Monday, 26 October 2020

5 must-see Youtube adventure vlogs about Peru!

I have been sitting here in my office today looking through my YouTube watch history and to be honest, I am mildly shocked over how diverse it is. In my simple mind, I thought that it contained for the most part only gaming and travel videos, but that wasn't really the case. Instead, it goes all over the place in the name of my usual honesty. This is also something that has kinda triggered the idea for today's blog post because I have been watching a lot of videos from people who has been vlogging while visiting my lovely Peru by making a top 5 type of list so you can check them out on your own. Maybe you even get tempted to visit Peru yourself?

The truth is that I am a huge consumer of Youtube videos and what I watch spans from content like vlogs to more travel-oriented videos. I will pretty much watch or listen to anything as long as the content creator catches my attention. Yes, I have Youtube running in the background when I am working, both at work and while working on my blog, mostly because it keeps me focused and kinda inspired. On this list, you will find that I am focusing on topics like travel, food, and adventure. Things that Peru is famous for and who has not heard about Ceviche right? Well, I hope you guys and girls enjoy my top 5 list.

1. Mike Chen and Strictly Dumplings: This guy has been for the longest time one of my absolute favourite content creators on this platform. When you watch his videos you get that feeling that he is really genuine and enthusiastic when it comes to what he does on his channels. That is actually one of the details that drew me to his many channels at the beginning of me subscribing to him. From what I know about him he is originally from New York and has a Chinese background, not that the last part has any importance anyway. You should check him and his channels out. You won't regret it and its a promise!

2. The Vagabrothers: To be completely honest, this is a channel and YouTubers that I know very little about. I bumped into this channel by pure luck while doing some simple research for this post and loved their content and their take on Peru. The channel seems to be run by two brothers (Marko and Alex) and they are travelling the world while vlogging about their experiences. This is a type of content that I really love because I do enjoy the traveller lifestyle myself. and its easily digested as well. At the same time, yes I have become a subscriber to their channel and I hope you will check them out as well.

3. Wolters World: This is what I would say is one of the funnier content creators out there. This is a type of Youtuber I have a tendency to fall in love with contentwise. Because he is focusing on facts and has a specific story to tell and when you start watching his videos, you will have problems with turning off his video or click on another one. What can I say, I love factual videos and this is the theme for many of the other videos on this list. They do not just aimless film a trip or anything like it. My recommendation is, check this guy out and you will love his content, promise! Just check him out!

4. Lost Leblanc: Okay here is a more typical travel vlogger and I have to say that he is pretty honest in his way of showcasing my current hometown. This is also what I like about his channel. He travels the world and it seems like he is trying his best to be honest about his way to portrait the city that he is visiting. This is very important in my eyes because you might be in a position to inspire people to go to one of the destinations you have vlogged from if you know what I mean? All in all, I would recommend that you check him out and if you like his content, subscribe. I did at least.

5. Justin Poor: The last one on this list is also a typical travel vlogger and as most of the one that I have seen while researching for this post they do a pretty good job showcasing Lima and Peru. Justin Poor is actually the absolute smallest one on the list with his 20.100 subscribers. As I see it, he deserves a much bigger audience then what he has at the moment. I would say that he is a clean-cut and has high-quality content on his channel, it is absolutely worth checking him out and maybe subscribe to his channel.

Well, my friends, I think it is time for me to wrap this post up and get it published on my blog. I do hope that you enjoyed this new top 5 travel post with a twist and that you will check out the content creators I have mentioned. Just to have it said, I worked hard to find smaller channels to showcase, but these had either given up their career or the quality was way under par. That is also why you won't find any small or new creators on this list, sadly enough. Anyway, this is my top five YouTubers who have made videos on Peru, what is your thought on my picks? Would love to hear your opinion on it.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

I want a refund because this year really stinks!

Please, can someone tell me that everything that has happened so far this year has been a bad dream or a nightmare and that I am still sleeping off my New year's celebration drunkenness? Because this is simple, I can't actually remember one single year that even comes close to matching how much dirt this year has thrown at me. Yes, I am going to rant and complain a bit, simply because I feel as I deserve to let out some steam. Its as simple as this, everything that could have a potential to go sideways has gone sideways and we are only in October and must say, I am worried about the months and weeks ahead of us. It started so well back in January and I had so many plans for this year.

As said, everything looked so god in January and every single piece in the puzzle seemed to be falling into its correct place, then February happened. First, my favourite aunt passed away, then a month or so later COVID-19 came knocking with 100+ days of quarantine and lockdown. Then in the middle of the lockdown, I get the news that a friend of mine had passed away and in at the same time, my sons best friend gets rushed to the children hospital in Lima with the Kawasaki disease. A few months later we move to a new place (a good thing) and before I know it ends up with an infection in my shoulder and elbow (September). This was something that set me back in a big way.

