Sunday, 21 July 2019

My very own personal photos from the Azores, 2007:

In my last post (The Azores, first and last charter holiday experience) I loosely told you guys about my experience as a charter tourist in the Azores and how much I ended up loving this Portuguese community, but at the same time, I did avoid to use any of my own photos. Instead, I did choose to use a few that I found on their Wikipedia page. I kinda felt that these photos represented the raw and natural beauty that you find as a tourist but at the same time, I had plans to do a follow up where I actually showcase from my own personal archives. The thing is that my photos are very old, 12 years to be precise and all of them captured on an old Nokia phone. Yes, I do love to use my phone to capture photos.
This time around I am not planning a lot of text, just a few paragraphs to fill out some space between some of the photos. Anyway, the truth when it comes to me and this European paradise is that there was serious love at first sight and long-lasting romance. My ex-wife is stilling returning to enjoy the experience with her new husband. Yes, I am a divorcee and has been that for many years now. No, we did not end on bad terms, we are still in contact and best of friends. The reality of adult life is that sometimes people are more connected as friends than life partners. It was the case for us, at the end of our marriage at least. We are better off as friends than partners now.
I kinda derailed myself here, but the fact is that if you first set foot on any of the islands that make up the Azores, you will leave part of you behind at the last day and you will keep on returning for many years to come. That is what happened to me and that is what has happened to most of the people I have spoken to who has been on a visit, usually through a travel agency of some sort. The only thing that has stopped me from returning now is the fact that I am living here in South America and its kinda unpractical to go on a short vacation to a destination like this, but I am strong in my faith that one day I will return, but when I do my son will be there with me to experience it.
The one thing that you have to keep in mind if you are considering the Azores as a holiday destination is a fact that fish and seafood plays a vital role in the food culture. If you have a thing about eating seafood you might want to reconsider your plans. Because of the hotels on the islands fish plays a big part of their menu. I didn't have any problems with it since I do love these types of dishes and I had the pleasure of trying some new ones while staying. Things like shark steak or meat, something I haven't tried before making the trip. Yes, I have had Chinese shark fin soup, but is there really any sharkfin in that type of soups back home in Norway? Highly doubtful.
There is one thing about the local Azorean people that I have to praise and that is the fact that they are genuine inclusive when it comes to strangers. They will invite you into their home if they get the chance to do so and they will fill up a bag with fruits if they have a garden of any size. The second time around, me and my ex-wife were overwhelmed by their extremely positive attitude towards strangers. This is something that might stem from the fact that there is no crime to speak of on any of the islands. At the time of my last visit to the Azores, they haven't had a murder in something like 20 years and this wasn't even committed by a local, but an American naval officer or something in that direction.
So you can with ease make the Azores your next holiday destination if you are travelling with kids. It's more likely they will be swarmed by some massively big flying ants than something bad happens to them done by the locals. I never noticed anything negative happening throughout both my stays there so, not that I was looking for it either. A fun detail is that we were actually thinking about moving there, that's why we made the second holiday happened, just to see how it would feel like. Sadly we did kinda change our mind and went to Canada for some time instead. I am kinda having regrets on the desition now. Because I felt like home there and by staying gave me such personal peace and quiet.
Anyway, I guess its time for me to start wrapping this post up and get it ready for my blog, I didn't intend for it to get this long and full of text, but this is just typical me. I set off just to showcase some photos and end up with a short story like this. That's life right, at least I hope you enjoyed my post and that you will check out the rest of the blog as well. If you want to, you can always check me out on social media. You will find me on Facebook through (Beyond theHorizon) and (Jack Bowler Sr), on Twitter (Beyond the Horizon) and on Instagram (Beyond our Horizon). You can also e-mail me for questions or comments through (Jack Bowler Sr). On Twitter and Facebook, I do my very best to update every single day.