Monday, 14 January 2019

This is why Peru should be your next travel adventure:

Photo credit Martin St-Amant
Hello again my dear friends here on the amazing intraweb, today it is Monday and the very start of a brand new and exciting week with an unknown potential of big things happening to us. All we need to do is to grab hold on whatever comes our way or seize the day as its called as well. Guess you know where I am heading with this? Anyway, tell me guys, how has your weekend been? Did it play out as you had expected or did something special happen? I really do hope your weekend turned out just as you had hoped for. When it comes to me, then I have to say that I got what I expected. Pretty much all work and no play. On top of it I got the pleasure of ending up in some mini-drama, but nothing major.

Okay, before I continue I feel like to get the disclaimer out of the way. If you are the type of tourist that are looking for a destination where you can lay on the beach all day with an umbrella drink in your hand, then Lima isn't for you. I am saying this because the standard weather here is far from the traditional sun from a crispy blue sky. Actually, in many ways, I would compare the weather here as pretty similar to what I am used to back home in Norway, minus the heavy periodic rain. I would say that weather-wise Peru is the South American version of Norway. Sure you will have some decent temperatures all year round, but along the coast, you won't have the typical tropical climate or weather.
With the disclaimer out of the way, I can finally get started on why you should choose Peru as your next vacation adventure? Let's say its a grey day and a trip to the beach doesn't tempt you, well one thing you can do is take a trip to Lima central and look at all the awesome architecture that dates back to the early Spanish occupation of Peru. These buildings are just amazing to look at and it doesn't make it any less with the thought that people have been living in them for hundreds of years. Or you can visit one of the many historical museums that are situated around the city. Lima is full of these, both the indoor and the outdoor type. The exciting part here is that you many pre-Inca ruins scattered throughout the city and they date back thousands of years.

If historical museums or sites isn't something you enjoy then you have a couple of zoos you can visit or go on a local food safari. Because if there is one thing beside the Inca culture that Peru is known for it is food. From what I do understand Lima is looked at as Paris of South America when it comes to food and food culture. I have written a post about Peruvian food in the past you can check out (Top 5 foods you have to try while visiting Lima). You might get some ideas of what to try while visiting this great city. If you ask me, the very first thing you have to try it is the best chicken in the world, Pollo a la Brasa. You might like it so much that it ends up being your dinner or lunch for the rest of your stay.
One thing that I really enjoyed doing when I came here for the first time was something as simple as just walking around in the city looking at everything around me and tasting all the different types of street food that Lima has to offer. Or the truth is that the girl and now my current girlfriend acted as my local guide here. Wow is amazing to think about that it's on its tenth year since my first visit. I know that I am not painting a very exciting picture of Lima and Peru right now, but the truth is that I am a type of person who finds joy and pleasure in the small things in life. Like when I tasted grilled or fried lung for the very first time. I didn't like it back then, but the experience has stuck with me ever since.

When it comes to Peruvian street food, this is actually a post that I am currently working on, doing some needed research and such. I guess that this one will be the next top five travel list that is getting published here on my blog. Since I look at my self as a half decent foodie it plays an important role both in my daily life and here Beyond the Horizon. I do highly recommend doing a typical street food safari, you will be amazed by how much great and cheap food you can find that way. As I see it, food is an important part of a nation's culture, but it's not everything. Like here in South America music and dance are just as important, that comes from a guy that really does not like to dance at all.
If there is one single area of Lima you just have to visit it has to be the picturesque district of Barranco. This part of the city is buzzing with life almost 24/7. Here you have amazing restaurants, an incredible view, always some street entertainer who has a concert or something in that direction. Barranco is the cultural and artistic centre of Lima. Then you have the Cat park or John F Kennedy Park. This is the only place where I have seen a hole park area dedicated to homeless or abandoned cats. If you go to the seafront you can do some paragliding, maybe fish or if you are lucky to take a dip in the ocean, but it might be cold. Trust me, coming here for history and historical sites are absolutely worth the ticket. Because you will learn a lot about a really exciting and fascinating culture.

So you have explored your way through the capital of Peru, but still, have time left. I would say, jump on a bus and go to Ica, Arequipa, Tumbes or even Machu Pichu. To be honest, Peru is so much more than what Lima has to offer you. Okay, you have the nightlife, the many options when it comes to places that serve food, the hectic life of a big city and all the museums and cultural events. You will find this outside the city limits too, maybe even more exotic as well. Not to forget, who comes to this country and not visiting their biggest national jewel that is the ruins of Machu Pichu? Or the old capitol Arequipa or Ica. What about going to the jungle or the rainforest to get a different perspective of your experience here? I am actually going to Arequipa in February.
So why should you choose Peru as your next vacation destination? For me it's very easy, it will be by far your best experience so far and maybe even for life. I am basing this on my own experience and through all my travels and adventures, Peru is by far the most successful and enjoyable one in my book. Maybe it is my preference, but the Latin American culture seems to fit me like a glow. For me its the entire package like the people, food, the climate, the culture, language, history and the freedom that I feel by living here. One shouldn't forget the cost of living here either, you will get far with a minimum of funds, or since we are talking about a holiday you will get a lot more for your money. Because who saves on the spending funds right?

Okay, my friends, I think it is time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, Beyond the Horizon. I do hope that this post made any sense for you and that your next vacation will happen here in Peru. Maybe you even want to continue following me and you can do that on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and very soon on Youtube again. On social media, I post things and focuses on parts of being expat that usually do not end up here on my blog. The plan right now is to get my new youtube channel (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) up and going. I am looking for an editing program that is as close to Window moviemaker as possible. Maybe anyone can recommend a service in this area?