Monday, 15 April 2019

Summer season is over and easter around the corner:

Greetings to all you ladies and gentlemen of this amazing world wide web. Today we have arrived at the day of Monday and that means our beloved weekend is behind us and everything is settling into the normal daily life rhythm again. You know what they say, good times never last for long and its kinda true isn't it? Anyway, how has your weekend been? Have you been spending it like a party animal or have you been enjoying some quiet time at home with loved ones? No matter how you spent your days off, hope you had a great time. When it comes to myself I have to say it has mostly been business as usual. If you look past the fact that I didn't sleep much on Friday night and overslept by a couple of hours on Sunday.
Well my friends, summer with its heat has finally come to an end and the cooler weather of autumn is finally here, with it the new season comes also the celebration of Easter. I know that for many of you it has already kicked off. Especially for your students and people working in the public sector or for most people back in Norway. Back home this is usually a 10 days long celebration. Not that Norwegians are in any way overly religious, we just love our vacations in the spring, but here in Peru, it doesn't really kick off before Thursday or with the holy week as its also known as. I am far from an expert on Peruvian Easter celebrations, but I have linked to a good online article about it (Peru Telegraph).
So I am not going to go into depth, but I do recognize how they celebrate this holiday in how they celebrate everything else. One good example is how they react to the passing of a loved one. Instead of reacting like us in the West with extreme grief and self-pity it seems like they celebrate the life of the person that has passed. My experience is that a burial process lasts for about 3 days or a 3 day long wake where relatives, friends and neighbours meet up, eat good food and having a few beers while they spend time remembering the main character of the story. If the person has died at home, he or she stays there throughout the entire “celebration”. I like how it is done, but at the same time, I feel a bit uncomfortable with it.
When it comes to my personal celebration of Easter, I am not that sure at the moment what is going to happen. Most likely I will be working throughout the entire holiday, but my girlfriend and prince might be going to my inlaws for a few days. One thing is sure and that is the fact that I will do my very best to at least get some of it on video and on photos so I can show you guys how it's done. It's so different from what I am used to and I guess it the same for you as well so it would be fun to share it with you guys. After all, it is part of my expat experience here in Peru. Anyway, my friends, I hope you will have an amazing Easter and I will do my best to keep you guys updated throughout the holidays.

P.s Once again I wish to apologize for my rather horrible skills as a photographer, fully aware that I am horrible at it.