Friday, 25 January 2019

You have no idea how good it is to be back in Huaral:

The first photo I took after moving back to Huaral, the view from my kitchen
Hello, again my friends here on the great world wide web. Well, it does seem like another Friday has come around and for the most of you, that means the weekend is just around the corner. For me it means work and that it is time for a brand new post here on Beyond the Horizon. Not that I am in any way are complaining about this, because this is what I love doing. Anyway, do you have any special plans for the weekend? The only non-work related plans I have for this weekend are maybe going out to take some photos and maybe even record some videos. I do feel its time for me to get some new photo material for my blog and social media, at the same time I do want to show you guys my new hometown.

Well, my friends, finally I am back in the city of Huaral and as the headline for this blog post says, you have no idea how great it feels like. We arrived on Tuesday and ever since I have been meeting people who want to welcome me back. Everything from the landlord, neighbours to taxi drivers and store owners, seems like I have been a missed person the past year. You can really say it has been a busy few days, I have even gotten free taxi rides as well. I guess it is like this when you are the only white non-Peruvian living in a small town like Huaral (only a population of 100.000), you do get noticed by the locals. At one point it feels like everybody knows who I am, that's not me complaining.

As mentioned in the headline of this blog post, you have no idea how good t is to be back in Huaral, in so many ways. First of all the weather is better (it's actually warmer here), quieter (especially at night) and the people are way more friendly. I am not saying that people in Lima are unfriendly or anything, but the reality is that people outside the big city are more relaxed and more time on their hand, at least it seems like it. The only downside so far is the lack of a decent internet connection, but this is in the process of being changed. We have put in an order on nothing less than a 60 MB/s line and it should be coming sometime tomorrow and this is something that I am really looking forward to.

The line that I am using right now is just crap, it's so bad that I can't watch a video on low resolution on Youtube and work at the same time (my job is purely online). It's especially bad during daytime and I am that kind of a guy that usually work from I wake up until I go to bed. So it becomes kind of a problem for me. So you can say that this week has cost me a lot of money, but by tomorrow things like this will be permanently fixed. This means I can start to work on videos for my Youtube channel as well. Just need to find editing software that is really easy to use, like Windows moviemaker. So if you have any hints and tips, please come with it. I do not have the time to learn to use something that is more complicated than that.

As mentioned, I am really enjoying the fact that we have returned to Huaral, the fun fact is that even my girlfriend that hated living here a year ago seems to be enjoying it a great deal. I guess that for her part the financial part plays a big role in her positive attitude I guess. Our plan is to put aside enough money through the next few months so we can go for a longer trip to Europe and Norway. This is something she has wanted to do more or less ever since we met back in 2009 and by living here in Huaral we more or less cut our costs by 50% in most areas. This is something that will improve our financial situation greatly and if everything goes as planned we will be leaving by the end of June this year.

I have already been out on my first few walks as well, but sadly I haven't been able to capture new photos for my blog. Every time I have gone out my phone has been out of battery and has been on charging, but as mentioned I am planning to spend a couple of hours out with my camera this weekend. So if there is anything special you want to see, why not let me know and I will see what I get time for? The very first thing I am going to focus on is my neighbourhood, to show you guys and girls how it looks like where I live now, maybe even try to get some videos material ready as well. This is also why I am asking if there is something special you wish to see in form of photos or video.

Anyway, I am enjoying it great to be back in Huaral and I have loads of things that I want to do in the coming days and weeks. One of these things seems to be a trip to a town here in Peru called Arequipa. This is a plan that my girlfriend is working on because she really wants to go on a trip and she has family living there. I have never been there so that will be exciting and most likely this will happen in February. So this trip will get its own series of posts, just to show you a different side of this amazing country. I guess its about time to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog, but I do hope you enjoyed my update on the moving process and everything around it. I also hope to see you guys around for my future updates, it is fun to finally be back on track with my writing.

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