Sunday, 12 July 2020

This is a family that really do need your help now!

The thing about me is and everyone who knows me personally can verify that I am not a type of guy that asks anyone for help, not even at the worst of times and there have been plenty of those through the years I can promise you. At the same time, I do struggle with the role as a bystander or a spectator when someone else is going through a rough patch, as I like to call it. Its no difference in this case and now its more personal too since I know the ones that are going through this hard time. I am not writing this to boost my own ego or brag about myself, but I have a genuine wish to help this family to get out of the situation that they have landed in, anyway I can and that's why I am writing this blogpost because they need this help!

The case is that this is a family of immigrants (mom and son) who came from Venezuela to Peru a couple of years ago. I guess most people out there know about the situation in their home country at this point. Please, do not ask me about the dad, because when it comes to this part of the story I have no clue what happened or about the situation itself. The reality of this situation is that a couple of months back the kid (Andres, age 10) fell sick and was rushed to the hospital here in Huaral and later to the children hospital in Lima for tests and treatment. At a later time, he got diagnosed with the Kawasaki disease. A horrible disease that in many cases has had fatal outcomes, luckily not this time around.

Because of their situation and not having all the paperwork in order they weren't able to take advantage of the free public healthcare system here in Peru and ended up with a hospital bill of 4500 dollars or 16100 soles. This is a massive amount of money for anyone living of a normal salary here in Peru, a whole year worth if you live on minimum wage as the mom has done up until becoming unemployed thanks to the COVID-19 situation. You can read more about his case in this article (10-year-old kid suffering from Kawasaki disease) if you understand Spanish or just use Google translate. For the family, this has been an extremely expensive experience and that's why I am turning to my blog and Twitter to see if there is anyone who can help out by donating or sharing this information on social media.

To make this clear, if you're not in a financial situation to donate I am not going to force you, but if that is the case it would help a great deal if you just helped out by sharing this blog post and information. At the same time, if you have a couple of dollars to spare you can help through (GoFundMe for Andres) and every cent makes a big difference in this case. Yes, I and my fiance are doing our part, that's also why I am dedicating my blog, social media and a couple of days of income to this kid. When that is said, anyone who donates over 50 dollars will get a personal thank you from the main character himself when he is home safe. This is my idea and I will make sure this becomes a reality when he is ready for it.

The thing is that this kid (Andres) is one of my sons best friends, school mate and partner in crime. He is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met in my life. So polite, soft-spoken and well behaved. Never ever said anything bad in my presence and always a joy to have. He and my son are now living more or less on WhatsApp talking to each other. So you can say that for me personally, it has been a hard pill to swallow that he has been sick and that he might not come back to Huaral. Thank god he fought his way through this battle and won, but now we have this issue of the hospital bill that has to be paid, 4500 dollars. They have so far received 500+ dollars in donation, but that's only 12% or so of the total amount owed.

So if you have a couple of dollars or so laying around that you don't need I hope you find it in your heart to help this family out. I know it will or would be greatly appreciated, anything is a blessing and no amount is to small in this situation. If I am going, to be honest here, before this kid got sick I didn't even know about this Kawasaki disease so at first I didn't understand what my fiance was talking about, until I Googled it. Anyway, I am not going to ramble on much longer. Just wanted to ask you guys to help and make a huge difference in the life of a small family here in Peru. I fully understand it if you choose not to donate, but I do hope you share this post so it might hit someone in the position to help, thank you so very much if you do so!

P.S: If you follow this link (Kawasaki disease) you can read more about the disease he has been fighting for his life against.

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