the study as I want to call it. At the moment, I don't have that much to fill the space with, but the plan is to spend the next couple of months completing it. Next week there will only be my old work desk and a few computers, but by the beginning of May, there should be a brand new desk, a seating area, a small bar (yes, I do enjoy my rum and coke after work) and area for entertainment (a tv and gaming area). My son has already pointed out where his desk should be, where I am planning to have my bar and the good part is that it will be next door to our apartment. I don't need to run up and down 3 floors just to get stuff that I need for my daily activity.

I am not going to spend a fortune decorating it, just make it my space, even though I don't like the colours the landlord has chosen for the walls. They have a weird taste and way of doing things, but really good people. The most important part here is that I get the privacy I need to focus on whatever that I am working on. Either it's my money-making schemes, my blog or my future Youtube channel. Yes, I am having plans to launch my channel and it will focus on the same theme as my blog do, expat and travel-related topics. Back to topic and as mentioned, you have no idea how big of an event this is for me and the level of excitement I am feeling about this change.

By this time next week, I am sitting in my empty office writing my future blog post, it feels weird to write these words, to be honest. Anyway, the idea was to invite you guys into my expat office and study and later I will follow it up by a post that shows how it looks when it's fully furnished. At the same time, I feel like apologizing for the crappy photos that I am using in this post. The truth is that it was impossible to get decent photos while showing my son the office. It's shaped in such a way that it's pretty much impossible for a photo novice like me, but I naturally I do hope you enjoyed both the text and photos as I am wrapping this post up. So welcome to my brand new expat office, hope you enjoyed your stay!


  1. You are lucky! Im working with my kids running around me, and thats not a good deal! So i have to work late nights to get it done! But one day il get my house with an extra room to work in! :) as always, nice to read! You are good at this :)

    1. Thank you for the comment @Linda, nice hear from you again.
      Oh well, you know things are usually much cheaper here than back home so I guess thats the difference?

  2. I’m glad you were able to move your business out of your apartment!

    1. Thank you so very much for the comment and taking the time to read my blog post.
      Hope you enjoyed it1