While this was going on my mom told me that another aunt of mine had gotten the news that she has only 1 month to a year left on this planet. Not like this in itself wasn't a piece of massive news since she has been sick for a while now, but it doesn't end there. When the infection in my elbow and shoulder healed I got stuck with something new. An infection on the left side of my jaw and this is something that still is going on, I am going into Lima next week to have a specialist to have a look at it and hopefully he will be able to fix my jaw situation. It's not like its painful or anything, just something that is prohibiting me from doing things I need to do. That's also why I haven't updated my blog this month.

The truth is that I have so far this month had more than enough just trying to focus on work and work-related activities. Not like I haven't tried, but have been forced to give up every single time. The thing is that I have a ton of ideas for videos for my YouTube channel and for posts for my blog, just that the moment isn't really there. Until now, because now I am just airing a ton of frustration. Oh yes, I forgot that we got COVID-19 back in March, can't forget that? Almost forgot as well that I lost my amazing Ginger back in early March. Dam this year has thrown some serious amount of dirt my way, this year has been the perfect storm of shit throwing. Anyone else that has had it like this throughout 2020?

Then again, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that is how I have been trying my most darn to think throughout this year. Not always the easiest thing to do when things like this hit you in the face. All I really want right now is for this year to end so we can get started on a new one. A new one that hopefully won't continue with the same negativity as this one has been serving me over and over again. Now I am worried about what comes next, can it really become any worse than this? Hope not, I really hope not because 2020 has been horrible so far. At the same time, I am trying really hard to enjoy the good things. Like my family, our new place and that my blog are doing better than ever.

Anyway, no matter what life throws at me I will keep on fighting and will end up on top, as usual, just frustrating when stuff like this happens to be honest. So I will continue as I usually do, work hard and stay focused on the good side of life while trying my best to ignore the bad things that are happening around me. Ignoring them isn't the same as not dealing with them, just not letting them get to me. This has always worked for me in the past, but then again I have never ever been through a shit storm like this before. The best part I can think of right now is that I am not in any real pain, that's the weird part because with the massive infection that I have been and still dealing with usually comes with mind-numbing pain, but that isn't the case this time.


Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Looking back on month of September, weird month!

Well, my friends, it for sure looks like we now are back at that time of the month again where I sit down with you guys to spend some quality time together with you while looking back at the month that has passed and at the same time share some thoughts on what has been and what's ahead for us or more like my plans for the upcoming month both online and offline. I have to follow up this tradition even though this has been a very low productive month for me when it comes to my blog and social media in general. I would say it has been one of the worst months in a long time! Trust me, I will get back to this during this post!

So when I am now looking back at September, there is one word that really comes to mind or sticks out, disaster. Its the word that really describes this month the best possible way because none of my original plans came through for me. Not a single one. Okay, I might be lying somewhat here because I got my YouTube channel up and running, but that pretty much it. The thing is that this month has been nothing like I expected it to be, not when it comes to health or time. Yes, I have been dealing with some health issues that have for the most part made it difficult to focus on things like my blog. I have been having a hard time with an infection in shoulder and elbow, not a good thing to deal with!

I am not that type of guy that complains a lot, but when I am looking back on September it feels like I have a reason to. Anyway, I am going to look at the bright side of things because there is some sunlight on the horizon. I did manage to publish one post (I have finallyuploaded my very first video to YouTube) and I have gotten started on my channel (uploaded about 19 videos, trying to upload daily gaming videos for now. I have gotten 13 subscribers and several hundreds of views already. I think that is something to pin as a positive, right? At the same time, I am pursuing another exciting project of mine, not related to this tho.

So when I am looking at the statistics for my blog especially, I had a record month when it comes to visits and clicks. There has been 3450 visits or clicks throughout September, that's up from about 2300 clicks in August. That's actually an improvement of 1150 clicks in just one month alone and I feel that the blog itself is heading in the right direction that way, even without any updates beside on post for the entire month. When it comes to Twitter, not much to brag about, to be honest, and the truth is that I haven't really been that active this month, but had a minor growth tho. I am as of writing this post standing at 503 followers, so its a minor growth as mentioned.

With this said, all I can do is hoper for a better month ahead because the one we are about to leave behind has been nothing but a let down for me personally. Especially when it comes to how things have turned out with my blog and social media in general. Saying this without giving any concrete promises when it comes to the type of posts I will be focusing on. I have made this mistake to many times these past couples of months. Anyway, not everything is doom and gloom, not when it comes to work and work-related. At least this seems to be steaming forward better than ever actually and that's a good thing. My new YouTube channel has had a great kick-off too, tons of videos, views, likes and a handful of subscribers. All in the spirit of a good start.

So as tradition goes I have set some minor goals for myself with my online projects and presence. When it comes to Twitter I want to pass the goal I set for myself back in August of 600 followers, that has been a hard nut to crack, to be honest. At the same time, try my best to focus on expat and travel-related topics both on my blog and on social media. Continue working on my YouTube channel, hope to see a jump to 20 or 25 subscribers this month, but it's not a priority. I want to see the good progress when it comes to clicks and visitors on my blog. With that, I need to get better at promoting my blog on social media, I have failed big time on this lately.

