Wednesday, 3 April 2019

This is something I have been missing here in Peru:

This is actually one of my favorite fishing spots back home.
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of this great world wide web. Today is as the calendar is showing us, Wednesday and mid-week or for me, it's more like the early hours of the evening. To be honest, I have actually been trying to work on this post through out the entire day, but every single time something has happened and it has been frustrating. This is the most negative side about having an office at home, you really never have the option to close the door and do something else. Like focusing on my blog. If something happens in relation to work you get pulled in to it. Anyway, I am not allowed to complain about this, it is what keeps a roof over our head and food on the table. So it's not all bad.

Maybe I should stop rambling and get on with today's topic? Today I want to focus on something that I really haven't talked that much about. If I am not mistaken, it has only been brought up as one of the things that I miss about Norway, several months back. What I am talking about is my life long passion for fishing, the truth is that it has had a more important part of my life than anything else when I actually think about it. This is actually a hobby that has kept my attention from the age of 7 and to this very day. Sadly, as mentioned in the headline this is something that I have been unable to do since arrival back in 2016. I was dumb enough to leave my equipment back home in Norway.
I know, it doesnt look very special, but the view is amazin.
Actually, the main reason for the equipment being left behind has a very good explanation. We were actually supposed to settle down in the Philippines for a few years, but that changed after a while and we ended up living here in Peru instead. Not that it was a bad move, just that I should have brought my fishing gear. I actually left something like 15 complete rods with lures and lines, just sitting there collecting dust and never get used. So naturally, I miss it. I do miss going out and down by the sea, enjoying my surroundings and just throwing lures in the hope of something biting. I have to be honest, when I go out fishing, its never really about the catch, but chance to escape stress and such.

I have used this hobby as a way to relax after a long day at the office or just escape the stress that follows the trade I have chosen in life. I have more or less worked within sales and marketing since the young age of 21 and I can promise you that this line of work has its portion of that daily stress. You know with results or lack of it from time to time. I am that type of person who prefers going on a date with my fishing gear than going out with friends getting drunk. When I read this part of the post it dawns on me how much of a geek I really am. Sometimes I do actually wonder how I managed to find a girl to marry the first time around. Yes, I have been married before, but that is a decade ago.
This photo is extremely old, maybe 20 years or close to that.
Anyway, guess that I should return to the topic. I am that type of person that doesn't really care about where he throws his lure, as long as one can enjoy quiet and relaxing time outdoors. Back home you could bump into me on some wooden dock or way out from civilisation, on some type of rock or beach. You can actually see one of my favourite fishing spots on the first photo for this post. A nice and old dock where I could be left alone enjoying the view. Because the view from that spot was amazing as you can see your self, but the people that passed me on boats usually looked at me in a strange way as they went by. Lets put it like this, isn't a typical place where people spend time fishing.

I prefer to fish in saltwater or the ocean, but at the same time, I am not stranger fishing in lakes and rivers either. The reason for my preference is just what I am used to, I think. I grew up by the big blue ocean and it was there where I got introduced to it. At the same time, the catch is bigger and funnier. Not that I always keep what I catch, sometimes I do catch and release, but that one depends on where I actually catch it. If it's from a pier or a dock, usually it gets released again, since it usually has a lower quality on the meat. The area is usually more polluted, but it's fun no matter what. At the same time, I prefer fishing from land, but again I never turn down an invitation to go out on a boat.
Btw. fish isnt the only thing I enjoy catching.
The biggest catch I have had from land would be around 10 kilos and biggest overall and from a boat around 15 or 16 kilos. No, I am actually not bragging. The smallest one, overall? Maybe 50 grams and smaller then my lure, actually it was so small that it was almost see through. Yes, the 50-gram one got released. Actually, it was so small that I thought I had snagged in some seaweed, but I and everyone around me broke out in laughter when it came to a shore. The more normal catch has been between half a kilo to 2 or 3 kilos, depending on the type of fish and time of year. The size of the catch is dependent on the time of the year and the temperature. Not that I am going into detail here.

Anyway, I didn't plan to have this post become super long. I felt that it was a perfect opportunity to write about my passion for fishing since its first month of spring back home in Norway and usually the time when I went out on my first fishing trip of the year. So you can believe I get a bit sentimental around this time of the year, but I am trying to locate some decent fishing gear here in Peru for both me and my son. So I can take him out and introduce him to the world of fishing, do you think this is a good idea? I know that my daughter loved to go out on these type of trips with me and she got good at it quickly. She actually caught a few nice ones on her first go at it, a proud daddy moment for sure.