Monday, 3 September 2018

These past few weeks has been really hectic and crazy:

Magdalena del Mar in Lima, peru
This is a photo that I took a couple of months ago, down by the lookout point over the beach.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the great world wide web, today it is Monday and for me that usually means it is time for a new post here on Beyond the Horizon, but before I continue I do feel like «issuing» an apology to you girls and guys that are following me online. I want to apologize for my absence on social media and for the lack of updates here on my blog for the past few weeks. Yes, I know it has been a while and I do feel really bad about it, but this time I do feel like I have good reasons for my absence. To be honest, as the headline to this post say it has been really hectic and crazy in many ways. Mostly in good ways. Not that I am going to go into super details about what has been going on, but I do feel like I have to mention it before moving on to my next post that is in the works.

So just to mention what has been going on lately, for about four or five weeks ago I actually managed to finally land my self a job. This is the single thing that I have been struggling the most while being or living here in Peru. Well, it is not easy to get a normal job with the Spanish skills is as mine is. Anyway, I got hired by a European company and the best part in all of this is that I am working out of a home office, something that should be giving me some personal freedoms. Because in theory I decide my own work schedule, but in practice, this job has taken over my life. This is something I know is just something that is a reality at the moment while I am getting used to the type of job that I am doing. The sad part is that it has taken away family time and stopped me from focusing on hobby projects like my blog and Youtube channel.

On the other hand and despite the fact that my online projects have been suffering greatly in the past few weeks, my absence has given me the golden opportunity to have a really good look at them. To have a good look at where they are heading at the moment and where I really want them to head. The truth is that no matter how busy I have been, I have not been able to «forget» my blog especially. From time to time I have also tried to work on posts, but without any success. Instead, I have been brainstorming solutions and plans for the future. The end result is that I am not leaning more towards turning my blog into a website for travel and expat content, but more focused on the main topics. When it comes to my Youtube channel, I am actually considering starting up with some sort of daily vlogging.

So you can say that I have gotten a different perspective on how I do things, especially when it comes to my blog. Because when it comes to my Youtube channel it has always been seated in the passenger seat, but I am actually considering focusing more on it as mentioned. Especially in mind that I am going out on the road in the near future. As it looks right now I am going back to Tumbes in a few days, why is something I will come back in a later post. This time around I wants to document as much of it as I can because the journey itself is amazing and exciting. When it comes to my Youtube channel, I am actually thinking about launching a Beyond the Horizon 2.0. Re-edit my old videos and get them uploaded, not to forget recording new ones with higher quality.

Anyway, things are going so much better for me these days, much of that is thanks to the job I have gotten. My girlfriend and I are doing good, my son is doing great in school and the spring is on its way. Something that means warmer and sunnier weather. So in most areas, you can say that things are going really great right now, but I guess that it is time for me to wrap up this blog post and get ut up on my blog. All that I really wanted to do was to stop by and say hello, to tell you guys that I am doing good and that I am working on new posts. You can say that I am trying to get back on the horse. So I hope you guys and girls enjoyed this sign of life type of post. So until my next update, remember to stay safe and enjoy your life to the absolute maximum.