Thursday, 18 June 2020

Day 95 in quarantine, we are planning our future!

As usual, I am sitting here at my desk listening to music here in the office while thinking about what to do next and it dawns on me, we have now been living under a quarantine and lockdown regime for about 3 months. For me its both amazing and worrying to think about at the same time, especially since it doesn't even feel like 3 months at all. I would love to say that it has felt like years, but that's not the case. Well, I have kinda kept myself busy through the entire period with work and such, not that it always been easy to do. The worst part has been as mentioned before not being able to move around as freely as you wish too. Like doing family stuff other places than in our apartment.

The truth is that with time it has gotten harder or much harder to focus on my more creative projects like this blog. Like now I had to take a two-week break from it because I had a rough time focusing on writing blog posts. The thing that might have kept my head somewhat levelled is focusing on the future, planning our lives after the pandemic and the more typical rewards in the coming weeks and months. For me and my son its a brand new Playstation 4 and a Tv, for my girlfriend its new living room furniture. I feel we deserve it after what we have been going through these past few months. It's not like I can spend much time on the console, just when I am kicking back to relax with some rum.

If I am going to be completely honest with you, I have to say that there have been quite a few positive changes in the lockdown situation the past two or three weeks. The regime isn't as strict as it used to be just a short month ago. As it is right now it doesn't really come into full effect until midnight. The only thing that has really stayed in full effect is that we cant go out as a family and this is something I really miss doing. So you can say that our lives have become less restricted, but do miss being able to act as a family outside our apartment. I have also heard that the government isn't planning to open schools up before January next year. Think about it, a whole year without organized schooling?

I have to say one thing, even though it has been mentioned before because this situation has been far from easy to deal with without going “borderline” crazy with the famous cabin fever. Some days I have even had a hard time being motivated to just lock up the door to my office and even less to sit down to focus on work. Even my blog has given me problems and that's why it has been about two weeks since the last time I published a blog post. It's not like I haven't had ideas for future posts, but the motivation to sit down and work on them has at times been a struggle! I have started to work on my YouTube channel, just to mention it.

If there is one thing besides my family that has really saved my sanity it has to be my ability to focus on the future and what comes after this situation, whatever that will be. Right now we are focusing on things we are going to buy ourself in the next couple of months. You know, kinda rewarding ourself for not going insane over the situation. I see it as a way of promising ourself something to keep our sanity in this. I know that this might sound a bit childish for a guy that is turning 45 in a few weeks, but I have promised myself a new PlayStation 4 and the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto 5. It's not like I am going to be playing the game day in and day out as I did before we moved to Huaral, but more like have something to relax with after work.

As I see it, it's important to have a carrot or a goal to stretch for when times are tough and you need to dig in to work harder. At the same time, I really need to get out on a new trip soon, would love to go to somewhere in the US or back to Europe for a few weeks. Remember I haven't been anywhere for like the past 4 years now. We are also looking into some new business opportunities just to build on what we have now. One thing we are talking about is opening up a restaurant and a gaming cafe. I love gaming and I love to create new dishes, so it's not such far stretch in my world, but I do want a fancy hamburger place. We are also kinda talking about buying a place in Lima, yes move back to the big city.

Anyway, I guess its enough about my rambling about my ongoing COVID-19 situation and how I am dealing with it. Just felt like updating you guys on my situation and at the same time get back on that blogging horse of mine after two rough weeks. At least there is some good news in all of this and hopefully, you enjoyed reading it. if you did, you should check me out on social media! You find me on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on Twitter (Jack White), Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and you can always support my work through buying me a coffee on Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). Would love to see you guys support me at least on social media! Hope to see you there boys and girls.

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