Friday, 4 January 2019

Looking back on 2018 and my first year as a blogger:

Hello and a very late happy new year to all my friends here on the world wide web. So please tell me, how was your celebration of the new year? Was it high and low or did you choose a more quiet approach to it this time? When it comes to me, then I have to say it turned out differently than I initially had planned. Because my original plan was to just work my way through the day and night, that way I would be up and running as normal the next day. Lets put it this way, it turned way different than I had thought it would. Instead of working all night I ended up calling it a night at 10 and went downstairs to join the party and I didn't get to bed before 7 in the morning or something close to that.

A secret is that I am not used to drinking alcohol anymore so I have been using big parts of the week to recover after my new year's party. Not like I have been really sick or anything, but felt kinda heavy for a few days and at the same time tried to focus on work and blog. Think I have been failing on both things this week, on the blog the most. This is also the reason that the looking back on 2018 post is so delayed. This was supposed to be posted on the big night itself actually, but there is a saying that goes something like this, it's better late then never and I hope that goes for this post as well. Anyway, I guess it's about time to get started on today's topic, that is looking back on the eventful year of 2018.
January: Let's say that this month is one that I really want to forget and never ever in my life revisit. Why you ask? For you that is new to my blog I would recommend that you read the post (My life in Peru has really changed during Christmas), it will clear up a lot. Anyway, this month was all about trying to cope and get used to my new situation and life here in Peru, as a single foreigner with any network of support what so ever close by or that was what I initially thought. Yes as the post I pointed you towards telling you, my fiance broke off the engagement back in late December 2017 and that came as a huge shock for me. So the month of January was more or less used for healing my self and try to move on if you know what I mean?

This was also the month where I opened my blog for the public, actually, I did so on January the 1st. The first month of running my blog had most of the focus on what was going on in my life right there and then. You know the changes in my life and all of that. Do not think that is so unnatural since it was such a huge life changing event for me. My blog didn't get that much traffic the first month, but I was focusing on the joy I felt while writing my posts, as I still do actually. Did not even share my post on any social platforms either, didn't feel the need for it. All I wanted was to have fun and have something that could take my mind off all the negative things that were going on around me.
February and March: These two months must be the weirdest ones of the year in so many ways. In February I got back in the dating game or at least tried to. Came in contact with some really nice local ladies or girls, went on some dates. A few of them were very successful as well I am allowed to say so, but for some reason, I didn't let them lead anywhere. That I still tried to figure things out might have had something to do with it, or most likely it did. In February it felt like I really were getting the hang on the blog part and started to play around with making videos for Youtube. I uploaded a couple of videos together with nothing less than 4 posts here on my blog. I also did my very first top 5 posts, one about five things you can do while visiting Lima.

In the month of March, things seemed to improve between me and my ex-girlfriend or finance as well. We have been living together ever since the breakup, for the most part, because of our son, but throughout this months it seemed like we actually were on our way to find back together again. It seemed like it anyway. This was also the month were my Princess Gompina came into my life. If you want to you can read this post (Let me introduce a new member of the family, Princess Gompina). Lets put it like this, she came, she conquered my heart and became victorious. She became an important part of my everyday life almost the same day as she arrived. I continued having fun working on my blog and I started to notice some traffic arriving.
April, May and June: This is a period of the year 2017 that was very quiet for me. Most of my time got used on playing on my PlayStation 4 and talking with friends. I and my ex-girlfriend had once again slipped away from each other, but I continued to focus on my blog together with my gaming. In my, on silence, I was starting to make a plan to return to Norway in an attempt to rebuild my life in a country and a culture that was more familiar to me, in that way also safer. To be honest, right now I am very happy that it boiled down to not develop into a reality. I stuck around and tried to continue with what I had here in Peru. On top of it, my ex-fiances brother moved in with us in June. Lets put it like this, I wasn't very happy about this situation, not at all. Anyway, these 3 months were very quiet in general.

July, August and September: When it comes to my life on social media and my blog, this was another quiet period. Too much was going on in the offline life that I had big problems finding time to work on my online project. Not that it was lacking in inspiration and things to write about, but my time did not hold up in any way possible. On top of everything, it seemed like it was drama no matter what direction I turned and that didn't help me in any way either. There was always a fire that had to be put out. But the good thing in all of this is that I finally can say that my ex-fiance and I got found back to each other and it has more or less stayed like this ever since. We even started to make plans for the future together. This happened right before my birthday back in August.
October, November and December: Okay, I have to say that this has to be the best part of 2018, in all possible ways. Things have been going great between me and my now no longer ex-girlfriend, I am getting my speed up on updating my blog again and we have a case of a cat overcrowded house for a period of time. We had two grown-up cats and six kittens. I was really going cat-crazy for a while there. Trust me on this, one or two cats are fun, but eight are pure madness in my book. We also ended up moving out of Magdalena Del Mar to San Miguel and trust me, I did not expect that these regions would be that different. I loved it in Magdalena, but here is like a different planet in many ways.

A lot of things has happened in this year and between me and my girlfriend, both good and bad, but that we are able to put this thing behind us and actually move on into the future together makes me feel good and happy. We are even talking about having a new baby and maybe going to Europe for a period of time, getting married and all that good stuff. So I think it is easy to see why I like this part of 2018 the best. If you don't, well during these 3 months, things finally got back on track for the both of us, on top of it we have also decided to move back to Huaral. Something that will happen early next month, I am really looking forward to this part. Not that I am tired of Lima or anything, but I miss Huaral a great deal.
The month I would hold up as the very best of 2018 has to be December by far and without a doubt. Not only have our little family had the best month together in a very long time, but we also had two successful celebrations together as well. What I am thinking about our Christmas and the new years eve. Both days and all the days in between have really made this year. It started in the worst possible way and ended in the best possible way. Isn't it strange how things change just to change again in such a short period of time? I think that if there is one lesson I can take with me from last year is that no matter how dark things look the important thing is to never give up on the important things in your life. Especially when it comes to family.

Well, my friends, I guess it is time to wrap this post up, but I am not sure how good this recap post ended up to be, but if you are going to leave a comment just keep in mind that I have never in my life written something like this before. Call me a newbie or freshman in this, cause it's actually true. All I really wanted to do was to look back on a year that has been filled with ups and downs and get done with it. You know to finish the life chapter that 2018 has been and start fresh on a new chapter in life. One thing I can promise, 2019 will be an amazing and exciting year in so many ways and I hope my future posts will show this. I have decided that this year will be the best one ever for me. So I really hope you will stick around and join me on my future adventures.