Well, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it to read for my blog. It has gotten way longer than I had plans for when I got started working on it. For some odd reason, this always happens to me. It's weird in many ways. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my post and if you did, why not check me out on social media? You can find me on Twitter (Jack White Sr), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and on YouTube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) At the same time you can support my work through donating a cup of coffee through Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). You do not need to donate, would appreciate it if you just shared my posts and thing like that!


Thursday, 24 September 2020

I have finally uploaded my first video to YouTube

I am right now sitting here at the desk in my office feeling proud as a peacock because I have now done something that I have wanted to do for so long, but not really felt “brave” enough to follow through with in the past. It has for the most part ended up with me making a video just so I could scrap the ide later on. You can say that I have finally put on my man pants and jumped in with both legs. What I am talking about here is that I have finally gotten around to upload my first or my first few videos up to my YouTube channel. Okay, the topics of these videos have nothing to do with what I am focusing on here on my blog, but as I see it it is part of my everyday life as an expat.

So since this is a blog where I talk about everyday life as an expat it does kinda feel natural to bring this channel over to this blog. The thing about these videos is that they have a focus on gaming and gaming content. These videos are pretty much me playing games on my console while talking and having fun. For now, my setup is very simple, it's me, a microphone, my PlayStation 4 Pro and a handful of games. I do not have the biggest collection of games yet (Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, some tank games and a warship game), but I do hope to build on it with time. Remember, I just got my Playstation 4 pro back at the last days of August and my focus back then was Grand Theft Auto 5.

The games I play in itself isn't the important factor as I see it because for me it's about the creative process and the wish to entertain people and for now the best choice for that is a YouTube channel that focuses on gaming, but I have bigger plans for the future. What I want to do is to start a vlogging and expat channel (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and a fishing channel (Fishing with Jack), but for now my focus will lay one my gaming channel (Gaming with Jack). So you can in many ways say that the current channel works and functions as a testbed to see if I got what it takes to succeed as a YouTuber. Since I have a family to think about its hard to defend investing in equipment for projects that are doomed to failure if you know what I mean by this?

Anyway, I do not want to come off as negative or pessimistic here, but I need to be realistic and that is why I am using my PlayStation 4 Pro as a gateway into the world of YouTube. If I fail, I fail, but with no real losses and I can continue to produce gaming content for the future. It's not like I am looking for fame and fortune, that's not the case at all and I don't see myself with a huge audience either. I would be super happy if I manage to mas a couple of thousand subscribers. A number like that would be a major success for me bot short and long term because when it boils down, it's all about having fun and making someone smile or laugh. Basically, just entertain a few souls with every video.

I am actually pretty happy with how things are now, one week after uploading my first video. As of writing this post I have 12 subscribers, my videos have been viewed 130 times and with a watch time of about 13 hours or something like that. I am unable to double-check these numbers right now since my internet is down and has been down for the past 24 hours or so. Yes, it's so frustrating and on top of everything I have been unable to work the entire day, but we have been promised that things will be back to normal tomorrow. I do hope they will be able to deliver on this promise because I have work to do and videos that are waiting to be uploaded to my channel.

So what I do now when “producing” a video is that I log onto my PS4 after work, load up a game of choice, makes myself a cup of coffee and hit the record button on my controller and starts to talk into the microphone. For now, my videos are unedited, unscripted and unplanned. I let my natural reactions be the dialogue in them and I have made about 10 videos this way or I have uploaded 10 videos since more are waiting. I have something like 7 or 8 videos that are waiting to be uploaded to my channel right now, including 4 “episodes” of a brand new series that I have started up. I am doing a playthrough of the GTA 5 story. This one became a reality since I had no access to online and things like that.

The thing is that I have many and big plans with my gaming channel, one of these are that I want to have a “series” where I play games together with my son. You know, a type of father and son playlist. We did try to make a video like this today in Minecraft, but it seems like we need to have access to the internet to be able to fully play it. It just kept on crashing on us for some weird reason (or over lack of access to the internet) so this is something we have to do when we have the lineup and running as normal again. I got the feeling that it was something my son really wanted to do. The thing is that I am not sure how that will play out with the strict rules at YouTube, anyone who knows?

Just to let you know, I am doing my very best to upload at least one new video every single day, but my goal right now is getting two videos up on my channel each day. That will be a reality at least while I have this backlog on recorded videos. I have something like 7 or 8 videos that are laying around on my computer waiting to be placed on my channel. With that in mind, no matter how things go with my channel my focus will always be on my blog. Especially since I am now receiving so much traffic every single day. Actually it is rare that it drops under 100 clicks and that is amazing in my book, to be honest.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. All I really wanted to do today was to let you guys know that I have made the huge step to upload my first few videos to YouTube and hopefully you will check them out, you might find something you enjoy watching at the end of the day. For me it's all about having fun and entertain you guys with my content. If I succeed with capturing this in my videos is another story and that is something you have to be the judge of, naturally. So check my channel out and let me know what you think about it, just be nice with the feedback. Since its aimed at improving myself as a video content creator!


