Monday, 27 April 2020

Day 42 in quarantine, things do feel weird now

I have to say that it did feel kinda weird thinking about the fact that we have been living under a lockdown regime for 42 days now and the scary part is that one is starting to get used to the situation. It's not like the situation has stopped bothering me or anything, but it has become the new norm in some ways. At the same time, I am worried about what will be the new normal after the dust has settled, because I have a feeling that a lot will change, especially for us expats and with love for adventures. This is something I have talked about in a previous post as well (The worrying aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak). Many thoughts are flying around these days, pretty sure that it's like this with most people!

Not even going to try to hide it, because I am worried about the future and how the post-COVID-19 world will be looking like for us. When you are locked up at home for weeks on end, you get a lot of time to get lost in your thoughts and its not always a good thing. I shouldn't be the one to complain since our household is one of the better-off ones. We are in a better position than most, at least here in Peru. I have been able to keep on working, we live kinda isolated from the rest of the population and we have all our primary needs covered. We are the lucky ones since so many have lost their ability to work and earn to cover their needs. For us, isolation is the worst part.

If I focus on myself, my daily routine now are moving between my office, our patio and apartment, but every other day I exit the building to put out our trash. When I take out the trash I do spend more time than are needed to do so, just to enjoy a little bit of freedom. It's weird how much you miss something that you usually take for granted when it is gone. Like with me and being outdoors. This is a freedom I have had for most of my life and it wasn't something I thought was something I would lose, but now it's temporarily lost and it is driving me borderline insane. To such a degree that I am having big issues sleeping and focusing on things that need to be done, like my blog.

Just look at the past week, I have been working on one single blog post or at least trying to, but so far I haven't gotten any further than a single paragraph. That is pretty much the intro part of the post by the way. The thing is that I am having a huge expat anniversary coming up and I wish to kick this off with an introduction post about my lifestyle. You know, what leads me to go down the expat road when I come from such an amazing country as I do. The truth is, Norway might be the ultimate country in so many ways, but for me, that has grown up there finds it kinda bland and boring. You could say not spicey or exciting enough, but I have gotten stuck on this post.

This might be my biggest issue with the current lockdown regime, I am not able to get out and about to get inspiration for any future blog posts. I haven't been able to go photo hunting since this happened and I am fast running out of photos to use on my blog. I know that might sound like an insanely selfish person when this is my biggest problems by being locked up in my apartment, but for me being able to be productive and creative is a big thing. At the same time, I won't look at your weirdly if you judged me based on what I find as my biggest personal problems in all of this. Might even agree with you, in silence. At the same time, it does feel like good news is around the corner.

I don't know what it is, but it feels like things are about to change for the better here in Peru. As if the community is about to open up. It's not like I have some inside scoop or anything, it is just like the entire atmosphere has changed. There are less police in the streets and when they do go on their usual “run” they do it quietly. If you go just a week back in time it felt like every single patrol unit were driving up and down this street at the same time and that with the sirens on, day as night, especially at night. All of this is gone now like today I haven't seen a single bike or police car at all. When Peru finally opens up it's not like everything will go back to old normal instantly.

To be honest, I would be more than happy just with some minor adjustments right now. Adjustments like being allowed to go out as a family or just walk as you wish or going to the supermarket as a family as we used to before the lockdown. Hopefully, this will be a reality in a couple of weeks, we do need it. By this happening supermarkets will be properly resupplied as well, not to forget the markets will be opening again. Have to be honest here, I need to resupply a few things for my office, including rum and printing paper just to mention a few. Would be nice to be able to go out and walk around when I felt the need for it. then again, it's not things we need to survive or get through the day.

One thing is for sure, when Peru opens up again there will be some huge changes coming my way. One of the first things I will be doing is buying a drone, getting a new PlayStation 4 and get my new desk for the office. There will be more travelling and I will start focusing on my YouTube channel. I would also love to take my blog on the road as well. Taking the blog on the road has been part of my plans, but then the COVID-19 happened. I do have a long list of countries I want to visit and to re-visit with my lovely family. This is also a thing that I am doing to keep the spirit up, looking forward and to the future. Planning things when things hopefully go back to normal.

I need to say that life is good, just the fact that I am suffering from cabin fever or as I say the COVID-19 isolation fever. It could have been a lot worse right? Anyway, its time for me to wrap this post up and get the post ready for publishing. All I wanted to do were to update you guys on my life in quarantine and as usual, it got much longer than first expected. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the read and if you did, remember you can follow me on social media. At Twitter (Jack White). On Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr). On Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). You can support my blog through Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). No pressure on the Ko-fi part, but hope to see you on social media!

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