Friday, 11 January 2019

It is now only one week until our big move to Huaral:

Hello again my friends here on the great world wide web, today it is Friday and for the most of you guys the weekend is just around the corner, but not for me. The reality for me is that its all work and no play, but not that I am complaining or anything. Anyway, since its Friday it means it is time for a brand new post here on Beyond the Horizon blog and today's topic are something that I have briefly touched on in the past. As the headline tells you, we are moving out of Lima and back to a city that is called Huaral. I would say that Huaral is a mid-size city about an hour to ninety minutes out of Lima. Just for the fun of it, here is the English version of the Wikipedia page of the city. Don't know why, but I just love this city.

I have to come clean and say this thing about moving to Huaral is fully and completely my idea. We moved to Lima from Huaral back in January 2018 at a point in our life where we had broken up and more or less lived separate lives. I pretty much followed after because it was closer to the airport and I was supposed to go back to Norway in mid-February, naturally this didn't happen since I am still here. Later we found back together as I have mentioned, so I have spent some energy on nagging about returning to my beloved city. At one point I actually gave up and we made different plans when it comes to where we are going to live. Living here in San Miguel was just meant to be temporary until our son completed the on-going school year.
The original plan was that we were going to move from San Miguel to a district called Comas in early February, in good time for the start of the new school year. School starts up again in March, by the way. Well during the festive holidays this got turned upside down in many ways. Instead of moving to Comas we are now finally returning to Huaral. Actually, as the headline for this post says, we are moving in a week time. Now I can finally say that I have gotten my will. I am saying this because it has been my idea all along. In some ways, I kinda feel like I tricked her to join in on my idea or maybe it was our old landlord that did it? Since he got in a hurry to show us an apartment when we arrived and well the rest is history.

Well the new reality for us is that in one week we are leaving Lima for a new apartment in Huaral. We are not moving into the same apartment that we had the last time, but it will be in the same building. The previous one was a duplex, but this one is all on one floor. A bit smaller but way bigger than the one we have now. Since the one, we have now is more or less only one room, plus a bathroom. This is way to small for 3 persons and 2 cats. Well, this great return isn't all dance on roses, not without a good portion of thorns anyway. The biggest thorn has to be that we have to find new homes for our beloved cats since our new landlord doesn't allow pets. Not pets like cats and dogs. This is something that will be hard to say goodbye to my princess and prince.
To leave my two babies with a new family won't be easy, but what I am trying to tell my self is that this would happen anyway. Since we are going to Norway in six months time and we are not sure about when we are returning. It might be after three months or three years. That is why finding a new home for the both of them is the best and the worst solution at the same time, it's the best for the babies and the worst for us that leaves them behind. Because they have without a doubt become a very important part of our small family here in Peru. This is also why we are going to spend a big portion of the next week finding the perfect home for them, a home that can take both of them in as new members. Since they have become very attached to each other.

Actually, I was hoping that we would be able to take them with us and keep them in our new apartment, but when we asked the answer was a clear no. Anyway, life goes on and all of us will get used to the new situation with time. So the next week I am going to enjoy every minute of the time that I have together with my babies because after Friday next week they are not with us anymore. Sorry guys and girls, this happy blog post took a dark and depressive turn here now. To be honest I hadn't thought about what would happen with my babies before starting writing on this post actually. You can say it dawned on me what is about to happen in this area and it sent me into the blues here.
Anyway, in about a week time we are heading with all our stuff in the direction of Huaral. If there is one thing that I am really looking forward to, it has to be the part about having more elbow space. That we are not confined to just one room and me sitting in a corner working, but in our new apartment I will get a lot more space to use as an office as well. On top of it for the half price of the current one. Today we pay about 700 soles for one room, in Huaral we will be paying 350 soles for four rooms, so I guess you see the massive difference here. The only thing that actually will get me expensive are my cigarettes, everything else either stays at the same price or drops. On top of all of this, there will be a lot less fast-food choices and we save money that way too. No Mc Donalds and no Papa John, something that is good for the finances.

There is one thing that I have been very bad at while living here in San Miguel and that is going out to capture photos and videos for you guys. I know this was something that I had promised, but my workload and too many things going on at the same time have kinda stopped me. So in the next week, I will dedicate more of my time during daylight doing this. I have to show you guys how it looks here where I currently live, don't you agree? Anyway, its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready to be published on my blog. I do hope you enjoyed my quick Friday post and that you will check me out on social media. I am on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and I am working on a comeback on Youtube this month. Hope to see you there my friends.