Saturday, 10 October 2020

I want a refund because this year really stinks!

Please, can someone tell me that everything that has happened so far this year has been a bad dream or a nightmare and that I am still sleeping off my New year's celebration drunkenness? Because this is simple, I can't actually remember one single year that even comes close to matching how much dirt this year has thrown at me. Yes, I am going to rant and complain a bit, simply because I feel as I deserve to let out some steam. Its as simple as this, everything that could have a potential to go sideways has gone sideways and we are only in October and must say, I am worried about the months and weeks ahead of us. It started so well back in January and I had so many plans for this year.

As said, everything looked so god in January and every single piece in the puzzle seemed to be falling into its correct place, then February happened. First, my favourite aunt passed away, then a month or so later COVID-19 came knocking with 100+ days of quarantine and lockdown. Then in the middle of the lockdown, I get the news that a friend of mine had passed away and in at the same time, my sons best friend gets rushed to the children hospital in Lima with the Kawasaki disease. A few months later we move to a new place (a good thing) and before I know it ends up with an infection in my shoulder and elbow (September). This was something that set me back in a big way.

While this was going on my mom told me that another aunt of mine had gotten the news that she has only 1 month to a year left on this planet. Not like this in itself wasn't a piece of massive news since she has been sick for a while now, but it doesn't end there. When the infection in my elbow and shoulder healed I got stuck with something new. An infection on the left side of my jaw and this is something that still is going on, I am going into Lima next week to have a specialist to have a look at it and hopefully he will be able to fix my jaw situation. It's not like its painful or anything, just something that is prohibiting me from doing things I need to do. That's also why I haven't updated my blog this month.

The truth is that I have so far this month had more than enough just trying to focus on work and work-related activities. Not like I haven't tried, but have been forced to give up every single time. The thing is that I have a ton of ideas for videos for my YouTube channel and for posts for my blog, just that the moment isn't really there. Until now, because now I am just airing a ton of frustration. Oh yes, I forgot that we got COVID-19 back in March, can't forget that? Almost forgot as well that I lost my amazing Ginger back in early March. Dam this year has thrown some serious amount of dirt my way, this year has been the perfect storm of shit throwing. Anyone else that has had it like this throughout 2020?

Then again, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that is how I have been trying my most darn to think throughout this year. Not always the easiest thing to do when things like this hit you in the face. All I really want right now is for this year to end so we can get started on a new one. A new one that hopefully won't continue with the same negativity as this one has been serving me over and over again. Now I am worried about what comes next, can it really become any worse than this? Hope not, I really hope not because 2020 has been horrible so far. At the same time, I am trying really hard to enjoy the good things. Like my family, our new place and that my blog are doing better than ever.

Anyway, no matter what life throws at me I will keep on fighting and will end up on top, as usual, just frustrating when stuff like this happens to be honest. So I will continue as I usually do, work hard and stay focused on the good side of life while trying my best to ignore the bad things that are happening around me. Ignoring them isn't the same as not dealing with them, just not letting them get to me. This has always worked for me in the past, but then again I have never ever been through a shit storm like this before. The best part I can think of right now is that I am not in any real pain, that's the weird part because with the massive infection that I have been and still dealing with usually comes with mind-numbing pain, but that isn't the case this time.


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