Monday, 27 May 2019

I am now looking back on a weekend from hell:

This is my babygirl, better known as Ginger, Gingin or Ladybug.
Greetings all you lovely ladies and gentlemen out here on the world wide web. Its Monday again guys and for once in my life actually say that I am happy that the weekend now is behind me. You can say that the headline for this post kinda explains a great deal why this is the case. Basically, it has been the weekend from hell on so many levels, but the majority of the reasons for this has been self-inflicted. Anyway my friends, so how has the weekend been for you? Did you get to do all that you had made plans for prior for the weekend? If you ask me, I have to say that I hope your weekend has been amazing and that you haven't done anything even close to the stupidity that I have managed to do.
Okay, I might come off as whiney or extremely negative in this post and I want to apologize ahead for this, but trust me you will understand why when you have read this post. Anyway, just to fill you in on what has happened. I am that type of person that loves milk and everything that is milk related, but my big problem is that I am lactose intolerant. Yes, I am that person who is allergic to lactose but is at the same time unable to stay away from it. It doesn't matter if its simple milk, yoghurt or cheese. So on Friday, I wanted to treat myself with something special, a dish that I have loved since my childhood. This is a dish that is better known as kleppsuppe, but in English, this would be milk soup.
Yes, the name of the dish or soup pretty much say it all and for a normal person with lactose intolerance work as a deterrence, but not for a milk lover as me. So I made what I call a medium sized batch, this way it would be both my lunch and dinner. Rest of the family doesn't like this dish, not that I blame them. To be completely honest, for the past few months I thought that I had outgrown this intolerance since my body has been reacting pretty good to milk. I have had milk soup and other milk-based products on a regular basis without any massive form of reaction to it for months now. Well, it would change big time this time around, but strangely not right away as it usually does.
It would take several hours actually for the reaction to brew, but when it hit it hit me pretty bad. It started with heartburn, continued with some really horrible abdominal pain and continued with the other classic ways that I guess most of you guys out there knows about. Something I won't go into details about, since its pretty gross. Let's just say that I bribed my son so we could swap bedrooms, cause I knew how my night would be like and I didn't want to bother my girlfriend with the problems that were let's say brewing in my body. On top of this and just to make the entire situation even worse, my landlord turned off the water sometime Saturday morning.
From what they have told us, they need to do some maintenance work on the water storage tank on the roof and it couldn't have come on worse time. This is because the storage tank that they “turned” off is the one that is connected to our bathroom and shower. So basically no shower and no washing machine until some time Sunday afternoon. (I am actually not sure when the water got turned back on, had other and bigger issues that have kept me preoccupied). This becomes a problem when I am that type of person who likes to take a shower right before he goes to bed. It plays a very important role in my sleeping routine actually. So now you understand why I label this weekend as a weekend from hell right?
The biggest problem that I have is that when the pain and the stress of the situation are over it usually doesn't take long before the ordeal has been forgotten and I repeat my mistake. When it comes to milk and milk related products I am a serial offender. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson now and at least switch to lactose-free milk when I make my milk soup or pancakes, even when I want to treat myself to an extra tasty cup of coffee. Yes, I do sometimes use milk in my coffee too, but for this, I usually use condensed milk and that doesn't seem to trigger it, as long as I am not overdoing it. what has been positive in all of this is that my kitten has been taking really good care of me, in her own special way.
I guess it's about time for me to start wrapping this post up and get it ready for the blog and I do hope that this wasn't a too much of a personal post. As I see it, this is just part of me being an expat in Peru and that's what this blog really about. Maybe this is the type of content that you want to see more of? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my weekend misery and if you did, why not check me out on social media? The links to the different platforms that I am active on is in the sidebar. If you want to support my blog you can do that by buying me a cup of coffee at Ko-fi (Jack Bowler Sr), but please don't feel pressured or forced. I am mentioning this just in case you want to support my work.

P.S, this is just an update or something that I forgot to mention in the original post. On top of my lactose and water issue, we also had a really massive earthquake on the late hours of Saturday night. An earthquake measuring around 8.2 on the Richter scale and from what I understand the longest last one in recorded history (most likely for South America or Peru). The quake itself lasted for 2 minutes and 3 seconds in total. It is at least the strongest one I have been through here in Peru.