Monday, 2 July 2018

Where have we been and where are we now heading?:

Animal rescue kitten finding a new and safe home
My new baby girl and princess, Princess Gompina. Isn't she cute?
Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen of the internet, today is Monday, the start of a new week and the beginning of a new month (July). For me, this means that it is time for a brand new post here on the Beyond the Horizon blog. Today I feel like having a quick look at the past or first six months here on this blog and at the same time try to explain or point out the path for the next few months. This means “talking” about past post and at the same time my plans for future ones. Maybe even touch on my plans for the Youtube channel. I might not have written and published that many posts in the past (18 in total), but the ones that have ended up on Beyond the Horizon has been honest and hopefully an interesting reading, something I will continue with in the future.

Because if I am going to be completely honest, then I have to say that the past six or seven months has been everything but boring. Instead, I would say that these months have been overfilled with excitement, personal ups, and downs. Everything started back in late December when my relationship ended (My life in Peru has really changed during Christmas) and a “new” experience started, being single in South America (My experience of being single in Peru so far, part 1). There have been lots of injuries, health issues and new adventures here in Lima. We have also gotten a new family member in this time period (Let me introduce a new member of the family, Princess Gompina). During these months there have also been big changes in the “relationship” I am having with my “ex-fiance”.

Lets put it like this, as 2018 got the worst possible start, but as the weeks passed things started to improve gradually on all fronts. While it was at it worst I focused on my son, my blogging and my gaming. This actually helped me cope with the depression and negativity that followed the breakup. I started the year as single and got into the dating game pretty fast, do believe that this started back in February. Through this process, I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting and fascinating girl. Something that gave me the inspiration for the blog posts (My experience of being single in Peru so far). There is coming more parts of this article series very soon, I am putting the final touches on them at this point in time. With time the situation between me and my ex-fiance improved to such a degree that we now are more or less back together again.
Public colloseum in Magdalena del Mar, Lima and Peru
This is a public "Colosseum" where people can play football, tennis and so on.
In all of this, there is one thing that I do regret and that is that I have not been able to be as active on my blog as I had hoped for. Because back in December and January when I got started on posts for the blog I had big plans for several publications every week, but as time passed I got less and less time to put aside for my blog and Youtube channel. I would say that the first six months has been a learning period for me. I am new to the blog sphere and I have a lot to learn when it comes to how thing work. How to plan my day so I get time for everything, especially when it comes to research, writing, publishing and promoting my posts. There is one thing that I have noticed and that is who my worst enemy is when it comes to finding time to focus on my blog, this is my self.

Yes, I am my worst enemy when it comes to the blog. There are so many things going on in my everyday life and more often then not I get dragged out of my blog zone by things that have to be taken care of, but I do try my best to sit down with my computer and do what needed to at least have a weekly post published. Even this is something that has been difficult to do the past couple of months.  As mentioned I am looking at these past six months as a learning period and hopefully, I will be able to use what I have learned so far in the future. That is why I say that the month of July will be great since I have big plans for this month for both my blog and my Youtube channel. Several videos are ready to be uploaded and have plans for more top five posts, part two about being single and more personal posts.

If there is one special type of blog posts that I enjoy doing it has to be the top five type of posts. I enjoy everything from the research to writing the content and publishing it. This is actually a process that fits me perfectly and for sure something I will do a lot more of in the future, I have plans for another top five list already this week. At least start working on the next one. Because to be honest, these type of posts demands a lot more time to complete than the more regular ones here on Beyond the Horizon blog. That is also the reason why I usually only do one of these a month, but they are great fun. I will also try to get more of the expat personal posts in the future. This is a way for me to give you non-expat guys and girls an insight in the life of an expat, in my case an expat in Peru.

Despite my inconsistent publishing “schedule”, I have had a good number of visitors or readers here on the blog. Only today I have had around 70 people checking out my blog, this is a number that I am extremely happy about. This is a traffic statistics that I get with a minimum of promotion. I guess you see why I am happy about it? It's not like I am having ambitions on doing blogging as a full-time job or make a living off it. To be honest, I am not into the blog game to make money or get fame, I am doing it because it is fun. I started with blogging because it looked like a challenging and fun way to express my self and share the experience with people who might be interested in what I have to say. Yes, I have adds on my blog, but I am not expecting any income from it. Honestly, I find it the statistic part of it fascinating.
Barranco skyline in sunset. Lima and Peru.
A photo that I took while visiting Barranco with my family a while back.
All I can say at this point is that if you enjoy this post, then bookmark my blog and come back now and then to read future posts because I am at this point working on several articles that will be published in the upcoming days and weeks. This is posts that are covering broad specter of topics, from top five lists to more expat and tourist related post and more personal ones. I will do my best to update my blog more frequently, the initial goal is still 3 posts a week. This is something I will do my very best to accomplish, even if it means to cut back on my gaming hours to do so. I am extremely excited about whats ahead for both my blog and channel, but the main focus will for the future continue to be on the blog. Anyway, guys, I hope you enjoyed this updated and if you did, remember to come back on Wednesday for my next post. On Wednesday I have planned a brand new expat “story” for you.