Sunday, 30 August 2020

Looking back on month of August, back in lockdown

Well, my awesome friends, it does look like we now are back at that time of the month again where I sit down to spend some quality time together with you guys looking back at the month that has passed and at the same time share some thoughts on what has been and what's ahead for us or more like my plans for the upcoming month both online and offline. This has kinda become a tradition for me and my blog and I am not about to make any changes, no matter how tempting it is to do so this time around. I will be getting back to this later in the post, but I can say it for several reasons, to be honest. As I am looking back at August I would say it has been a super weird one at best.

I am not a guy that complains a lot, but when I am looking back at the month August I have to say it didn't turn out as I had hoped or planned for when going in. When it comes to the blog side of things, I would say I had a good start writing and publishing no less than two blog posts pretty much the first week (I have nowbeen living in Peru for 4 years) and (Looks like we are moving to anew place, next week), but from then on and out things kinda went sour in away. If there is one thing I am really happy about when it comes to my blog and my other online “projects” it has to be the statistics.

Looking at the statistics for my blog for the entire month it had no less than 2300 clicks with days with over 120 clicks per day and that is for me pretty good. Not to forget a new record in the history of my blog. It's up with almost 500 clicks from July. When it comes to Twitter I would say it has been yet another good month. I never managed to reach my initial goal of 600 followers but did manage to grow to 455 after a long period of stagnation. Where I yet again have completely failed my Facebook pages, but still had a small growth. At the same time, I do not have any reason to complain about my online statistics since there are more or less a steady growth in general and its still just a hobby of mine.

As of the end of August, I am still working on getting my YouTube channels up and running, the one that most likely will go live first is my gaming channel (Gaming with Jack) where the plan is to focus on live streaming of GTA Online and other games that I do enjoy. The reason for this is that I have gotten my PlayStation 4 or this one is a pro version of the console. All I need to get this to go live is a half-decent microphone and a simple to use editing software. The only question now is when I am going live with my first stream, but this is not something that will be my main focus. This is somewhat in the future anyway!

As I am now talking about the future and my plans, this month I have to stay focused and at least publish 1 to 1,5 blog posts per week. First one out is a top 5 post on “documentary” YouTube videos about Peru or more like my top 5 favourite YouTube videos on or about Peru. I always get so excited about videos on my beloved Peru made by YouTubers that I subscribe too. From there I have plans on returning to the COVID-19 situation here in Peru and some “shocking” news or development when it comes to this in my own personal life! Not going into more details about this right now, but we are on something I like to call as a soft lockdown right now.

There is no hiding it, we are in a bad place when it comes to this virus and from what I can see from official numbers we are the worst-hit country in the world right now where we are closing up to a 1000 deaths per million and we are closing up to that number fast. So the response from the government is that they have put in place a curfew. Where stores have to close at a set time that kinda varies from day to day, but on Sundays, everything is completely closed. The public has to stay indoors between 8 am to 4 pm, but again no one is allowed to go outside on Sundays. On top of it, it's not allowed to have parties or gathering of people, not even for a funeral. If this works? Didn't last time around.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my blog post (Looks like weare moving to a new place, in a week) we have moved into our new place, gotten settled in and really enjoying our new situation. To be honest, I hadn't seen the place so I had no idea until the moving day and looking back at it its not much for me to complain about because I am loving it. The place is bigger and has a much higher standard. The only downside I can think of is that my office is a lot smaller. I think my office is like a third of the size or something around that and I do not have the same privacy in a sense. Not that I am complaining about it because I love the house we are living in now, but the next step is for us to build our own.

One thing that has created problems for me is an infection I have had in my elbow for the past couple of weeks and that has given me some issues writing on my computer. At times it has been really painful, but it seems to finally get better. There always has to be something, again not that I am complaining but I have had more than enough just to focus on my work. With that said, now that we have gotten settled into our new home I am looking into the future and planning what to do next. There is so much I want to do and especially when it comes to my blog and the website plans that I carrying around on, but right now I need to focus on my blog and social media.

So as tradition goes I have set some goals for myself with my online projects. When it comes to Twitter I want to reach my 600 goals from August, I will focus more on promoting my blog on that platform and tweet more about topics that relate to my expat lifestyle and less about politics, but that's hard now that there is a presidential election in the US coming up in a couple of months. When it comes to my Facebook pages, that's something I really need to focus a lot more on because that's a platform that I have more or less been ignoring these past few months. At the same time, I want to start working on my first video for my YouTube channel since it's just sitting there gathering dust!

