Wednesday, 31 October 2018

I am now celebrating my third Halloween here in Peru:

Funny Halloween photo
So, my friend, I have a question for you today. Do you celebrate Halloween or is this a tradition you do your best to opt out on? Maybe you are waiting it out for the more family-friendly Thanksgiving that is just around the corner? Because for many years I was one of those who did absolutely everything he could to avoid this celebration. Had nothing to do with religion or anything, more than I took a silly stand against the introduction of just another money grabbing holiday. A celebration aimed at so the shops could improve their sales and profits ahead of Christmas. It's not like I am anti-capitalist or anything, far from it really, but the truth is that back then I felt it were more than enough shopping holidays through the year already.

Well, my attitude towards Halloween started actually to change gradually already back in 2008, while I was living in Canada and by the time of my Spain adventure in 2013 I had actually gotten used to the idea of this type of celebration. Okay, I still didn't engage in it back home in Norway, but I did see it from a whole different angle. Especially after experiencing how the Spanish celebrated Halloween. It seemed like they had a richer tradition attached around. From what I remember they celebrate it for about 3 days were the third day is dedicated around family members who have passed away. Spending the day at the graveyard and remembering their loved one. Please do not arrest me on this, if I have misunderstood the entire concept.
Trick or treating in Lima, Peru
My son getting his first candy for the day
After I moved to Peru I have really gotten into the tradition of Halloween, to such a point that I am actually excited about it than my own son. Like today, I have been tripping around in excitement and almost been unable to wait for us to go trick and treating here in Magdalena. For me, it's not about the candy or anything, but it is all about the joy and excitement that my son feels when he walks around from store to store. Seeing all the kids in the street and the joy. Okay, usually I end up with some candy my self, but that is usually what my prince doesn't like or what he wants to share with me. It's not like I am raiding his bucket or anything. The truth is that he gets way to much candy after his couple of hours long walk.

There is actually one aspect of how Peruvian celebrate Halloween that I really like. In most parts of the world, the kids go from door to door for the trick and treat part, but not here. Instead of going around knocking on the doors of strangers they do their trick or treat walk at the market or centre. Going from shop to shop where the shopkeeper hands out the sugar rush of the year. I can promise you if you start early wow, you will have so much candy by the end of the night. By early I mean 4 or 5 in the afternoon, we usually start around 6, but he gets more than enough anyway. To be honest, I feel that going from shop to shop is much better and safer than the alternative. I don't think anyone disagrees with me here.
Trick or treating in Lima, Peru
His bucket is really getting full now.
Now that I look back on today, I have to say it has been a major success, my baby boy is in sugar heaven and playing some sort of game on his computer. Since its no school tomorrow he is allowed to be up extra long, it is “his” day after all. Today he went out dressed as Captain America, he really loves his superheroes, last year he was Ironman. In his closet, he has an outfit of more or less every single one of the popular ones. I even believe he has one of Thor, minus the hammer. Anyway, I have to say that this day has been a complete success. On top of it, it was all 3 of us that went out together. Not like it was last year, where it was just me and my baby boy. Not that we didn't have fun that time, because we did.

So now all we can do is wait for next years Halloween and enjoy the time in between. You know Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer and before we know it Halloween is back. We are out shopping for new outfits and getting ready for the fun day. Isn't it strange how your views on surten things change as you experience it up close? Like I have with Halloween and many other things as well. Have you had a fun Halloween celebration and how did you spend the day? Well, its getting kind of late and I am writing this post while I am working. Have to catch up on the time I spent going trick or treating. I do hope you enjoyed my post and leave a few words in the comment section? I know that I will appreciate it, greatly.