Monday, 25 February 2019

Just felt like updating you guys on what is going on:

A big hello to all you amazing people here on the great world wide web. It does seem as we have just worked our self through another weekend and we are standing at the start line for a brand new and exciting week, with all that follows with it. For me, it means that its time for another post here on Beyond the Horizon blog, but today I feel like doing a random update post. Yes, I feel its time to update you guys on what's been going on in our life, especially since it has been a while now. I think it has been something like two weeks now, but this is not meant to be an apology post at all. Because I have been busy as hell all over the board lately. It has just been super hectic and not to forget extremely warm weather on top of it.

To be completely honest, today I only want to update you guys on what has been going on in my life lately and at least provide some explanation on my absence. Not that I haven't been working on my projects, but in many ways, I have been stretching my self to thin I guess. Working on too many blog posts, preparing too many videos and at the same time trying to keep my Facebook pages up to date. Yes, I do have more than one page on Facebook, one for my Beyond the Horizon projects and one that is more personal or private. Lately, I have actually been working on no less than 3 separate posts, where I focus on different type of topics. The end result is of course as you can see, no posts at all for two weeks. Isn't that kind of typical?
So let's get started on today's topic, what's new in our Peruvian expat lives? Well, the first thing that I want to mention is that I have actually “upgraded” my computer. Okay, it's not a brand new computer that I have gotten my hands on and to be honest not completely happy with the end result either. Not that I have any plans to give it back, but take a few rounds of upgrades on it instead. Yes, it was second hand, the previous owner was my brother in law and that should have raised a few red flags but it didn't. A lesson learned, not to buy stuff from family, but at the same time, I did really need a new computer. My old one has been with me all over the world for the past five or so years. It's not retired, but my son is currently using it.

Another thing that I feel that has to be mentioned is that we have gotten a brand new addition to our small Peruvian family. No, we have not gotten another kid or that my girlfriend has gotten pregnant. We have actually opened our home to a new kitten. It came to us one and a half week ago. The reality is that when we left Lima back in January I had to leave my babies behind, find a new home for them since we thought that the new landlord didn't allow pets in the apartments. I wanted to bring my babies home, but since they had settled in their new home we didn't feel it was right to do it. So my girlfriend decided to surprise me with a kitten and I can tell you that it was a huge surprise too. She is a super cute red-haired kitten, that got the name Ginger.
We have also had a few earthquakes as well, not that it bothers me or anything because I have gotten used to them through these years. Usually, I find out about them either on Facebook or when someone tells me about it. okay, they haven't been super strong or anything, usually 5 or less on Richter scale. The bigger ones I notice, but these are really rare, think I have been through 7 or more just a few times. Maybe no more than 3 or 4 times through all the years that I have been travelling back and forth to Peru. We have been forced to evacuate our apartment only one time and that was back in 2017. So basically, you get used to the smaller quakes with time is my experience.

On top of this and thanks to a lot of hard work on my day job, we have managed to improve our financial situation. I am not going to brag or talk a lot about this, but the good thing that comes out of this is that I am not able to actually invest in my online projects. By saying this I am sure that you understand that we have been through some rougher times when it comes to the money part. Not that we have been poor or lacked necessary stuff, but it has denied me investing in things like my blog and such. The first thing out is investing in a domain or a dedicated URL. One thing that I am not sure about at this moment is the solution I will end up with. Because one part of me wants to go all the way on this.
What I mean about going all the way out is not just investing in a domain but in a complete website. That way my blog would go from being a blog to becoming a website with all that follows. Yes, I would be dropping blogger all together and rely on my chosen provider or host it all together my self. Anyway, my main focus right now is to replace this Blogspot URL that I am currently using with something more personal. To be honest, I haven't even decided on a domain yet. If you have any good ideas on the subject I would appreciate the help, because I am not good at this kind of things at all. Another thing that I will be investing in is a more personal look on the site or blog, paying for a new design. I have gotten some negative feedback on the look of it.

I think its time to wrap this post up. I only meant to update you guys on what's going on in my life at the moment and explain why I have been quiet these past few weeks. As you now understand, I work a lot but at the same time, I have not forgotten about my blog or any other project that I am working on. Just that I have stretched my resources a bit thin lately. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post and that I will see you back for a future on, but don't forget to check me out on social media. You find me on youtube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0), on Twitter (Beyond the Horizon), on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and Facebook (Beyond the Horizon). Yes, I know that most of them have the same name. That's actually the idea, branding-wise.