Monday, 1 April 2019

I am having a great 2019 so far and much more ahead:

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the world wide web. Today is Monday, something that means that all of us are going back to normality. With other words its time for us to get our hands dirty again after a two-day long break from it. So tell me, did the weekend live up to your how you had planned it? I hope so and that you collected as many war memories as possible. When it comes to myself, well I can't say anything but it has been two spectacular days. Not had much time off, but I kinda measure it according to how productive I have been and this weekend has been exceptional in that regard. This weekend I have been able to finish a post and get it published. I have uploaded a brand new video to my channel and on top, its been really good on Twitter and worked as a true champ.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to get to the topic of the day. Because throughout the entire weekend I have been looking back at the months that have passed now in 2019 and I have to say that compared to the same timeframe in 2018, things have really changed for the better. Actually, it has improved drastically on all front. Everything from relationship and family side of it to my blog and financial situation. No, I am not going to brag about my economy or anything, but when I am looking back at all of this it gives me a really good feeling. As I see it and how I feel, it's only going one way now and that is up. On top of it, this feeling gives me such a rush of energy and inspiration for my online projects.

Now that we are entering the month of April and for many of you guys the first month of spring, for me its really first month of fall, but who cares right? The weather is amazing anyway. The temperature is sinking to a more livable level because it has been extremely warm this through this summer season. I do believe that it has been the absolute warmest summer for me so far, not that I have any statistics to back it up with. Just an observation I have done might be wrong tho. Anyway, I have been sitting here almost boiling over with ideas and on top of it, I have actually managed to complete my post series about my dating experience here in Peru. Just one year after part one, so about time some will say.

When it comes to the month of April, I have 4 ideas for blog posts, that will come in addition to everything else I am doing. You know the usual every day expat stories and such. I have also opened an account at a site called Ko-fi, where you can support my financial through donations. Not that I am begging for you to donate, but if you want to support my work I would appreciate it greatly and those donations would be focused around improving my blog and not as money for me to spend privately. Not that I am expecting a huge amount of donations anyway. Its an option you can use if you want to support my work, but do not feel obligated to do so. I will include the link at the end of this post.

What's next on my list is finally getting around to get my blog self-hosted, I know that this is something that has been mentioned a lot lately, but this time around it will happen. I have even zeroed in on my domain or URL as well, not that I am going to unveil it at this point in time. With the new domain or personalized domain, I am going to change the looks of it as well. I am not sure what I want at the moment. I kinda do like what I have now, but it's not that reader-friendly I have been told. So based on that feedback I am going shopping for an improved layout. All I know right now is that I want the same colour on the blog and the same header, but from there and out I am blank.

When it comes to the content, they won't be that many huge changes in the coming weeks and months, but some small ones are on the way. There is one thing that I am really looking forward to and that is as I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking my blog on the road to Arequipa. This is something we all are looking forward to, not the blog part, but the trip in itself. We haven't been on any proper family adventures since our trip to Tumbes back in 2016. Okay, we have had some smaller ones to Lima or Chancay or Pasamayo, but that isn't really the same in my eyes. Our big adventure to Arequipa and Peru's old capital is something I am really looking forward to.

I am not going to make this post super long, my original thought was to share with you guys how amazing everything feels like at the moment. Not just because of how my blog or channel is doing, but in my private life as well. One thing is for sure, I am having tons of fun with my blog and my ambition is more posts from my everyday life. Give you guys a better view on how the life of an expat really is like, would you like that? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my somewhat rambling post if you did why not check me out on social media? Facebook (Beyond the Horizon) Twitter (Beyond the Horizon), Youtube (Beyond the Horizon 2.0) and on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon).

P.s My Ko-fi profile is (Jack Bowler Sr). Remember to stay awesome and stay safe.