Wednesday, 30 January 2019

I have finally gotten around to upload my 1st video:

Hello again to all you friends of mine here on the great intraweb, today is as you know Wednesday and the middle of the work week for the most of you guys. Or even better, halfway to the weekend. So tell me, how are the week treating you so far? I for sure hope that you are having a good week. When it comes to me, I have to say that I have no real reason to complain, life is good and it keeps on getting better by the day. What even makes things even better is that I have reached a new milestone as a content creator and its not that I have reached 20.000 pages views on my blog, but that I have finally gotten around to upload my first video to my Youtube channel or my first video to a new channel that is.

Before I continue there are a couple of things I feel like needs to be said. First of all, I have no plans to leave the blog platform behind me to focus on a new one or that I am having the illusion of becoming a huge player on it. The truth is that I have no such illusions at all, not for my new channel or my blog. For me, this is all about living out my love of entertaining and living out the creator side of my self. At the same time, I want to share my experience around being an expat here in South America and Pery, in a way that I hope to inspire people to join the expat ranks. Anyway, maybe it is time for me to return back to the subject of the day. So on Monday, I did upload the very first video to my channel, a so-called intro-video.

The first video that I have uploaded isn't much, it's just an intro-video as mention, but as I see it its a start. To be honest, then I have to tell you that the video that I uploaded on Monday has been used on my old channel as an intro-video as well. The reason for me re-using it is because I felt it was natural since we just moved back to Huaral and the video in itself was from this amazing city. This is something I have been spending some time thinking about, the channel and what direction it will take. My original idea is that the channel is supposed to be a supplement to my blog and not a replacement for it. I have tried this before, but last time I kinda lost my focus on my videos after a while.

The truth is that with my last attempt I lost my focus on the video and solely focused on my photos and my blog. This kind of happened just after a month of uploading videos to Beyond the Horizon 1.0 and that is also why I wanted a fresh and clean start when I restarted my attempt on my career as an amateur Youtuber. I am using the term amateur because I doubt that I ever will become a big one, not with the content that I am currently planning. The idea I have behind this attempt of running a Youtube channel is that I want to create videos that kinda makes my blog posts more lively and interactive. Any subscribers and views that come with it is a bonus as I see it. Maybe I look at it in a pessimistic way?

The original plan that I have for my channel is that it's supposed to be a supplement to my blog, where I will be uploading videos that are intended to be used on the blog or to complete the story that I am trying to tell on the blog. I think that this can or will be an exciting way to expand the reach of Beyond the Horizon. At the same time, I will as well be uploading content that will be exclusive for the channel itself. This will be content like vlogs, travel and adventure videos, but for now, the focus will be on publishing videos that are focused on topics that the blog are focusing on from post to post. So to be honest, I am very excited about the future of this and how it will play out or I am actually super excited.

So when it comes to publishing and upload schedule, the plan is that I will continue to publish posts on my blog 3 times a week, something that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When it comes to the Youtube channel I am aiming to have one video each week and if I am doing something extraordinary it will be as extra material. Anyway who knows where this will end, I might be ending up enjoying it so much that it will be more frequent uploads. Anyway, the first video that I have uploaded is as mentioned a welcome video that I put together or edited a good while ago, but check it out and let me know what you think (Welcome to my Youtube channel). I am looking forward to your feedback.

Anyway, I guess it is time for me to wrap and I hope that you enjoyed or found this messy post interesting and by that has taken the step to check out my Youtube channel. While you're at it, why not check me out on all the other social media that I am active on like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? I do believe that I have content there that you will enjoy, so follow and subscribe to me, trust me I will appreciate it greatly for every single extra follower. I always try my best to interact with every single friend of mine on social media, so your more than welcome to say hi as well. Makes the experience way more interesting for both of us, don't you agree with me?

P.S: Help me grow on social media by sharing my content, especially my many upcoming videos, but also what I post on my Facebook and Instagram. Thank you in advance.