Friday, 30 March 2018

Summer has ended and the flu season is now over us:

The central jungle of Peru, Oxapampa
The beautifull Oxapampa
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web, today I feel like “ussuing” an apology to all you guys for my absence . Not just here on my blog, but all over social media. To be honest, at least I have good reasons for this absence and in a way it get explained in the headline for this blog post. The thing is that the season of fall has arrived here in Peru and with it comes a drastic change in weather conditions. The temperature has been dropping the last few days, it has been more foggy and more nightly rain (typical fall weather right?). As a Norwegian I do recognise the change of weather, but it is in a way a milder change here. Never the less, the change has arrived and with it comes the typical happy season of the influensa that everybody loves so much.

More or less at the same time the kids returns back to school and as part of a “family” tradition my baby boy brings home a surprise for us that a few days later breaks out in a full out lock down of the household. This is always the fun part of the beginning of the school year and it did not take me long to catch it either. Just one day after my son got visible sick I went down as well. At least there is some comfort in knowing that everyone I know here in Peru got sick together with me and some got it worse then me even. Anyway, the sad part in all of this is that I had made so many plans for last week, as well as this one. I had was working on new posts and videos, not to mentioned plans for more video recordings here in Magdalena del Mar. I really tried every single day to complete them.

I know that it is part of life to get sick and that things like this is out of my control. That some times you just have to let nature take it cours and thing slike this, but it is not easy when there is things that you really want to do and in stead are forced to lay on the sofa doing nothing productive. Most of the time I was actually laying on the sofa playing GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto 5 online), but when I think about it, I actually got a few smaller things done. Because for the longest time I have been wanting to work on and fix some old recordings I made back in 2016 and 2017, but I have never gotten around to do it. Not before this past week at least. So in between all the sneezing and coughing I actually managed to “finish” a few short videos that I am planning to upload to my channel in the next few weeks or so.

In advance I do want to apologize for the bad camera handling I have in them. To be honest about it, at the time of recording these videos I really did not have any plans for them. I was playing around with my “camera” and having fun, really not thinking about uploading them to any Youtube channel. I have always enjoyed “documenting” my every day life, either in form of photos or videos. I have done this for as long as I can remember and thanks to this hobby I have a rather huge archive of old photos, the sad part is that few of the really old ones can be used on this blog, since the quality of the photo is to low. Not that it is bad photos in it self, but thanks to the cameras I have been using back then they have kind of grainy finish, if you know what I mean?

Okay my friends, this post got a bit longer than I first had planned. All I really wanted to do was to apologize for my absence and explain it. This is so typical for me, anyway I got my point out and you guys got another window into my personal life, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully I will now be back on the “horse” and in the upcoming days and weeks there will be many updates from me on all the platforms that I am active on like my blog, Youtube channel (Beyond the Horizon), Facebook page (Beyond the Horizon), Twitter (@JackBowlerSr) and my Instagram (@BeyondourHorizon). I really do hope you will check me out and follow me, usually I upload stuff here that never gets on to my blog or channel.

P.S: My latest video uploaded to Youtube: (Chacra Y Mar and Pasamayo 2016)