Monday, 12 March 2018

Let me introduce a new member of the family, Princess:

The Bowler family is now growing, say hello to miss Princess Gompina.
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet, wow the weekend has already passed and a new week has started, it's almost scary how fast time flies these days. As usual, I always try my best to update my blog every Monday and today I had a plan to of publishing another top five list, but after a kind of big “event” during the weekend these plans changed and replaced with this announcement. The Bowler family has now gotten a brand new member. No, I have not “managed” to get a local girl pregnant or I am not going to adopt a baby. Or actually, when I think about it, it is actually what is happening. I am actually kind of adopting, but it is not a baby on “two” legs. Because this is an adoption of a super cute kitten.

On Friday evening I got a text from a friend I have here in Lima with the message that her sister had found a kitten in the middle of the traffic and if there were any chance that she could find a home with me because they could not keep her since they already have two cats. Well, initially I told her that I had to ask my landlord first if it was okay that I got a kitten, but a few minutes later I sent the message with the text I can take her. So we agreed on when she could come with her and on Saturday we (me and my son) picked her up. Ever since we have enjoyed having her running around our feet. The extra fun part is that it seems like my son and the kitten has connected extremely good. They are acting like best friends now.

This is far from the first time I have opened my home to an animal in distress. To be honest, the past two years I have given a temporary home to 8 dogs and 6 cats, plus two that I now have given a permanent home too. The ones that I remember the most of all these animals have to be the two pit bulls and the kitten that I adopted back in March 2017 (that I later lost and never managed to find again). You can say that I have a soft and bleeding heart for animals in a difficult situation and that I love animals in general. My love is not isolated to cats and dogs, but everything from cats to creepy crawlers. So I am not a stranger to open my home to future animals that are in need of it.

When it comes to the two Pit bulls that I had in my home for a while is a story on its own that really deserves a post of its own here on my blog, but I will keep it short just to mention it. Back in April 2017, we got a phone call about two malnourished mistreated Pit bulls that had been rescued from a facility for fighting dogs in Huaral with the question if we could give them a temporary home while the rescuers find a home to them. Well, I said yes based on the image that I had on the size of these dogs, but their bad reputation worried me a lot. The shock came when they came through my door because these were not small, but rather huge. Because there was huge, like two mini horses.

Well, my initial reaction did not last long, because during the first couple of hours my attitude changed drastically. It changed from being worried and scared to a beginning love story. During these two hours, they really surprised me in a positive way through their behavior and personality. They really connected with me and for the rest of their stay, they did not leave my side for more than minutes at the time.  If I was on my computer the male would lay centimeters away from my left side and the female may be a meter behind me. When we were out on our walks they behaved like angels, no aggression against other dogs or people that passed us on the road. These two dogs were purely and simply amazing dogs.

Well, maybe I should return to the topic at hand? So now we have a new family member and she has become an important part of our tiny Peruvian family. On top of it, my baby boy has gotten a new best friend, he has connected way better with her than I have so far. No, I am not jealous at all, I find it cute. I do remember that I have made plans to leave Peru in a few weeks, but to be honest I was unable to say no to this request. An innocent kitten needed a new and safe home. In many ways I felt as it was my obligation to take her in, and when the time comes for me to go back to Norway my son will continue to be her family, together with his mom. I am 100% sure that I have made the right choice in this case and we all love her so dearly.

P.S. If you want to follow Princess Gompina and her new life, you can follow her on Facebook (Princess Gompina) and like the page. This was originally the page of the kitten I adopted back in 2017, but after some thinking, I feel like it is time to breathe some life into it again with our new four-legged family member. Hope I will see you guys there.