Well, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it to read for my blog. It has gotten way longer than I had plans for when I got started working on it. For some odd reason, this always happens to me. It's weird in many ways. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my post and if you did, why not check me out on social media? You can find me on Twitter (Jack White Sr), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on Instagram (Beyond ourHorizon) and on YouTube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) At the same time you can support my work through donating a cup of coffee through Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). You do not need to donate, would appreciate it if you just shared my posts and thing like that!


Thursday, 13 August 2020

I have now been living here in Peru for about 4 years

I am right now sitting here in my brand new office post-work (yes, we have moved during the weekend) with a nice cup of coffee while looking back on a wild ride that I call an expat adventure here in Peru together with my lovely family. Need to say that it has been one amazing adventure, but not without its challenges along the way. Anyway, this is something I have said a few times before and I don't think it has ever been any more relevant than it is right now because it is kinda borderline crazy how fast time seem to be flying and especially after arriving at my final destination. So maybe there is some truth to the saying that times do fly while having a good time?

So the thing is that I have been living my out my expat dream here in Peru for 4 years now and to be completely honest, this has been an adventure with both its dark days and days with sunshine, but it has been for the most part good days. I would say that the biggest challenge that I have been faced with so far is the COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdown we had to live through for about 125 or so days. Not that we were suffering in any way, but the isolation was the worst part of it. We have also “lived” through relationship problems, financial issues and now a visa situation that we hope will be resolved very shortly. At the same time, I am not the type of guy who usually complains about life.

So life here in Peru has had its ups and downs, but it wouldn't be any different back home in Norway. That's just how life is, we have good times and we have bad times. As I see it and I guess that this is my biggest strength in many ways that I look at life with optimism. Doesn't matter what life has thrown at me, I have always landed on both feet more or less unscathed and I would credit that to how I view life and the world. When life gets hard I just do my very best to work my way through it and it has up until now worked perfectly here in Peru both when it comes to our finances and our relationship. Life is right now generally good and we are now planning for the future.

So now that I am looking back on these 4 years of living here in Peru I have to be honest and say that can't find any good reason to complain about anything at all. Yes, there has been som dark days, but these days are now part of the past and in many ways distant memories of a journey that has given me so much joy and pleasure through the years. For the most part, I would say that the main source for these bad days goes back to the fact that I was ill-prepared from the very beginning. It wasn't part of our plans to settle down in Peru, our idea was to start our new life together in the Philippines, but this changed along the way. Again it's not like I am complaining about it because I do love my new life here in South America.

It's simple, at my arrival we started completely from scratch on my arrival with living at my in-law's place in Pasamayo for several months before we moved into our own here in Huaral just a few days before our first Christmas together as a proper family and from there slowly building our life brick by brick and hard work. We even lived in a crappy one-room apartment in Lima for several months as well around the time we faced the biggest challenges in our relationship, but we got through that as well. Despite this or maybe even because of this I would say that when I am now looking at my life I can't think about a time where I have been happier. At the same time, things are getting better every single day. It's not perfect in any way, but it's ours.

So now we are talking about having more kids start to invest in both our own home and in businesses, but if I have one regret it has to be the fact that we haven't travelled as much as I wish we could have. When I think about it the only true family trip we have had so far was our family adventure to Tumbes. We made that journey because I needed to renew my tourist visa back in 2016 and we haven't been outside of the Lima region since then, so we do need to make something happen soon. The plan is to go somewhere as fast as the dust from the COVID-19 pandemic settles. We have been talking about going to Norway for a few weeks since neither my son nor girlfriend has ever visited my native homeland!

Anyway, my 4th anniversary for moving to Peru was back in late July but will be celebrated in combination with my 45th birthday later this months. That's also why I am writing this post now and not back in July on the actual day of the anniversary. Yes, I am turning 45 without having the famous midlife crisis. The truth is that I am in no way feeling my age if you understand what I mean now? I might look much older, but in reality, I don't feel a day older than 25. That is what I am telling myself anyway. Okay, after the lockdown I have concluded that I need to get started on working out. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic I have ended up doing nothing but work and sitting at my desk in my office day in and day out.

So all I want to do now is enjoy my life, spend time with my family, work and share my experience with you guys through my social media, blog and future YouTube channel. I do believe that this is the content that is worth sharing on different platforms. Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. If you enjoyed reading it you should check me out on social media. You find me on Twitter (Jack H White), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on YouTube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). Hope I will see you guys there and just to have it mention, I do try my best to update at least Twitter and Instagram daily.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Looks like we are moving to a new place, in a week!

Well, my friends, it's about to happen again and for the very few of you who follows me, Twitter knows all about it already and has done so for the past two weeks or so. For the rest of you who doesn't follow me on Twitter, the big news is that we have a short while back signed a lease contract for a new place. We are packing our stuff, moving out of our penthouse and into “our own” house next week. Just to have it said, there hasn't been any drama or anything, because we are on great terms with the current landlord and everything. We even love our current apartment, but with the latest changes in our household situation, we do need more living space and especially more bedrooms.

