Monday, 1 January 2018

Welcome to my new blog, Beyond the horizon:

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet, it does seem like I am having the great honor of welcoming you into my very own private corner here on the world wide web. I do appreciate that you're taking the time to stop by and checking out my blog. So let's get straight to the introduction of my self. My name is HÃ¥var (for the simplicity of it you can call me Howard since this it is the English version of my name), but online I do prefer to use my alias Jack Bowler or just Jack. My friends do prefer to call me Jack, which is okay by me, this is a topic that deserves an explanation and I will revisit later in this blog post.

I am a 40ish-year-old Norwegian male (born in 1975) who is currently living in Peru and has done so since mid-2016. Here I am living with my tiny family (my son and fiance). Yes, my friend you did read correctly, I have moved from my safe haven back in Norway to South America to live the exciting and challenging life as an immigrant here in Peru. Why do you ask? The most important reason for this is simply my family and as a secondary is that I always had this special fascination with this part of the world. Always wanted to travel and experience all that the region has to offer.

So who am I as a person and what do I prefer to fill my everyday life in the form of activities and such? As it goes with the standard mundane days of the week, these are mostly spent on being a stay at home dad. The main reason that I am staying at home with my son right now is basically that I am still getting used to my surroundings and learning the language (that is Spanish, by the way). The language part is something I have been struggling with so far. For some strange reason, it does not seem to stick as quickly as I expected before moving, thankfully people around me have been extremely patient with me and my slow progress. I will get there sooner or later, I hope.

When I have time to just spend with my self or daddy time as it's called I do enjoy wasting it on computer games (these days it's more like getting lost in games on my PS4 and games like Grand Theft Online and Fishing planet). I am an avid gamer. At the same time, I have a big fascination for photography, or as I call it capturing the small moments in everyday life. When the opportunity arises I never say no to spend time outdoors. Either it is just walking around in the city, going hiking in the woods or spend hours and hours on real-life fishing. As a typical native Norwegian, I do enjoy fishing and hunting but do prefer fishing.

If there is one thing that I love to do when time and finances allow it is traveling and exploring new cultures. This is a fascination that brought me here to South America from the start of. I had crossed off North America and a big portion of Europe, so when I got introduced to my now fiance there were no doubts about what I wanted to do. Had to make the trip to Peru and at least experience this part of the world. Well during my “introduction” trip I managed to fall in love with this country and ever since there has been an urge to move here or at least live here for a period.

When it comes to my blog and its content. What kind of plans do I have for it?. To be completely honest I want to focus on sharing my everyday experience as an immigrant to this amazing country. How it is to live or visit this part of the world. Simply put, this blog will contain tips, photos, videos, stories and more, but I can promise you one thing. I am not going to sugar coat anything. I will strive to portrait it as realistic as possible. In other words, I won't photoshop any of my photos and I won't leave out any negative details when I am writing a blog post. Not that I think or believe that the Peruvian people have anything to be ashamed of.

When it comes to the intensity of post publishing, this is something I am unsure about right now. To have it mentioned, I am not used to this and do believe that I will need a getting used to follow a write and publishing schedule. Do not want to set the bar too high, so start with one post a week and take it from there more or less. As of now, I will try to update my blog with a new post every Wednesday. That way I will have more than enough time to get all the photos and videos that I potentially need, fact-checking the content and try to proofread the text. Naturally, I want to avoid to publish blog posts that have incorrect information in it.

In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I prefer to use my alias when it comes to my online activities and that I would explain this. So why am I using the alias Mr. Bowler and/or Jack Bowler? This is actually a kinda funny story. It started with my love for hats. Yes, I love to use hats. So with my first attempt on Youtube, I went for the name Mr. Bowler, with time this has in many ways snowballed for me.  So now when I open a new online account the name follows me.

By the way, on GTA online I use Jack Bowler that is inspired both by my fascination for hats as mentioned and the TV show 24 (Jack Bauer). I have been a fan of the show ever since the very first episode and some of the seasons have been watched more than once. I hope this explanation makes sense for you, if not let me know and I will try to do a better job. Not that this will have any impact on my blog, but it is a detail that makes me who I am. At the same time, if you have any question about the topics that I cover or if there are any special topics you want me to cover, please do let me know and I will do my best to follow it up.

I want to end this blog post by thanking you guys for taking the time to check out my blog and reading this post, at the same time I hope you have enjoyed the reading. Before you close this page I do hope you also will check out my Youtube channel (Beyond the Horizon), Facebook page (Beyond the Horizon) and Twitter account (Beyond the Horizon). Usually, update these sites with content that does not find its way to my blog. If you want to contact me you can either do that through Twitter, Facebook or by mail. So until my next blog post, remember to stay safe and I do hope to see you back for my next update.

Btw the photos that I am using in this blog post is from my hometown (Kristiansund) I kinda felt it was a perfect opportunity to show off where I am from, just to give the blog the right kick off.