Monday, 26 February 2018

Finally, I have my first video up on my Youtube channel:

Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I am stopping by to let you guys know that I have finally uploaded my very first “official” video to my Youtube channel. Okay, it is a bit late (since I uploaded the video on Thursday the last week), but in all seriousness, it's better late then never right? This is a video that has been in the “works” for a while now., truth be told every time I have had a finished “product” I have scrapped it. At one point a finished video was uploaded to my channel just to be taken down again a few days later. The reason for this? Well, it had a wrong frame size. The size of the video was a lot smaller then what I had expected, so it had to be taken down.

The name of the video is Magdalena del Mar #1 and it got recorded during one afternoon while I was out enjoying some really nice weather that we had. Started by filming in the local park here in Magdalena, then went to the “market” and continued while I was walking the streets and just enjoying the busy big city life. In Lima everybody is in a hurry to really not get anywhere, I guess that its part of living in a big city. As mentioned, I moved to Lima just a few weeks ago and I am still trying to get used to the changes. Moved from Huaral (with only 150.000 inhabitants) to Lima (with about 10 million inhabitants), so its a lot to get used to. Especially when it comes to the level of noise that is here, even at night.

Okay, I am not going to stay or live in Lima for the rest of my life. As most of you know, the relationship between my fiance and my kinda crashed back in late December. Because of the breakup, I have changed the plans that I had for my future. So instead of settling down in Peru, I am looking for new adventures and most likely I will be leaving in June this year. Well truth be told, it can happen later or sooner. Anyway, as long ass I am living here in Lima and Peru, I will use some of my time to show you guys how it is to live here. Show you bits and pieces from my daily life both on my blog, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. I am even considering to invite you into the gaming part of my life, but that might be a project for the future.

This is also something that falls into the vision I have with my blog and Youtube channel. I want to use these platforms to show my experience as I go on adventures, like the one I am on now and the one I will be setting out on in a few months time. Until then I will be exploring, filming and take photographs that will go up on my blog, Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel as the adventure proceed. Where it is heading I am not sure about at the moment. I might stay longer than planned and I might leave sooner than expected. So until my departure date is set I will continue to take my camera out on walks and share it with you guys on all the platforms that I am active on.

Back to the video Magdalena del Mar #1, this video has no commentary, but that is something I have planned to change for future videos. For this video, I did not have the option of including any voice commentary for many reasons, so instead, i chose to put music on top of the recording instead. Lighthearted and smoothing summer music has been the choice for this video and as long as the topic of summer is at hand it will continue in the upcoming ones too, even in those who have commentary in them. To be completely honest, I am really excited about this project, for many reasons. One of them is that it gives me other challenges to work with. So I hope you guys will check it out (Beyond the Horizon, Magdalena del Mar).

Anyway, my reasons for writing and publishing this post to my blog is because I wanted to update you guys on the Youtube project. I had earlier mentioned that was working on a video in a previous post and felt like giving you guys an update on the matter. So I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoy its current content. It is meant as a supplement to my blog or an extension of my blog. Because sometimes a video will be able to show a lot more then what a photo and a few paragraphs in a post will do. I hope you guys will enjoy this part of my project. So it is time for me to end this post. If you are new to my blog, I hope you find my content entertaining and that I will see you back for my next update.