Monday, 5 February 2018

Top five things you can do while visiting Lima, Peru:

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I felt like it was about time for me to get started on the type of content that I initially had planned for my blog prior to the big life-changing happening last year. A change that made me get a different focus for a while and for good reasons too. Anyway, what could be better suited for this then a personal top five things to do in Lima type of list. This is a big city (with plus/minus 10 million people) and it has quite a few activities to offer those who decide to make the capital o Peru has their vacation destination. This is everything from food to museums to music happenings. In this list, you will find the things that I prefer to spend my time or time off on.

1. Food, Peru has the past few years gotten the deserved recognition as the food capital of South America. Here you can feast on everything from Ceviche that is an amazing fish dish to simple barbequed chicken. In between these dishes you have all kind of mouth-watering and/or scary dishes. If I were to pick out a couple of my favorite meals it has to be the mentioned Ceviche and barbequed chicken. When it comes to the chicken, I have to say that this is a version of it that is by far the best one I have tasted. It's not only because of how it tastes but also for the tasty sauces and creams that comes with it. After moving here in 2016 I have gone from being a beef guy to a chicken guy.

2. Beach life, okay here is maybe one thing that Peru is not very well known for and there is a reason for this. The truth is that Lima does not have many attractive beaches to offer its visitors, but what makes them fun to use is the popularity these enjoy by the locals and the “service” you receive while using them. As the average guy from the cold and wet Norway, this became kind of a shock to me. I am used to more or less empty beaches where you have to plan out your beach trip down to the last detail. Even things like food, ice cream, and drinks. Here that is not really the issue since whatever you might need can be bought at down by the waterline, more or less. On top of the service, the beaches are filled with happy sun-loving people.

3. Museums and historical sites. If you are like me and get excited about history or historical sites, then a trip to Lima is absolutely worth the ticket price. Because in the most larger city you have to visit museums to enjoy the past ages, but not here. If museums are not a thing for you, all you have to do is walk the streets of the city to get glims of the past. Either it is old living Spanish architecture or thousands of years old “ruins”. Even in the street where I live you have one of these old ruins and this is a site that I walk past as often as I possibly can. If this isn't enough for you, then you always take the trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu. A trip that will occupy most of your stay here in Peru since it is a good distance from the city.

4. Culture and music events. Most of us have a tendency to enjoy some type of music, either it is through your sound system or lives at some stadium. As most larger cities around the world also Lima get visits from the international superstars and this usually happens during local summer time (that is between late December to late March). In this period you can have the pleasure of enjoying the music from the largest of the largest. This year we have visits from bands and artists like Depeche Mode and Radio head, but at the same time, you do also have lots of happenings with both local and regional artists/bands. So especially during summer time, you will always have a music event to go to and enjoy with the local people.

5. Drinks and alcohol. Sorry guys and girls, but I had to include this one on the list because I have a huge fascination with Peruvian alcohol traditions and if there is one particular drink I want to put forward it has to be the famous Pisco sour. This drink is so important to the Peruvian people that it has even its own national holiday. This day is celebrated on the first Saturday of February and is called National Pisco sour day. There is also another drink that has caught my attention and that is chicha de jora. This is a beer like drink based on Jora corn. This beer is very similar to the non-alcoholic drink chicha a beverage that everyone drinks on a daily basis.

This is my own personal top five lists of things to do here in Lima. As you can see, a big part of it spins around the eatable and drinkable topics., the reason for this is basically because I am a foodie. Usually, when I arrive in a new country or city the first thing I do is checking out the food and drink culture. This is a “fascination” that I will return to in a later post here on my blog because this is a part of Peruvian culture that really deserve the spotlight. Based on my own experience here in Peru, the local food traditions are really exciting. Especially when it comes to fish and chicken, to be honest, I have not eaten much beef or pork the past two years.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I do hope that you found this post interesting or informative. Because I found this topic interesting to take a dive into and I can promise you that more of these will be published in the near future. If you want to learn more about these parts of the Peruvian culture I have included some links to other blogs or news sites that focus more on these topics that I lightly touched on. Huffington post (Unique Peruvian drinks), Serious Eats (Essential Peru) and Frommers (The best museums in Peru). So this is really it from me for now and I do hope you enjoyed the reading. So until my next post, remember to stay safe and see you next time.