Wednesday, 18 April 2018

This is my top five favorite holiday destinations (2018):

Lofoten and Kabelvåg laid in snow. Top five travel destinations
Photo credit: Carinahansen
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today I want to share with you guys my “all time” favorite holiday and travel destination around the world. On this top five list, you will find places, towns, cities, and countries that have impressed me to such a degree that I either has returned up to several times or want to return in the future, but you will not find Peru this time since I am currently living here. What you will find on this list are countries and cities that I have lived in in the past. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have this huge love and fascination for traveling the world and experiencing different or new cultures. Through my adult life, I have had the pleasure of traveling all over Europe, Asia, both north and south America. Next on my travel list is without a doubt Africa and Australia, plus New New Zeeland and the Middle East.

1. Lofoten, Norway: This has to be by far my favorite travel and holiday destination in the world. I have through my life traveled so many times to this part of Norway that I have literally lost count on how many times I have taken this trip. When it comes to Lofoten it does not matter if it is Gimsøya, Leknes, Kabelvåg or Svolvær, because for me this archipelago has a magical hold on me. If you have not been to this area of Norway yet, all I can say is that is that you have to make this your life travel goal, because you will not understand what I am talking about before you have seen it with your own eyes. There is a reason why Lofoten is so popular among the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit Norway each year. Only place or city in Norway that has a higher number of tourists then Lofoten is Oslo, but this is mostly because our capital also is a hub for travel both international and domestic.   

So why is Lofoten so magical in my eyes? If you are going to be able to understand where I am coming from here and why I love this part of Norway so much, I would recommend that you watch this video (the Lofoten archipelago is the most beautiful part of Norway), no it is not one of my videos. As you can see in the video, this is a really beautiful part of Norway and one of my favorite things to do while visiting is to go fishing. Not just fishing out in the ocean, but also inland and freshwater. Beside this, Lofoten has a lot to offer their visitors, things like fascinating museums with a focus on local history, not to mention the nature itself and some really good restaurant with a focus on local traditions. During wintertime, you can even join in on an annual event called world cup in fishing.

2. Berlin, Germany: This is a destination that had to end up high on my list because it has been a favorite of mine for almost two decades for many reasons. It started with my huge interest in world history and world war 2 especially. If you are a world war 2 geek, Berlin is a must visit destination. Not only because it was the center for Adolf Hitler and his regime, but also because it played a central role in the same conflict. If you are not interested in history like I am, you still have a lot of things to do in this amazing city. You have something for every man's taste, the city is a European cultural center, it has amazing restaurants or simple things like food markets. Anyone that has traveled with me can bear witness on how much I love to explore the food culture part of a city or a country. Anyway, I love Berlin and wish to return once again one time in the future.

3. Oshawa/Toronto, Canada: Here comes the first destination where I have lived for a period of time. Oh, my do I have a lot of memories from my stay here, both good and bad ones. I want to say that it has been one of the most important destinations I have traveled to in my life for many reasons, but I will focus on the good memories in this post. During my stay in Canada, I lived in Oshawa, a city on the outskirts of Toronto. Here I stayed for more or less for 3 months and it was meant as a test “living” before the big move that was supposed to happen the year after, but because circumstances never materialized. Instead, I returned back to Norway just a few weeks before Christmas in 2008, but ever since wanted to go back either as a vacation or more permanent situation.

For me, Canada is like the European influenced America (United States), that has taken the best of the U.S and the best Europe, with that made a close to perfect country. As I experienced it, the Canadian people reminds me of the people in Lofoton in many ways. By that, I mean open, friendly and really talkative. My best memories from my stay in Oshawa has to be the experience itself, it was my very first stay outside Europe. That it was a first-time experience might have played a role in how I saw it and still see it to this day. For me the brightest memories are arriving at the airport, waiting for the limo service, driving into Oshawa from the airport and arriving at the apartment. Not to forget the food experience and exploring the neighborhood. This is a destination that I will bring my son to in the future.

4. Azores, Portugal: Here is the second destination that I have lived in. The Azores was my very first “tropical” experience. If I am not mistaken my first trip to this island paradise was back in 2007 and it was a family resort holiday (with my ex-wife and daughter). Most of the time we spent at the resort, enjoying what it had to offer, but we did our best to explore the nearby areas as well. Going to a hot spring and bathing, going to a huge tropical park and exploring mostly the “capital” Ponta Delgada. The “country” has a saying, when you as a tourist leave the islands you will also leave part of your heart behind and that is for sure true in this case. I know that there are so much more Azorian things to experience and explore, so when the time is right I will for sure return with my “new” family.

5. London, England: This city had to get on the list just because it was the first big city experience I had, once again this was a trip with my now ex-wife. Okay, London is a city that most people know, either by visiting it them self or experience it through tv or hearing stories about it from others. My favorite part of my experience there is without a doubt all the many museums and especially the Imperial war museum. Yes, I am a history geek and get my dose as often as I can get it, either through videos, books, visiting sites or museums. When I am mentioning Imperial war museum I can not leave out the Natural history museum. These two are by far the best historical related museums I have ever visited in my life, but please do not even think about offering me their “national” dish the fish and chips. Not if it is in London, worst version of it I ever have tasted.

Well, my friends, this is my top five travel destinations per 2018, in the future, this might change as I explore more of the world we are living in or for that matter change my opinion on the list itself. There is one thing I want to mention and that was the struggle I had in picking some of the spots on the list because there are a few other destinations I wanted to have on it like the Philippines, Spain and my own hometown. I am very proud of my hometown and I had a great experience living in both Malaga in Spain and Ilo-Ilo in the Philippines, but these that made the list is my top destinations. Next list of this type coming out is my top five dream destination and to have it mentioned, Israel and the Middle East will end high on it. Always dreamed of going to the Middle East and Israel especially. Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and it would be fun if you let me know your top five list.