Wednesday, 3 October 2018

I am having a case of the expat blues these days:

Kristiansund bathing in fresh snow
I love this photo. Not to brag, but I think it is one of my best photos.
Well, my friends, it is this time of the year again, where I am looking at photos that I have taken back home in Norway and watching the weather forecast for my hometown. Yes, I am feeling homesick at the moment or as the headline says, I am having a visit from the expat blues these days. For some weird reason, this always happens at this part of the year. Where the season of summer turns into the season of fall. On top of this, I am actually struggling with a horrible cold these past few days. This cold thing is most likely because of changes in weather here in Lima. As summer is turning to fall in Norway, winter is now turning into spring here in Peru and that usually puts me into a situation like this, almost with no exceptions what so ever. So you can say that I am in a perfect storm right now.

I know it might sound like I am complaining in this post, but the truth is that I am trying my best to not come off like that. All I really want is to give you guys a fresh update on my expat life here in Peru. Because in all honesty, I have to say that life, in general, is really great at the moment. I have a job that keeps me occupied, a family life that has improved greatly, my girlfriend and me are doing great, so  I really have no reason to complain. My life feels better than it has done in a long time actually. The only two things that are bothering me right now is my expat blues and my cold, so things could have been a lot worse. At the same time, I guess that feeling homesick is part of being an expat in the first place, think that this is a feeling that most expat feels from time to time.
Statue in the bear park in Kristiansund
This photo is from a park called Bjørneparken or Bearpark back home in Kristiansund
For me it is all about missing my hometown, my family, friends and old habits, I mean old hobbies. If there is one thing that I miss especially it has to be the clean air and the smell of the ocean. I have almost all my life lived by the coast, so the ocean has always had an important part in my life. In my last apartment back home in Kristiansund I lived maybe less than a hundred meters away from the shoreline, so basically, all I need to do was look out my kitchen window to get a nice ocean view. Today I have to walk more than two miles to just to get a look at it. So it is not something I do every day, that is for sure. So when I am getting the blues I try to occupy myself with things like work, blog or anything else that gets me to think on something else. Luckily for me, I have finally found myself a job.

These days I am focusing on my plans to turn the blog into a proper website.  Doing things like working on layouts, checking out webhotel providers, brainstorming around potential domains and working some on the existing content.  At the same time, I am working on new content for the blog and my Youtube channel.  To be honest, I do love the creative process, sadly I have been so pre-occupied this past couple of months, to such a degree that my blog and channel have been forced to take a backseat, but this is changing now. I am getting used to my new every day rhythm regime and such. So I am able to balance things a lot better now and that is good for the future of my blog, especially. The plan is that my website will go live in January if everything goes as I want it to.
Winter covered Kristiansund
My hometown covered in snow, isnt it beautiful?
Back to the topic, I know that I am not alone as an expat who gets homesick from time to time, believe it’s a common thing.  Especially when it is a long time since the last time you were back home. Like me who have not been back home in over 2 years now, yes I am on my third year here in Peru. Yes, I do miss my native country from time to time, but not to such a degree that I feel like giving up and go home. Far from it actually, I still enjoy living here, but I am planning a trip back home in the future. Just to visit friends and family for a while.  Bring my family along on the trip and stay in Norway for a month or two, that would actually be nice. My son has never been in Norway, so for him it would be an adventure out of this world. This is something that will happen in the near future.

Well, my friends, I guess it is time for me to end this post. It was never meant to be this long, but as usual, I have problems with keeping my posts short and sweet. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed my update. Despite it got way longer than first planned, but that is life right?