Thursday, 24 September 2020

I have finally uploaded my first video to YouTube

I am right now sitting here at the desk in my office feeling proud as a peacock because I have now done something that I have wanted to do for so long, but not really felt “brave” enough to follow through with in the past. It has for the most part ended up with me making a video just so I could scrap the ide later on. You can say that I have finally put on my man pants and jumped in with both legs. What I am talking about here is that I have finally gotten around to upload my first or my first few videos up to my YouTube channel. Okay, the topics of these videos have nothing to do with what I am focusing on here on my blog, but as I see it it is part of my everyday life as an expat.

So since this is a blog where I talk about everyday life as an expat it does kinda feel natural to bring this channel over to this blog. The thing about these videos is that they have a focus on gaming and gaming content. These videos are pretty much me playing games on my console while talking and having fun. For now, my setup is very simple, it's me, a microphone, my PlayStation 4 Pro and a handful of games. I do not have the biggest collection of games yet (Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, some tank games and a warship game), but I do hope to build on it with time. Remember, I just got my Playstation 4 pro back at the last days of August and my focus back then was Grand Theft Auto 5.

The games I play in itself isn't the important factor as I see it because for me it's about the creative process and the wish to entertain people and for now the best choice for that is a YouTube channel that focuses on gaming, but I have bigger plans for the future. What I want to do is to start a vlogging and expat channel (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and a fishing channel (Fishing with Jack), but for now my focus will lay one my gaming channel (Gaming with Jack). So you can in many ways say that the current channel works and functions as a testbed to see if I got what it takes to succeed as a YouTuber. Since I have a family to think about its hard to defend investing in equipment for projects that are doomed to failure if you know what I mean by this?

Anyway, I do not want to come off as negative or pessimistic here, but I need to be realistic and that is why I am using my PlayStation 4 Pro as a gateway into the world of YouTube. If I fail, I fail, but with no real losses and I can continue to produce gaming content for the future. It's not like I am looking for fame and fortune, that's not the case at all and I don't see myself with a huge audience either. I would be super happy if I manage to mas a couple of thousand subscribers. A number like that would be a major success for me bot short and long term because when it boils down, it's all about having fun and making someone smile or laugh. Basically, just entertain a few souls with every video.

I am actually pretty happy with how things are now, one week after uploading my first video. As of writing this post I have 12 subscribers, my videos have been viewed 130 times and with a watch time of about 13 hours or something like that. I am unable to double-check these numbers right now since my internet is down and has been down for the past 24 hours or so. Yes, it's so frustrating and on top of everything I have been unable to work the entire day, but we have been promised that things will be back to normal tomorrow. I do hope they will be able to deliver on this promise because I have work to do and videos that are waiting to be uploaded to my channel.

So what I do now when “producing” a video is that I log onto my PS4 after work, load up a game of choice, makes myself a cup of coffee and hit the record button on my controller and starts to talk into the microphone. For now, my videos are unedited, unscripted and unplanned. I let my natural reactions be the dialogue in them and I have made about 10 videos this way or I have uploaded 10 videos since more are waiting. I have something like 7 or 8 videos that are waiting to be uploaded to my channel right now, including 4 “episodes” of a brand new series that I have started up. I am doing a playthrough of the GTA 5 story. This one became a reality since I had no access to online and things like that.

The thing is that I have many and big plans with my gaming channel, one of these are that I want to have a “series” where I play games together with my son. You know, a type of father and son playlist. We did try to make a video like this today in Minecraft, but it seems like we need to have access to the internet to be able to fully play it. It just kept on crashing on us for some weird reason (or over lack of access to the internet) so this is something we have to do when we have the lineup and running as normal again. I got the feeling that it was something my son really wanted to do. The thing is that I am not sure how that will play out with the strict rules at YouTube, anyone who knows?

Just to let you know, I am doing my very best to upload at least one new video every single day, but my goal right now is getting two videos up on my channel each day. That will be a reality at least while I have this backlog on recorded videos. I have something like 7 or 8 videos that are laying around on my computer waiting to be placed on my channel. With that in mind, no matter how things go with my channel my focus will always be on my blog. Especially since I am now receiving so much traffic every single day. Actually it is rare that it drops under 100 clicks and that is amazing in my book, to be honest.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. All I really wanted to do today was to let you guys know that I have made the huge step to upload my first few videos to YouTube and hopefully you will check them out, you might find something you enjoy watching at the end of the day. For me it's all about having fun and entertain you guys with my content. If I succeed with capturing this in my videos is another story and that is something you have to be the judge of, naturally. So check my channel out and let me know what you think about it, just be nice with the feedback. Since its aimed at improving myself as a video content creator!


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