Thursday, 13 August 2020

I have now been living here in Peru for about 4 years

I am right now sitting here in my brand new office post-work (yes, we have moved during the weekend) with a nice cup of coffee while looking back on a wild ride that I call an expat adventure here in Peru together with my lovely family. Need to say that it has been one amazing adventure, but not without its challenges along the way. Anyway, this is something I have said a few times before and I don't think it has ever been any more relevant than it is right now because it is kinda borderline crazy how fast time seem to be flying and especially after arriving at my final destination. So maybe there is some truth to the saying that times do fly while having a good time?

So the thing is that I have been living my out my expat dream here in Peru for 4 years now and to be completely honest, this has been an adventure with both its dark days and days with sunshine, but it has been for the most part good days. I would say that the biggest challenge that I have been faced with so far is the COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdown we had to live through for about 125 or so days. Not that we were suffering in any way, but the isolation was the worst part of it. We have also “lived” through relationship problems, financial issues and now a visa situation that we hope will be resolved very shortly. At the same time, I am not the type of guy who usually complains about life.

So life here in Peru has had its ups and downs, but it wouldn't be any different back home in Norway. That's just how life is, we have good times and we have bad times. As I see it and I guess that this is my biggest strength in many ways that I look at life with optimism. Doesn't matter what life has thrown at me, I have always landed on both feet more or less unscathed and I would credit that to how I view life and the world. When life gets hard I just do my very best to work my way through it and it has up until now worked perfectly here in Peru both when it comes to our finances and our relationship. Life is right now generally good and we are now planning for the future.

So now that I am looking back on these 4 years of living here in Peru I have to be honest and say that can't find any good reason to complain about anything at all. Yes, there has been som dark days, but these days are now part of the past and in many ways distant memories of a journey that has given me so much joy and pleasure through the years. For the most part, I would say that the main source for these bad days goes back to the fact that I was ill-prepared from the very beginning. It wasn't part of our plans to settle down in Peru, our idea was to start our new life together in the Philippines, but this changed along the way. Again it's not like I am complaining about it because I do love my new life here in South America.

It's simple, at my arrival we started completely from scratch on my arrival with living at my in-law's place in Pasamayo for several months before we moved into our own here in Huaral just a few days before our first Christmas together as a proper family and from there slowly building our life brick by brick and hard work. We even lived in a crappy one-room apartment in Lima for several months as well around the time we faced the biggest challenges in our relationship, but we got through that as well. Despite this or maybe even because of this I would say that when I am now looking at my life I can't think about a time where I have been happier. At the same time, things are getting better every single day. It's not perfect in any way, but it's ours.

So now we are talking about having more kids start to invest in both our own home and in businesses, but if I have one regret it has to be the fact that we haven't travelled as much as I wish we could have. When I think about it the only true family trip we have had so far was our family adventure to Tumbes. We made that journey because I needed to renew my tourist visa back in 2016 and we haven't been outside of the Lima region since then, so we do need to make something happen soon. The plan is to go somewhere as fast as the dust from the COVID-19 pandemic settles. We have been talking about going to Norway for a few weeks since neither my son nor girlfriend has ever visited my native homeland!

Anyway, my 4th anniversary for moving to Peru was back in late July but will be celebrated in combination with my 45th birthday later this months. That's also why I am writing this post now and not back in July on the actual day of the anniversary. Yes, I am turning 45 without having the famous midlife crisis. The truth is that I am in no way feeling my age if you understand what I mean now? I might look much older, but in reality, I don't feel a day older than 25. That is what I am telling myself anyway. Okay, after the lockdown I have concluded that I need to get started on working out. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic I have ended up doing nothing but work and sitting at my desk in my office day in and day out.

So all I want to do now is enjoy my life, spend time with my family, work and share my experience with you guys through my social media, blog and future YouTube channel. I do believe that this is the content that is worth sharing on different platforms. Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. If you enjoyed reading it you should check me out on social media. You find me on Twitter (Jack H White), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on YouTube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). Hope I will see you guys there and just to have it mention, I do try my best to update at least Twitter and Instagram daily.

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