Jack White

                                        Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome all you lovely ladies and gentlemen here on the greater world wide web. I have to be honest and say that I feel honoured by the fact that you take time out of your busy schedule to check out my tiny expat and travel blog. All I can continue with is that I hope you do enjoy your stay here and that you will be back for future updates. I do have big plans for the blog, at least when it comes to its content.

About Jack White Sr:

Well, guys and girls, I guess it's about time for me to introduce myself. My name is Jack White or Jack White Sr, (but you can just call me Jack or Jack the expat if you want to). Most of my friends just call me Jack anyway. I am a 44-year-old Norwegian male who is currently living as an expat in Peru, South America and has done so for more or less the past three years. Here I live together with my small family of four (me, my girlfriend, our son and cat) and here we are trying to build our self a future together.

When I am being asked to describe myself I usually give a standard answer or a phrase, that I am a very complicated geek of a person. Just to explain. I am that type of person who is extremely systematic in most things that I do, but at the same time have a strong dislike to live by any set of schedule. I love to be the centre of attention but have a dislike for social gatherings of most sizes. Love being productive, but at the same time the laziest person you will ever meet. Could continue in a small eternity, but I guess you get my point with these?

So when I am not running around being a half crazy person who loves to travel and explore the world that we are living in I love to spend time with my family, either indoors or outdoors. When outdoors I do prefer to go hiking or fishing. I never go anywhere without a type of camera on me. Sometimes I can lean back in my armchair and disappear into the world of gaming (either GTA online, Unturned or World of Tanks). Yes, I am that type of senior citizen gamer, but I am spending less and less time on games and activities as such. Guess that I am finally growing up.

There is one thing that is and always has been more important than anything else in the world and this is my family. Yes, when it comes to this I am that old fashion guy. When I say family it's not just my son and girlfriend, but all the closest branches of the family tree. That would be both here in Peru and back home in Norway. This is also the main reason for my somewhat frequent case of the expat blues because I miss my people back home and at the same time as I enjoy spending time with my people here. So yes I am a typical family oriented guy.

What's the blog about?:

Now that I have introduced myself, maybe it's about time for to also introduce the blog itself and the best way to do this in my eyes are to start from the very beginning or its creation. In my very first post here on the blog (Welcome to my blog) I kinda mentioned that I started to work on it back in late 2017, this is what I would call a white lie. This is because the blog itself is way older than this. The truth is that I in a way started to work on this blog back in late 2012 or early 2013, back when I was living and working in Malaga, Spain.

At that point in time, I just wanted to share my life and experience through photos and videos, but since it didn't work out as I had initially hoped everything died out naturally after a few weeks. Yes, it was the job in Malaga that didn't work out as I had hoped. So after returning to Norway, the blog got shelve and it would go years before I would pick it up again. This would be sometime in 2017, but it wouldn't be opened for the public before 1st of January 2018. The main content would change from being a pure photoblog to an expat and travel blog.

So the main idea for the blog is focused around expat and travel content, but with a personal twist on it. at the same time, I don't want my content to become too personal either, not that I would mind but I think that the reader wouldn't appreciate it that much. So I am trying to balance it as well as I can. Right now I am focusing on topics like top 5 travel lists, travel tips, travel stories and stories from everyday life. The last one because I feel it relevant to the content focus of the blog. What I think about here is an expat everyday life type of posts.

At the moment the main focus will be on expat and travel related topics, but how it will develop in the future is something that not even myself are unsure about. All that matters right now is that I am finding joy in what I am doing right now and hopefully I will be able to inspire some of my readers to follow their travel or expat dream. Isn't that the dream of anyone who has their own blog or channel, to be able to inspire those who come in for a visit or more. Anyway, since you are already here, I do hope you enjoy your stay and that I will see you back again in the future.

Happy blogging guys and girls

Jack White Sr – Jack the Expat.