If I am going to be completely honest here than I have to say that I won't be going into super details about the changes that have happened to our household here in Peru, but you can check out the blog post (This is a family that really needs your help right now!) to get an insight on the situation. Just to have it said, we have opened our home to the family who I refer to in that blog post. Not sure how long this will be a thing, but that doesn't really matter anyway as I see it. So you can say in many ways that our household has grown with two new members and it's natural that we go looking for a new and bigger living space as we found in this house we now are moving to next week.

If you want to have a look at our new place you can do so if you go to my Twitter account because I have published a short video showing it how it looked like at the time of signing the lease. You just need to dig the video out since I am not sure how to link to specific tweets in my blog posts just yet! I might find it out while I am writing this post. I look at it this way, as the last step or move before we build our own house since its hard to get this done while the COVID-19 pandemic is still running around here in Peru. Anyway, I am super excited about moving to our new place, I will miss my current office and its location, but where we are moving is more central in the city.

The good part is that we won't need to do that much ourself since we have hired a moving company to do all the heavy lifting. For me its more like packing everything here in this office and pack everything up in my new office space, plus have my internet connection moved from location to location. I might get a day off from work if our internet provider is unable to get things done on the day we move. That is the part I am the most worried about, that there will be a delay in the service and because of that, I lose one day of work over it. If the worst thinkable scenario happens I will spend the day with my family and explore our new neighbourhood. That could be exciting too since I love to explore.

Well, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. I just wanted to update you guys on whats going on in my life these days and it is kind of a big event. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post and if you did, why not check me out on social media? You can find me on Twitter (Jack H White), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack H white Sr), on Youtube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). You can also support my work through donating a cup of coffee our two with Ko-fi (Jack White Sr), but only if you feel like it. No pressure from my part at all, it's just an option. What's important for me is that you enjoy my content, everything else comes as a bonus!

Friday, 31 July 2020

Looking back on month of July, has been really busy!

Well, my lovely friends, it does seem like we have gotten to that time of the month again where I sit down and spend some time together with you guys looking back on the month that has passed and at the same time share some thoughts on what has been and what is ahead for us or me in this case! This is something that won't be any different this time around either. My thought on this is why change something that has become somewhat of a tradition for my blog and its a good way to wrap a blog month up as well, that's the idea anyway. So when I am now looking back on July my initial reaction is that it has been a really good month more or less on all fronts. I would say especially when it comes to my offline life. Work has been amazing, at times way too much.

Then again when it comes to my blog and its content, there isn't really much to brag about. At least when it comes to creating new content for it. I have only managed to write and publish one post (This family really needs your help right now!), that is if you do not count this one of course. Not really been in a place where focusing on articles has been an easy thing to do. On the flip side of this, there has been some really good growth and increase of traffic to my blog, this is a good thing. I know this might not seem much for you guys but it has gone from 1037 clicks in June to 1522 in July. These are amazing numbers for me and a big chunk of the traffic has come from Israel and Hong Kong.

I would say that July has been really bad content-wise, but really good all-round when it comes to traffic, both on my blog and on social media (especially on Twitter). I have no idea why there has been such a spike in traffic to my blog, but not going to complain about it either. I'll try to explain it with that I am at least doing something right? The good part is that the Twitter trend from June has continued into July as well. At the beginning of this month, I had 160 followers and at the end of it, I am now standing at 342, a little bit short of my initial goal of 400. Guess I was a bit ambitious. What is even better is the fact that my account has survived, something I guess has to do with me toning down politics.

At the same time, I have completely failed my Facebook pages and my YouTube channel big time. Not being able to follow up with posts and videos on any of them. As said, I have had a very busy month and the energy hasn't really been there for me at all. So this is something that I have to try to focus more on in the future since my Facebook pages are now losing followers, but my YouTube channel has grown a bit, from 24 subscribers to 26. With this said, it does seem like I am starting with the what is ahead part now and once again I do have big plans for the month ahead. Especially when it comes to my blog and my YouTube channel. There is also some other big news waiting in the future.

Maybe I should uncover the big news first, we are actually in the process of moving to a new place, again. This time it is to a house we are going to rent. We are moving from the penthouse to a house around the end of the first week of August. This is something we are looking forward too because if there is one thing we have been missing while living at this apartment complex it is privacy and since we are more people living under the same roof, we do need more space. The thing is that the family from the blog post (This is a family that reallydo need your help now!) are now living with us. Its the least we could do in a situation like this and that means we need more space.

When it comes to my blog, I do have a few ideas for future posts. Some that never got done this month and some of them are brand new. There is a few that I really do need to get up on my blog, to be honest. As it looks right now there will be or I hope to get at least 5 posts up on my blog by the end of August if I can. When it comes to Twitter my new goal is now 600 followers by the end of the month, but it would be amazing if I manage to push 1000 (not that I think that will happen). For me, it's important to grow my following and that way increase the reach my blog has. When that is said, that's why it's so important that I focus more on my Facebook pages as well.

