Friday, 7 June 2019

I have now had the worst possible start on this month:

Greetings to all you lovely ladies and gentlemen out there on this great world wide web. Well, its that time of the week again, its Friday and a brand new weekend are just around the corner. For most of you guys out there it means a two-day long break from everything that has to do with work and other stressful situations. So how has the week been for you and what kind of plans do you have for the weekend? Maybe some exciting adventures or something? When it comes to myself, well the truth is that the week has far from been optimal and when it comes to the upcoming weekend? For me its business as usual, all work and no play. No complaints, but it would be nice with some time off now and then.

Well, my friends right from the start I want to apologize for my somewhat absence from my blog or the lack of any updates so far this week. It has not been over lack of inspiration or ideas, because I have really tried my very best to focus on it. Because I have had loads of ideas, but the truth is that I haven't felt up to it. The headline isn't of the clickbait type, but I have had the worst possible start on this month and that's the reason why I have been unable to follow through with my plans so far. Anyway, what I have been dealing with has been with what I want to say is some self-inflicted health issues. Hasn't been anything major or serious, but enough so I have been unable to focus on my blog and such.

So what has it been with the health that has created such issues for me in the past few days? To be honest it actually started back at the end of last month when I was so dumb and made my self a batch of my famous Norwegian milk soup. The main problem with this is that I am lactose intolerant and can get a massive reaction if I consume any form of milk, at least of the regular type. I am not going to go too deep into this part of the story, but if you are interested you can always check out the post (I am looking back on aweekend from hell). That way you can catch up on what has been the cause of my bad start. I can say this much, it hasn't been a fun couple of weeks.

The main problem that I have been dealing with this past week is what I call an overactive stomach, what I mean with that is massive heartburn or acid attack. Okay, it might not sound as much, but when you have it day and night, that it actually gets to a point that you throw up and you are unable to get some decent sleep. I guess you see the problem here right? It got to a point were my girlfriend actually started to get worried and were running around looking for solutions. Usually, I am the one that gets easily worried, but this time around she has really gone the extra mile and then some. She was nagging on me to go to the hospital, but no that has been out of the question.

Yes, I am that guy that always tries is very best to avoid doctors and such, this time around wasn't any different. I just can't help it, I have a serious dislike of hospitals and I have been like this since my childhood. You know the story, had a few bad experiences as a kid and that has followed me up till this day. The good thing with my girlfriend is that she knows a lot of people and a few of them work as medical staff and she asked them for advice. The best they could come up with was to get on a diet that was easy on the tummy, that meant to get off the fast-food and reduce the amount that I was eating. In real life that meant chicken soup for me. I am not complaining at all, because it seems to have had at least some effect on the system.

I want to say it like this, because of the heartburn or acid attack there has been very little of the type of productive sleep for me, but last night that kinda changed and I got my first decent night sleep in days. So after that night of sleep, the very first thing I thought about was my beloved blog. The first idea was to update you guys on what has been going on the past few days and here it is, might not be the most interesting type of content but I am going to get started on some more relevant posts this weekend. The most important thing here is that I am in a process of recovery and at the same time learned an important lesson, don't drink or eat anything with regular milk in it when you are lactose intolerant.

There is one thing that I can promise you, these last week or two have been far from an enjoyable experience for me, neither has it been for the people around me. For those who have experience with this lactose intolerance knows what I am talking about. The good part is that I am now getting over it and that means a renewed focus on my online life as well. I have actually managed to be pretty active on Twitter the whole time, but not anywhere else. So I would recommend you to follow me on Twitter if you want to see a more complete image of me as a person. From now on I will be focusing more on my regular content and I have some good ideas for future posts, so stay tuned guys.