Wednesday, 8 May 2019

This is the top of my travel and exploration bucket list:

Nazi and Soviet controled Europe by May/June 1941 ( photo credit: MaGioZal
Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the greater world wide web. We have today, once again arrived at the mid-week and that means at the same time that we have worked ourself half way through our work week or at least that's the situation for the most of us. For me, it is, as usual, 7 days with all work and no play. It doesn't look like I am in any way able to break this habit, at all. I might be a workaholic. So my friends, how has the week been treating you so far? All good and as stress-free as possible I hope? When it comes to me, all I really can say is that life is good and things are moving forward, on all fronts. It seems like I even managed to fight off the flu before it got the chance to get a foothold.
German soldiers on the eastern front, at Stalingrad ( photo credit: German Federal Archive )
Citizens of Leningrad leaving their houses destroyed by German bombing ( photo credit: RIA Novosti )
So guys, today I want to talk about a topic that has been a huge dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Yes, I am talking about travel and adventures, but maybe I should start by telling you guys the story behind this dream first? The truth is that I am a history geek of dimensions and I have been like this since my childhood and especially world war 2. For some reason, the second world war has always fascinated me greatly. It has nothing to do with political views, but more with where I grew up, I think. I grew up among bunkers and fortresses built during the German occupation of Norway. My hometown was part of the famous Festung Norwegen, an extension of Festung Europa.
German soldiers on the eastern front ( photo credit: German Federal Archive )
Soldiers of Soviet Union, but backstory unknown
With this kind of luggage its not strange or weird that I have developed this huge fascination with all that has to do with the topic. So after I had explored everything from museums to bunker sites all over Norway I started to build on this idea to do the same on the European continent. Or at least exploring what once was the eastern front. From the bunker in Berlin to the gates of Moscow and everything in between. I know that this is a huge undertaking since Europe is littered with thousands of sites like this. Everything from German command bunkers to more typical battlefields and camps, but it has to be worth it as I see it. Just think about all the amazing videos and blog posts that would come out of it?
German tanks on the eastern front, battle for Kursk ( photo credit: German Federal Archive )
Soldiers of the Soviet Union on the 1st Baltic front.
As previously mentioned, I am fully aware of the scale of this adventure and that is why I want to spend “enough” time planning it. Because this is not something you just throw yourself into on a whim, not me anyway. I can be an impulsive person, but not when it comes to things like this. The more I think about this the bigger the plans get. Right now I see myself completing this adventure and then set out on a similar one for the Pacific theatre of war. Not only will I make a dream come true, but I will also visit many new countries as I explore. Because I have never been to Russia, Poland and Romania just to mention a few. Maybe you think this idea is crazy? Not that it would surprise me, cause it is kinda crazy.
Soldiers of the Soviet union celebrating VE day ( photo credit: German Federal Archive )
German advances on the eastern front ( photo credit: Gdr )
Anyway, this is something I really want to do, but two things have to fall into place before it can happen or become realistic. The first thing is better cameras and the second one is an improved financial situation because this will be one extremely expensive adventure. In theory, I think such an adventure would be in the price range of my second trip to Peru or it might get even more expensive than that since I need hotels and such. The second trip to Peru I spent 3 months here but stayed at the house of her aunt instead of a hotel. How I think is that I want this to be crossed out of my bucket list before I turn 50, so with other words I have about 6,5 years to complete this one. It should be possible, do you disagree?

P.S: I found these photos on Wikipedia, I thought that today's topic had to have some relevant photos. Anyway, if there are any companies that want to support an adventure like this, feel free to contact me. You can also support my blog through Ko-fi (Jack Bowler Sr). All donations would go towards improving the blog.