I know it might be silly to have goals like this since it's pretty much out of your control, but for me, it's a way to stay focused on things. It hasn't worked for my blog, but it has done so for Twitter. Anyway, one amazing month has now ended and a new one stands at the gate ready to get started. I do have the feeling that August will be the best month in a long time. We are moving to a new place. I am going to try to get started on my YouTube channel and I am kinda in the works with some new projects as well. Not sure when these are going live, but it will happen before the end of December or that's the plan anyway. So how has July been treating you? Had a good month?

Well, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it to read for my blog. It has gotten way longer than I had plans for when I got started working on it. For some odd reason, this always happens to me. It's weird in many ways. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my post and if you did, why not check me out on social media? You can find me on Twitter (Jack White Sr), on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), on Instagram (Beyond ourHorizon) and on YouTube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) At the same time you can support my work through donating a cup of coffee through Ko-fi (Jack White Sr). You do not need to donate, would appreciate it if you just shared my posts and thing like that!


Sunday, 12 July 2020

This is a family that really do need your help now!

The thing about me is and everyone who knows me personally can verify that I am not a type of guy that asks anyone for help, not even at the worst of times and there have been plenty of those through the years I can promise you. At the same time, I do struggle with the role as a bystander or a spectator when someone else is going through a rough patch, as I like to call it. Its no difference in this case and now its more personal too since I know the ones that are going through this hard time. I am not writing this to boost my own ego or brag about myself, but I have a genuine wish to help this family to get out of the situation that they have landed in, anyway I can and that's why I am writing this blogpost because they need this help!

The case is that this is a family of immigrants (mom and son) who came from Venezuela to Peru a couple of years ago. I guess most people out there know about the situation in their home country at this point. Please, do not ask me about the dad, because when it comes to this part of the story I have no clue what happened or about the situation itself. The reality of this situation is that a couple of months back the kid (Andres, age 10) fell sick and was rushed to the hospital here in Huaral and later to the children hospital in Lima for tests and treatment. At a later time, he got diagnosed with the Kawasaki disease. A horrible disease that in many cases has had fatal outcomes, luckily not this time around.

Because of their situation and not having all the paperwork in order they weren't able to take advantage of the free public healthcare system here in Peru and ended up with a hospital bill of 4500 dollars or 16100 soles. This is a massive amount of money for anyone living of a normal salary here in Peru, a whole year worth if you live on minimum wage as the mom has done up until becoming unemployed thanks to the COVID-19 situation. You can read more about his case in this article (10-year-old kid suffering from Kawasaki disease) if you understand Spanish or just use Google translate. For the family, this has been an extremely expensive experience and that's why I am turning to my blog and Twitter to see if there is anyone who can help out by donating or sharing this information on social media.

To make this clear, if you're not in a financial situation to donate I am not going to force you, but if that is the case it would help a great deal if you just helped out by sharing this blog post and information. At the same time, if you have a couple of dollars to spare you can help through (GoFundMe for Andres) and every cent makes a big difference in this case. Yes, I and my fiance are doing our part, that's also why I am dedicating my blog, social media and a couple of days of income to this kid. When that is said, anyone who donates over 50 dollars will get a personal thank you from the main character himself when he is home safe. This is my idea and I will make sure this becomes a reality when he is ready for it.

The thing is that this kid (Andres) is one of my sons best friends, school mate and partner in crime. He is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met in my life. So polite, soft-spoken and well behaved. Never ever said anything bad in my presence and always a joy to have. He and my son are now living more or less on WhatsApp talking to each other. So you can say that for me personally, it has been a hard pill to swallow that he has been sick and that he might not come back to Huaral. Thank god he fought his way through this battle and won, but now we have this issue of the hospital bill that has to be paid, 4500 dollars. They have so far received 500+ dollars in donation, but that's only 12% or so of the total amount owed.

So if you have a couple of dollars or so laying around that you don't need I hope you find it in your heart to help this family out. I know it will or would be greatly appreciated, anything is a blessing and no amount is to small in this situation. If I am going, to be honest here, before this kid got sick I didn't even know about this Kawasaki disease so at first I didn't understand what my fiance was talking about, until I Googled it. Anyway, I am not going to ramble on much longer. Just wanted to ask you guys to help and make a huge difference in the life of a small family here in Peru. I fully understand it if you choose not to donate, but I do hope you share this post so it might hit someone in the position to help, thank you so very much if you do so!

