Monday, 20 May 2019

Top 5 Youtube travel and expat vloggers/bloggers:

Greetings to all you amazing ladies and gentlemen here on the world wide web. The weekend is over and most of us has returned back to the normality of everyday life. So my question for you is as following, how has the weekend been treating you this time around? Did you get to do all the plans you had made for it? I for sure hope you have had an amazing weekend and that it met all the expectations you had for it. when it comes to me, I have to say that it has been as usual and when I say this it means that it has been more or less all work and no play. At least I can't complain about not having anything to do or being bored because of it right?

Well my friends, today I feel like focusing on a topic that I actually spend a lot of time on. To be completely honest, I am more than an average user of Youtube. If there is one thing that I am sure about is that I spend more time there than most people, mostly because of it's my main source for entertainment these days. You are correct, I do not watch normal tv, instead, I spend that time watching different type of videos on Youtube and to be honest I feel way freer this way. I decide what to watch when I want to watch it. I watch a wide range of videos, from politics, history, food to expat and travel-related ones. Today I want to share with you guys my favourite travel and expat channels.

Bald and Bankrupt: Okay, if you are looking for just one channel that does focus on travel, this is the one for you. He is genuine, honest and will tell you exactly what's on his mind at any given time. Not to forget, he seems to be completely fearless when it comes to the destinations that he choose to visit. The channel Bald and Bankrupt focus on the region of India and eastern Europe. To be honest, I don't want to spoil too much when it comes to his channel, but if there is one thing I can say is that you won't regret subscribing to him, his content is pure gold and as I see it the very best travel channel on Youtube. This is off course my opinion on the matter. You might think otherwise. By the way, he is British.

Serpentza: This channel is one out of two that kind of inspired me to start my Beyond the Horizon blog, at least with the type of content that I am currently focusing on. Serpentza is originally a guy from South Africa that is currently living as an expat in China and make some really great content. He and his friend Laowhy86 has a channel together where they post more travel related videos, known as ADV China. All three of the channels really deserve a spot on this list, but it wouldn't be fair for some of my other favourites, I guess. I have to say that if you are curious about how it is to live in China or Asia in general, this is absolutely your channel. He makes some amazing and informative content.

Tangerine Travels: This channel is more or less a newcomer on my list that I watch more or less on a daily basis. The channel is run by this cute American couple that has settled down in Mexico and seems to focus mainly on content related to their expat life there. I found their channel a couple of months ago and has been a subscriber ever since. They do make some amazing videos, more on the fun, lighthearted and playful side, but they are worth spending time on. So if you are curious about Mexico and are looking for some informative videos on the topic of visiting or moving there, I would recommend having a look at their videos. You will find some solid information on the topic.

Mike Chen: This amazing guy has been featured on my blog before, but for a different topic. As mentioned, this guy creates some amazing good content, but the reason for him getting a 4th place is simple, his focus isn't on travel alone. He focuses more on the food side of things, that's is one video topic that I also love to watch. I love food, but very limited in the kitchen myself, thank god I have a girlfriend that loves to make food. Mike Chen has something like five channels that he works on, with a wide range of topics, but if you check out his channel you will find the links to his other channels there, I would say it would be worth your time for sure. Just to mention it, he seems like an a-okay guy.

Indigo Traveller: Okay, this guy I have kinda mixed feelings about. It's not that he makes bad content or anything, but its something about his personality that rubs me the wrong way. I don't like to be negative like this when I talk about other people or their work, but at the same time, I wish to be completely honest. His videos are good and the destinations he chooses is pure gold, but his personality is kind of dull if you know what I mean. Not that, he is like Bald and Bankrupt, a fearless person and goes where ever his heart desire. Places like Iraq, Iran and amazing places like this. This is actually one of the reasons I keep on watching his videos. So go and check out his channel, you will love it as I do.

This is my official top 5 travel and expat vlogger list, this might change in the future and if that happens I will update you guys on the matter. Who knows, maybe there will be a part 2 sometime in the future. Because there are so many good and fascinating channels on Youtube on this topic that deserve to be on the list, but since it's only a top 5 there will be only five. Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed reading my top 5 travel and expat vlogger list and that you will stick around for future updates on my blog, but remember you can follow me on social media as well. Links to my sites are in the sidebar. Now I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get back on working on my new about page for the blog! 

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