Monday, 25 March 2019

We are planning an exciting family trip to Arequipa:

El volcán Misti sobre Arequipa ( Photo credit: Los viajes del Cangrejo )
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web. The weekend is over and ahead of us awaits a brand new week filled with inspiration and amazing opportunities. So tell me, did the two days off from work meet your expectations? I for sure hope so and maybe you even got to make some lasting memories as well? When it comes to myself, I can't really say that I have any reasons to complain, it turned out almost to the letter how I planned it. As usual, it has been almost all work and no play. I haven't even found time to play my favorite computer game either. That is usually something that I do at the end of Sundays workday. Not that I am complaining, it just means I have gotten things done. I do believe that you agree with me on this point, right?

Okay, maybe it is time to get started with today's topic? Well, this time around I do have some amazing travel news for you guys because our small Peruvian family are now talking and planning a trip to one of the most exciting towns and cities here in Peru, Arequipa as its name. The reason for this trip has many reasons, but the most important one for me is more exploration of this fascinating country that I am currently living on. The secondary is the part of the visiting family of my girlfriend. To be honest, this is a city that I have been wanting to visit for as long as I have lived here, but never gotten around to do it. For many logical reasons, that I have decided to leave out for now.
Skyline of Arequipa city ( Photo credit: JuanesL893145 )
We have not managed to decide on a point in time when this trip is going to happen but in the very near future. On the other hand, what we have been talking about is making it a May or June adventure and get there by bus to extend and maximize the experience. More or less like we did when we went to Tumbes back in 2016. The entire journey from Lima to Tumbes and back to Lima took about a week, but it was worth every second of it. On top of the Tumbes 1 week experience we really bonded as a family, back then I had just returned to Peru. Think I had stayed here for something like 3 months or so and as an extra bonus I had the pleasure of introducing my girlfriend to the world of traveling. That trip had its focus on me renewing my visa.

So why am I so excited this time around and why Arequipa? The first thing that comes to mind is that I have never been there and has as mentioned had a need to go there. Another thing is the historical role it has played in Peru's history, especially after its independence from the Spanish crown. A third thing is an amazing architecture the city has to offer a “tourist” like me. A fourth thing is that I really need a trip and an adventure right now. I haven't been anywhere since we moved to Lima back in late 2017, not that I count that as an adventure in itself, but it became one with all that happened around it. Not that I am going to dwell on that part of my past, got too many good things happening now and in the future for that.

Church of the Jesuits (Photo credit: Arteyvista )
All I really can say is, this is one adventure that I am insanely excited about and finally I am able to take my blog and channel out on the road. This way I am able to show you guys something more than just the greater Lima area, as I have been doing for more or less the past 16 months. It's not the reason for us planning this trip, but as I see it a good excuse for it tho. Think about all the exciting and amazing posts and videos that will come out of it. For those who haven't visited Peru yet and only seen in through my blog, you will see different parts of the country as well. Anyway, if you want to learn more about the city, why not visit their Wikipedia page (Arequipa on Wikipedia)?

To be completely honest, it's not much that I know about the city of Arequipa. The few things I do now has been acquired by self-studies over the years, but it does seem like a very exciting adventure destination for this tiny Peruvian family. Anyway, guys, I only wanted to give you guys this exciting news and hope you have something to look forward to, together with me. I also hope you enjoyed this semi-short blog post and that you will follow me on social media as well. Well, you can find me on Facebook (Beyond the Horizon), Twitter (Beyond the Horizon), Instagram (Beyond our Horizon) and on Youtube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0). Until next time, remember to stay safe and take care of your self.