Saturday, 21 July 2018

I just can not believe it, that another Friday is here:

Look at the fog, it looks like the sky and the ocean is one single object.
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web, today is the amazing day of Friday and for the most of us that means the start of a brand new weekend to enjoy, but I have to say wow how time fly these days. To be honest, these days it feels like my weeks go from Monday and directly to Friday. Because every single Sunday I sit down, make a list of things I need to do or want to do and then make plans for the upcoming week. Usually, I manage to get my Monday post ready and published on the blog on time, but then my week is more or less over. At least this is how I feel right now. I am not sure how you guys have it, but I seem to rarely get enough time on my hands to complete my weekly plans. A theory is that I might have too many posts in “production” at once and it might be a good idea to narrow down my focus point to get more done in the future.

Anyway, this past week has been weird in many ways, I would actually go as far and say that the past month or so has been this way. I am not going into more depth on this topic right now. I feel it is not the time or the post to do it in, but I will get back to it in a later post, very soon. So it is “finally” Friday and today I felt like having a me day. A day was could focus on my self and my own “needs”. So when I woke up around 11 the first thing I did was to fix my self a cup of wake up coffee, then turned on my Playstation and started up my favorite game, Grand Theft Auto (online). I spent a few hours losing my self in Los Santos and the world of crime. As usual, when I play this game I had company in my very close friend that lives back in Norway. We were focusing on grinding “money” for next weeks DLC release.
Yes, there is an ongoing election here in Peru. Here are some of the local candidates.
After spending 2 or 3 hours I decided it was about time for me to get something done and actually spend some time outdoors. So I got properly dressed, picked up my camera (Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, that is, in reality, a camera with a phone function) and walked out my front door. To be honest, it has been a while since I did this last, just walking around and enjoying Magdalena del Mar together with my camera. Today I really felt the need to get out in “fresh” air and just enjoy my surroundings. I went to my usual spot and one of my absolute favorite areas here in Lima, the park above the highway and the beach. Sadly today the weather has been gray and foggy, so far away from optimal conditions. Something the main photo for this post kinda shows

At the park, I wanted to kick off my photo walk with a view from there, but as you can see, it was not a success. Despite the end result I have chosen to use it. It ended up with me taking about five photos from the edge. After the park I continued down toward the beach, capturing more images. If I am going, to be honest, then I have to say that this park area is the most beautiful part of Magdalena. Sadly it kind of gets ruined by the traffic and all the noise that follows with it. On my way back from the beach I stopped for a cup of coffee, sat there relaxing and enjoying being outside with my thoughts. Here in Lima, it is more or less impossible to find a place for some proper peace and quiet, as it is in most big cities around the world. The traffic and all the people have a tendency to make some serious noise.

With time I decided to return home, dinner time was closing up and today it was my turn to prepare it. If I am the one that makes the dinner during weekends I usually turn to my favorite Italian dish, spaghetti or spaghetti bolognese. A funny detail, we have actually a street here I Magdalena del Mar that is named Bolognesi. Actually, it is not that far from where I live right now. If I am not mistaken, I do believe that I have a video up on my Youtube channel that shows this street or this part of the district. Why not check it out (Beyond the Horizon on Youtube)? I have to say that this day has been amazing, in many ways I feel refreshed and in a much better mood then I started the day with. At the same time, I have been able to stay away from my PS4 and focusing on my blog instead after returning home.
I love this building, actually it's not that far from where I live. A few hundred meters.
Usually, I spend Fridays with my son, either at home playing Fortnite or outside playing football. Today he was busy with his visiting uncle. So next Friday I am planning to regain our usual activities. Tomorrow I have plans for another one of these photo walks here in Magdalena, I will also try to get some content for my Youtube channel as well. It has been a while since my last video got uploaded. Anyway, I guess it is time for me to end this post now and I hope you guys have enjoyed today's update. Actually, I would love to hear what you guys think about content like this. If this is a type of content that you want to see more of and if this is a topic I should spend my Friday post on or I should continue as before. With my top five lists, expat stories and such. Let me know guys.

P.S: Wish you guys and girls an amazing weekend and I will see you all on Monday.