Thursday, 1 August 2019

I am now looking back at a very unique month of July:

Today I do feel like falling back into some old “and bad” habits of mine by greeting all you amazing ladies and gentlemen out there on this online world welcome to a brand new post here on my blog. I do see this as a very special event. Not just the fact that a new post is going up, but its also time to celebrate the late month of July and welcoming August as it comes in the door. On top of all of this its also my birthday month. I am turning 44. Yes, I am born in August, but at the very end of the month. Have to say that I do love to flip a page in the calendar. For me, it's like a mini new years eve in many ways. It gives new life to old hopes and dreams.

As mentioned, today is all about celebrating the late month of July in all its glory. Have to say that it has been one amazing month. It has been a highly productive period, but that fits perfectly for both June and July. The sad part is that it hasn't been in favour of my blog, but my job. Things have been hectic throughout these winter months. Not a quiet moment, just one long stream of things to do, but I am not in any way, shape or form complaining about it. A lot to do at work means more of that valuable and needed silver, but the sad part is the fact that my blog especially has been suffering under it. I haven't been able to publish as many posts as I have wanted to do.

You know how it is, you make all kind of plans for a set period and at the end, you notice that not even half of it has been done. For July I had made plans for about 10 posts but stopped at four. The one post from this month I am the happiest about is the one about my first experience with the Azores (The Azores, first and last charterholiday experience). Has nothing to do with how many who read it or anything, for me its about the content of it. I do feel its the best post that I have written so far this year. Later I followed up with a series of photos from the same holiday experience. I do have plans to follow up with another series of Azores photos, from my second stay.

The month of July has been amazing despite low productivity on my blog and some of my profiles on social media, but I have plans for the month ahead. Especially when it comes to content for my blog. The first post out after this one will be my top 5 favourite restaurants here in Huaral and no there will be no Chinese or Japanese ones among them. To be honest, Asian food isn't among my favourite cultures when it comes to food. There are more planned posts, but based on the experience I do not dare to talk that much about them. Who knows, I might get run over and stuck at work, for the most part, this month as well. Anyway, I am as always optimistic and aims for a perfect blog month.

All I wanted to do with this post were quickly look back in July and welcoming month of August. Something is telling me that we are heading into the best month of the year and this is not just because of my birthday. Usually, I don't celebrate it. I might have a piece of cake and a good dinner with the family. I prefer to celebrate other peoples day of birth. I do not like the attention that follows. I have never been that guy that seeks out attention, but the one that always tries it outmost to hide from it. Anyway, I guess its time for me to wrap this post up and get it ready for my blog. I do hope you enjoyed it and that you are just as optimistic as me when it comes to August.