Friday, 6 July 2018

Wow, how time flies, is it really already Friday again?:

A booth at a market in Magdalena del Mar, Lima
At this booth, I am buying my coffee for the weekend and next week.
Hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen of the interweb, today is the great day of Friday and I have to say, wow how time flies these days. To be honest and as mentioned in my previous post, I had such big plans for this week when it came to blog content. First out was supposed to be a new expat story post (Wednesday) and the next one after that a brand new top five travel list. Actually as fast as my Monday post went live I got started on my next one, but for some reason, I got sidetracked or lost track of time. The result of this you can see in the lack of updates since. Anyway, I am going to do my very best to get them finished this weekend and get them published next week. So since I managed to kinda mess up my own schedule, I have changed what kinda topic I want to focus on today.

To be honest this Friday came around way too quickly for me. The feeling that I am sitting with is almost like the last day I remember is Monday and next here comes Friday. My question is, where did Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday go? Okay, I can kinda see what has happened to this week. To be completely honest with you guys, I have been suffering from depression the last few weeks, this is something that usually results in a type of insomnia or a huge change in my sleeping rhythm. The thing is that a few years back I got diagnosed with PTSD and I was offered some type of treatment for it, but this would have gotten in the way of my family reunion plans (if this was a good choice or move, I am not sure of). Anyway, done is done and I have to live with my choices.

If you look at the photo that I have included in this post you can see that we have been out shopping for the weekend. If there is one thing that I love doing when I am either visiting or living in a new country is to go to the local markets. For some reason, I avoid supermarkets like they are the plague, but when it comes to markets it is like they are a tourist attraction or something. I can spend hours walking around enjoying my surrounding, look at the stores, restaurants and the crowds of people. Because these markets are really packed from the moment they open in the morning until they close in the evening. I especially enjoy the fish and meat areas, it is always so many exciting things to look at, not to forget the smells. On top of it, I prefer to do my shopping at these places, have fresher food and better customer service.

Today have been one of these days where I have been rushing around super slowly. Taking things easy and trying to take my current situation into account. Not to stress my self and put my self into unwanted situations. Today I actually had a dentist appointment to remove the stitches from my surgery last week, but it got postponed because of what I have mentioned. The plan is to try to go through with it tomorrow. To be honest, I really need to get these stitches removed, they are kind of in the way or at least they are a sort of irritation for me. On the other hand, this day has been so great in many other ways. My girlfriend is as I am writing this post on an audition for a singing job, I am so nervous on her behalf and so excited. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for her, she has an amazing voice and she really deserves a breakthrough if you ask me.

I have also started to look for work back home in Norway because the plan is that I am going back home in December and if this is something that is going to happen I need a job to come home to. The reason why I need to have a job before I come home is simple, because of the length of my stay in Peru I have lost most of my civil rights in Norway. Especially when it comes to potential benefits and public assistance. So to be able to finance things like an apartment, health insurance and such I need to have a steady income since the rights that I have lost won't return before after six months of taxable income. To have an income is extra important since I am planning to bring my family along on this journey and both of them are super excited about it. Finally, my son will be able to visit my native country.

At the moment I am not sure about how long I am going to stay in Norway and what we will be doing after that. All I know at this point is that I need to go home for a period of time. Just to be able to meet my family and friends, to be able to enjoy the many things and activities that I have been missing for the past two-plus years. One thing is sure and this is that I will be continuing my activities here on my blog. The content I will be focusing on might be slightly different in this period, but the important part is that I will continue working on it. Most likely the content will be focused around typical Norwegian topics, that way introducing my amazing native country in a way that it deserves. Because Norway is an amazing looking country, something I guess you guys know already or what?

Anyway, I guess it is about time for me to wrap this post up and get it published on my blog. It got way longer than I first had planned. The initial plan was just a few lines to complement the photo I had chosen for the post, but it kinda grew with each new paragraph. One can say that I am having a way to much fun with this blog thing and I would be super happy if you guys would enjoy it just a fraction of how much I enjoy writing them. For me it is all about entertainment and the joy of creating something, a plus side is that I might improve my English skills in the process. If you enjoyed reading this post, why not check out previous ones and maybe even have a go at my tiny Youtube channel? Well my dear reader, until my next post remember to stay safe and I am hoping to see you back on Monday for my next post.

P.S wish you guys and girls a superb weekend.