Monday, 26 October 2020

5 must-see Youtube adventure vlogs about Peru!

I have been sitting here in my office today looking through my YouTube watch history and to be honest, I am mildly shocked over how diverse it is. In my simple mind, I thought that it contained for the most part only gaming and travel videos, but that wasn't really the case. Instead, it goes all over the place in the name of my usual honesty. This is also something that has kinda triggered the idea for today's blog post because I have been watching a lot of videos from people who has been vlogging while visiting my lovely Peru by making a top 5 type of list so you can check them out on your own. Maybe you even get tempted to visit Peru yourself?

The truth is that I am a huge consumer of Youtube videos and what I watch spans from content like vlogs to more travel-oriented videos. I will pretty much watch or listen to anything as long as the content creator catches my attention. Yes, I have Youtube running in the background when I am working, both at work and while working on my blog, mostly because it keeps me focused and kinda inspired. On this list, you will find that I am focusing on topics like travel, food, and adventure. Things that Peru is famous for and who has not heard about Ceviche right? Well, I hope you guys and girls enjoy my top 5 list.

1. Mike Chen and Strictly Dumplings: This guy has been for the longest time one of my absolute favourite content creators on this platform. When you watch his videos you get that feeling that he is really genuine and enthusiastic when it comes to what he does on his channels. That is actually one of the details that drew me to his many channels at the beginning of me subscribing to him. From what I know about him he is originally from New York and has a Chinese background, not that the last part has any importance anyway. You should check him and his channels out. You won't regret it and its a promise!

2. The Vagabrothers: To be completely honest, this is a channel and YouTubers that I know very little about. I bumped into this channel by pure luck while doing some simple research for this post and loved their content and their take on Peru. The channel seems to be run by two brothers (Marko and Alex) and they are travelling the world while vlogging about their experiences. This is a type of content that I really love because I do enjoy the traveller lifestyle myself. and its easily digested as well. At the same time, yes I have become a subscriber to their channel and I hope you will check them out as well.

3. Wolters World: This is what I would say is one of the funnier content creators out there. This is a type of Youtuber I have a tendency to fall in love with contentwise. Because he is focusing on facts and has a specific story to tell and when you start watching his videos, you will have problems with turning off his video or click on another one. What can I say, I love factual videos and this is the theme for many of the other videos on this list. They do not just aimless film a trip or anything like it. My recommendation is, check this guy out and you will love his content, promise! Just check him out!

4. Lost Leblanc: Okay here is a more typical travel vlogger and I have to say that he is pretty honest in his way of showcasing my current hometown. This is also what I like about his channel. He travels the world and it seems like he is trying his best to be honest about his way to portrait the city that he is visiting. This is very important in my eyes because you might be in a position to inspire people to go to one of the destinations you have vlogged from if you know what I mean? All in all, I would recommend that you check him out and if you like his content, subscribe. I did at least.

5. Justin Poor: The last one on this list is also a typical travel vlogger and as most of the one that I have seen while researching for this post they do a pretty good job showcasing Lima and Peru. Justin Poor is actually the absolute smallest one on the list with his 20.100 subscribers. As I see it, he deserves a much bigger audience then what he has at the moment. I would say that he is a clean-cut and has high-quality content on his channel, it is absolutely worth checking him out and maybe subscribe to his channel.

Well, my friends, I think it is time for me to wrap this post up and get it published on my blog. I do hope that you enjoyed this new top 5 travel post with a twist and that you will check out the content creators I have mentioned. Just to have it said, I worked hard to find smaller channels to showcase, but these had either given up their career or the quality was way under par. That is also why you won't find any small or new creators on this list, sadly enough. Anyway, this is my top five YouTubers who have made videos on Peru, what is your thought on my picks? Would love to hear your opinion on it.

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