Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I am now working on my very first Youtube video:

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I have actually started to work on a new and exciting project. I guess that you already know what this project is all about by reading the headline for the blog post, but yea I am actually working on my very first “official” Youtube video. This is actually something that I am excited about and as a side-project, this is something I am looking forward to working on. Okay, this is not the first time I am working on videos on Youtube, but it is the first time I am working on it for this blog. Because the channel will be a side-project and function as a compliment to the main focus that is the blog.

The Youtube channel (Beyond the Horizon) has at the moment 150 subscribers and one uploaded video. This is a welcome or trailer video where I am trying to introduce it to future viewers and subscribers. This is a channel that I have had for some time now, but it has been mostly used to watch other creators videos. Yes, I am a big consumer of videos, especially when I am working on my own project. By having videos running in the background and this way it at least feels like I am more productive. Anyway, for me, it makes it easier to keep up my focus on what I am doing. Anyway now it is time to give the channel the life it deserves and I hope that the future content will be good enough to make the subscriber number to grow.

As mention, I am currently working on the first proper video for the channel. This video is as it looks like right now an introduction the district that I am currently living in that is Magdalena del Mar. A district that I have had a “connection” to ever since my very first trip to Peru. The district of Magdalena covers about 3,6 kilometers and has about 51.000 people living within its “borders”, it is one out of 43 districts that make up the city of Lima. It has a beautiful beachfront and a nightlife that is both exciting and lively. From what I understand it is one of the popular districts for the younger population of the city, I guess that the lively markets and party life plays an important role here.

So what kind of plans do I have for my channel? Well, this is simple, I want my channel to be a place where I upload videos that tell my adventure stories in video format. I want the channel to complement the content that I publish on my blog, that way you can get a better insight and understanding for the adventures that I through my self out in. This is kind of perfect, especially when you think about that my written English is not as good as it should be. Usually, I express my self in a spoken form and not a written one. Anyway, it will be a travel and adventure channel. The first few videos will be without commentary, but that will come when the situation and my equipment allows it.

Okay guys and girls, I just wanted to update you on what I am currently working on and tell you guys to check it out. I hope that the existing and future content is good enough so I can see you as a subscriber, not to forget to share it with your family and friends. Because I am really excited about it, both my “new” channel and blog. Just remember that I am a beginner when it comes to video editing and such. The plan is that the first proper video will be out by Thursday and my next post on Friday. My promise to you is that the blog always will be my main project and that most of my future focus will be on it. So until my next blog post, remember to stay safe and I hope to see you back for my next update.