Friday, 20 April 2018

A perfect father and son Friday fun day out in the sun:

By the beach in Magdalena del Mar in Lima, Peru
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web, today is as you know Friday and the beginning of a brand new weekend, the highlight of the week for the most of us. For us in this family this day of the week is usually a special father and son day, just us guys going out and enjoying our self. Usually it is just our guys hanging out, not that we would say no to any of the females in our lives (his mom and beloved Gompina) if they asked to join us, but since his mom usually work on this day and our cat does not really go out of the house, we have most of the day for our self. Actually, it would have made the day more fun with Empita joining us, but at the same time, it is important that we have this day as well. That way we have one day a week where we can bond and have fun without any interruption from anyone.

Now as I am writing this post my baby boy has gone to bed and the apartment has gone all quiet, so I end up reflecting on the day that is about to go over to become  Saturday. What a day it has been, to be honest, I am so tired of the day I am having a problem keeping my self away from the bed. So what have us two guys been up to today? Well, the very first thing that happened was that we picked him up from school, went to the market to get something to eat. Today it was his turn to choose what to have for lunch and as usual, he picked Chinese food, it is by far his favorite type of food. After finishing our lunch then it was time to get home to change into something more suitable for what we had planned for our day out. We picked up our football and hurried out the door to get to the park.

At the park, we spent a good while kicking the ball between us and at one point made a “competition” out of who could score the most goals and Edward came out of it as the big winner. Not that I remember the score at this point in time, not that it is important either. After kicking the ball back and forth for an hour or so we continued our day by walking down to another park here in Magdalena. This one is closer to the beach, on a hilltop overlooking it and I can promise you it has an awesome view. There is a reason why this park is my favorite place here in Lima, at the moment. At the park, we continued running around having fun. Just to have it said, my baby boy is a future Youtuber and every time we are out he wants to make videos talking to his future followers.

when I say that he is making a video, what I really mean is that it is me who is running like a madman behind him in an attempt on keeping up with him while he is talking like a parrot and wants to show as much as possible of the area we are in. Today it was the park and the surrounding area. I know it might seem like I am complaining, but the truth is that I am not. Doing things like this together with my son is one of the most fun things I can do, but trust me being a 42 year old do not make it any easier trying to keep up with a 7-year-old, especially when the middle age guy is not in his best physical shape. While I was trying to keep up with him we actually managed to get almost a ten-minute long video, must say I am very proud of him and his creativity.

So after almost two hours running around in the park it was about time to move on and head towards home, but we were not done. On our way home we stopped at the market and got our self some well-deserved ice cream. After buying the ice cream we found us nice a bench and ended up sitting there for awhile, talking and observing the busy big city life. This is the good part of living here in Magdalena and having this market so close to our apartment because there is always something exciting happening. It can be as simple as some street musician playing his toons to entertain the people passing him or a street artist doing his show for the same reason. I can actually end up sitting there for hours just enjoying whatever is happening.

After finishing our ice cream it was time for us to jump in a moto taxi and get home, but this was far from the end of our father and son day because when we came home it was time to watch some movies and enjoy some snacks while doing so. After coming home, I went out to get some chips and soda for us and I went for the biggest ones in the store. Together we watched a couple of comedies and enjoyed our snacks before it was time for dinner. Guess what was for dinner? Once again Chinese food, him and his Chinese food. Well, guys and girls, I think it is time for me to end this blog post, I am tired from the day and all I really want to do is to get to bed. One thing is for sure and that is that we have had a fun-filled day. This type of days I wish we could have much more of, but I am not complaining. Anyway, have a great weekend my friends.