P.S: If you follow this link (Kawasaki disease) you can read more about the disease he has been fighting for his life against.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Looking back on month of June, had a busy month

Well, my lovely friends, we have now gotten to that time of the month again where I sit down and spend some time together with you guys looking back on the month that has passed and at the same time sharing some thoughts on what has been and what's ahead for us or me in this case. I wouldn't really want to change something that has become a tradition here on my blog and I am that type of guy who loves these new beginnings events as you know. Anyway, when I am looking back on June I have to say that it has been a really great one. Not the most productive month for my blog, but at the same time, I have gotten a lot done in other areas!

As a pure blog month, I have to say it has been a bad one since I only published three including this one. These are (Day 95 in quarantine, we are planning our future) and (I do love my new life and expat lifestyle here in Peru). The thing is that I had plans for so many more, but I just couldn't get around to do most of them, for many reasons to be honest. At least I hope they are good enough to make up for those who never became a reality this time around and they got decent traffic, that has to be said. On the other hand, I will do my best to make up for this during this month. That said and when I am looking on my situation on social media I have to say it has happened to me again.

Yes, I am talking about Twitter and their tradition of suspending my accounts for some weird reason. This month wasn't any different, to be honest. In total, this is the fifth time this has happened to me and the third time since I opened my blog, but I am not a guy that is easily defeated. So I have opened a new account (Jack H White) and continued where I left off at my old one, but at the same time overreaching my original goal for Twitter that month even though I lost all my original following! My original goal was 150 followers by the end of the month but I got suspended halfway through. Well from the middle of the month and to the end of it I gained the lost following and ended up at 160 followers.

While I am talking about social media, have to say that I have been a bad boy when it comes to Facebook. I have totally “ignored” Facebook because I have completely forgotten both my Facebook pages (Beyond the Horizon) and (Jack White Sr), even forgetting my own personal account (Jack White). Yes, you can add me on Facebook if you wish to, could be fun to interact more personal with my readers. When it comes to Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) I have done better, but I do seem to have a problem gathering a sizable following there. It's hovering between 190 and 200, has done so for the past year or so. To be honest, I am just posting to update my friends and family, have no idea what I am doing there.

I have also failed greatly when it comes to my YouTube channel (Beyond the Horizon 2.0). Not that I haven't uploaded videos, but most previous attempts on vlogs and such, but I have gained some subscribers. Standing at 24 subscribes as of writing this post. The thing is that my “camera” is kinda failing me and that makes things a bit difficult to record new videos at the moment. When this is said and looking forward, I have to say that for July I have some big plans and especially for my blog. I will be returning to my usual or normal content, but I will have a couple of COVID-19 related blog posts throughout this month. When it comes to my social media?

I have to say that my main focus will be on Twitter and to grow my audience there. This month I want to reach 400 followers, that's an increase of 240 followers throughout July if I will get there is another question, but at the same time I did manage to gain 160 followers in less than two weeks back in June! All I need to do to keep my new account safe is to focus less on politics and more on expat related ones because Twitter can be toxic at times and I think its politics that has gotten my previous accounts suspended in the past. Not going to happen this time around. So I need to become more careful in the future when approaching topics that might stir up reactions.

When it comes to my blog, this month I want to focus on the more typical top 5 content, write about my experience living as an expat in Canada and at the same time show more of my expat hometown kinda thing since things are opening up more these days. I might even return to the topic of Norway and my hometown Kristiansund. I am thinking about writing about my life back home, in a way to start to actually introduce myself to you, my readers! At the same time, I will do a try to return to work on my YouTube channel (Beyond the Horizon 2.0). I need to see if I can be able to record at least some videos for you guys.

At the same time, I am working on and laying the groundwork for a website. Yes, a proper website dedicated to travel and expat topics. It won't be a blog-style type of things, but more help and a guide type of thing. Not gotten around for the domain yet. Not sure if this will be something that will be ready by the end of the month either. In the same breath, I am also working on a fishing blog or website with an online store. Fishing is maybe my oldest passion and I wish to dedicate more time on this. Actually, I did publish a post about this (Something I have been missing while livingin Peru), but this will have a more business aspect of it. I am looking for partners for products and stuff like that.

I do know that I might come off as overly ambitious with my plans for this month, but some of them will stretch over several months, like my expat website and fishing project. There are also plans for a fishing channel on YouTube (Fishing with Jack) where I focus on taking you guys on fishing adventures. For this, I need to get my hands on some semi-good fishing gear and a decent camera, like a GoPro or something. When I look at it from a distance, it does look as I am about to chew over more than I can swallow if all of this comes through. All one really can do is try and see how it goes.

Well, I guess its time for me to wrap this blog post up and get it ready for my blog. As usual, I didn't intend for it gets as long as it did, things just kinda snowballed on me as I went along. The mistake I make every time is that I don't have a clear map of what I am going to write, just the topic and the headline and that's why things kinda get out of hands some times. Like it did this time around, but at least I got to talk about what has been and shared some thoughts on the future. That's not a bad thing, just that I have so many ideas and those keep growing with time in many ways. You can say that I have too many thoughts flying around at the same time. Anyway, I hope you did enjoy my post?